NAP Killzone Broadhead Review

Last updated : November 5, 2021
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You may find bowhunters out there pledging allegiance to a certain broadhead. But it’s no secret that loyalty quickly fades with one or two foul shots. Traditional broadheads carry with them a stigma. Large fixed-blade broadheads create drag when in flight. Fixed broadheads combat the effects of drag with smaller blades, which sacrifices cutting diameter.

The cutting diameter affects the size of the blood trail. If you’ve ever wondered hundreds of yards in search of a blood trail, you know how frustrating retrieving can get.

Mechanical broadheads are great alternatives to fixed-blades. They have excellent field accuracy, create massive blood trails, and are affordable.

NAP Killzone Review

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  • Rear-Deploying Blades
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If you’ve ever found yourself cursing your fixed-blade, it’s time to try a mechanical broadhead. There are a lot of options out there, so make sure to do your research.

This article reviews a common choice, the NAP Killzone Broadhead, to help get you started.

Pros & Cons


  • Choice of ultra-sharp cut-on-contact razor tip or trophy tip for extra toughness
  • Spring clip design, no O-rings or rubber bands
  • Two-inch cutting diameter for optimal cutting and blood trails
  • Available in 100 grain or 125 grain
  • Rear-deploying blades


  • Aluminum ferrule doesn’t hold up as well as steel
  • Blade durability
  • Purchase excludes practice head
New Archery Products Killzone Mechancial...

NAP Killzone Broadhead

NAP is well known for manufacturing broadheads that cut large entry and exit points, leaving noticeable blood trails. Overall, the Killzone Broadhead is well-reviewed.

The main concerns surround the long aluminum ferrule, which can bend after impact and compromise durability.

First Impression

NAP’s products are famous in part because of the razor sharpness of their tips. The cut-on-contact tip will easily slice your finger if you’re not careful handling it. Even the trophy tip will draw blood if you press your finger firmly against it.

Sharp blades are critical for putting down game animals as quickly as possible. The Killzone blades are manufactured for maximum knockdown power.

The spring-clip design doesn’t require a tremendous amount of pressure to deploy the blades. So be sure you don’t test the rear-deploying blades with your hands (read.. fixed blade Thunderhead Broadhead)

The aluminum ferrule doesn’t feel as durable as other steel and titanium constructions, though. So make sure to keep an eye out for any bending during your practice shooting.

New Archery Products Killzone Mechancial... Check Latest Price

Design and Performance

NAP’s spring-clip design is a welcomed feature ensuring the blades won’t open during flight or while traveling in your quiver. Eliminating the need to worry about O-rings or rubber bands is an added benefit.

This mechanical broadhead easily endures tossing and shifting during long hikes over rough terrain. The arrows can be shaken violently and still won’t open so that you can carry them confidently.

When removed from the package, you’ll quickly recognize the effectiveness and stability of the spring-clip design.

Killzone blades will always open on impact. The blades have been tested with a draw length bow pulling about four pounds, and with minimal kinetic energy, they still extend when making contact.

A two-blade design aids in retrieval and the two-inch cutting diameter more than stands up against three and four-blade competitors.

NAP designed the Killzone mechanical broadhead for extreme knockdown power on big game animals.

The two-inch cutting diameter creates a massive entry and exit wound, providing you a better blood trail. It also affords you a quicker recovery as a result.

Weight Considerations and Blade Quality

Killzone broadheads are offered in both 100-grain and 125-grain. The blade weights differ slightly between the two models.

The 100-grain blades measure .035” thick, and the heavier 125-grain blades measure at .039” thick.

There are reviews of these broadheads being slightly off from their advertised grain weight. The model’s practice heads also differ in weight.

New Archery Products Killzone Mechancial...

NAP Killzone Broadhead

This isn’t a big knock but can pose issues for bowhunters attempting to tune their bows correctly.

For the most part, reviews about the Killzone’s blade quality are encouraging. There are little to no complaints about sharpness, and the blades sharpen easily using a KME knife sharpener or related tool.

This is extremely helpful considering these arrows will smoothly run through bone, exit the body, and contact other hard surfaces in flight.

The blades conveniently slide out, and replacement blades easily slide back in leaving the tip and body of the broadhead in one piece.

These blades are sharp enough to take ultra-fine shavings off your fingernail’s surface or cause tiny cuts on your skin, so use caution when working with them.

Killzone blades generally have little to no problem breaking through cartilage and bones. These arrows routinely shatter strong bones of the ribs and shoulders.

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A few reviews do question the sturdiness of the blades, however, and reports of broken and bent blades are out there.

It’s also worth noting that some customers have issues removing and replacing these heads. The distress concerning this issue revolves around the tiny nut and bolt and tensioner piece manufactured with the Killzone broadhead.

The small parts make for tedious repair and replacement.

Replacement blades and practice heads are available for purchase. If you’re going to test these broadheads out before a hunt, it would be wise to purchase both.


The NAP Killzone has a proven track record, but it still wanes in popularity compared to other mechanical broadheads like the Rage Hypodermic and even NAP’s own Spitfire model.

It’s difficult to determine why that is; perhaps it’s purely a matter of preference among hunters.

Some hunters prefer over-the-top broadheads versus rear-deploying. Others are partial to chisel tips, which aren’t offered with the NAP Killzone line.

If you’re interested in exploring the Killzone further, it’s worth mentioning this arrow has two additional models in the family.

New Archery Products Killzone Mechancial... Check Latest Price

The Killzone Maxx features NAP’s largest cutting diameter, which measures a devastating 2-⅜ inches.

The Maxx is equipped with all the original Killzone’s great features and with an added cutting diameter that is sure to help you retrieve.

The Killzone Swingfire is the first-ever broadhead that reduces friction and drag by independently shifting four different cutting surfaces. The Swingfire’s blades generate less resistance, improve penetration, and create momentum.

You can also purchase the full Killzone broadhead line in crossbow models.

Ultimately, there’s no denying that the NAP Killzone is a lethal mechanical broadhead.

Its ability to create a large entry and exit point, deep wound channel and noticeable blood trail is noteworthy. An affordable price point adds to the appeal.

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