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Nobody wants to have to lug a couple of hundred pounds of elk back to their car after a hunt. With a big game cart, you can carry all of the weight that you want with ease. A game cart is a safest and simplest way for bow hunters to get their prize from point A to point B without straining themselves or making a mess.


Rage Powersports Kill Shot Heavy Duty Big Game Deer Hauler Cart 750 lb Capacity
  • Heavy Duty Steel Axle
  • Up To 750 lbs.
  • Solid Rubber Tires
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Here are our Top Picks when it comes to Game Carts for Larger Prey

In our opinion, the Best Game Cart For Elk is the Rage Powersports Kill Shot Heavy Duty Big Game Deep Hauler Cart because it’s sturdy, easy to use, and can handle the weight of even larger elk.

The Best Game Cart For Elk

Best Overall: Rage Powersports Kill Shot Heavy-Duty Big Game Hauler Cart

This heavy-duty steel cart can carry up to 750 pounds and weighs just over 40 pounds. The 20” rubber tires have steel rims and spokes for added strength and stability, while a thick steel axle ensures that they move smoothly.


  • Weight: 41 pounds
  • Capacity: 750 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 20”


  • Heavy-duty spoked tires with steel rims
  • Quick-spring setup
  • Includes two buckle straps
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Assembly is easy, requiring no outside tools. It has a quick-spring set up so that you can get everything ready to go in just minutes and folds easily between uses.

The art includes two buckle straps to help you keep your haul secure.

Best Lightweight Cart: Sherpa Hunting Lightweight Aluminum Game Cart

This simple game cart is sturdy, made of all aluminum, and with solid joints. It weighs only 14 pounds, making it easy to carry, but still boasts a 300 lb carry capacity. It folds flat in just one motion, making it easy to assemble and disassemble by yourself.


  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 19”


  • Lightweight aluminum design
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Scent-free, all-terrain wheels
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The oversize 19″ wheels offer plenty of stability, with rugged tread design for added grip.

They’re both scent-free so that you don’t ward off game, and they have sealed bearings to protect against wind and weather.

Best Heavy-Duty Cart: Kill Shot Game Cart

This heavy-duty big game cart weighs around 40 pounds, with solid steel construction that can hold up to 750 pounds. The design includes a tow bar that fits up to 2″ hitch balls, making this cart ideal for hunters who use an ATV.


  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • Capacity: 750 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 20”


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Fits up to 2” hitch
  • Includes securing straps
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Two 20” rubber wheels with deep tread hold up against slick or rugged terrain. The handles are adjustable, boasting multiple heights so that you can raise them to your preferred height.

If you want to secure your catch, the Kill Shot Game Cart includes adjustable securing straps.

Most Versatile Cart: Meat Wagon Game Cart

This steel-frame cart is designed for ease of use. Its unique upright design is easier on the back as you walk, with an extra-wide handle for comfortable towing. You can angle the cart up or down depending on your height, while adjustable tie-down straps hold your catch in place.


  • Weight: 29 pounds
  • Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 14”


  • Lightweight steel construction
  • Includes adjustable tie-down and shoulder straps
  • Suitable for any height
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The Meat Wagon folds up flat to make it easy to transport. It also comes with adjustable shoulder straps to allow for comfortable carrying.

When it’s set up and ready, two anti-puncture wheels keep you moving smoothly over just about any terrain.

Best Budget Option: Goplus Folding Deer Game Cart

This big game cart has a capacity of 500 pounds while weighing just over 20 pounds itself. The body is made of solid steel, with an oversize 69” X 18” carrying area. The design is foldable, making it easy to carry around with you.


  • Weight: 20+ pounds
  • Capacity: 500 pounds
  • Wheel Size: 17”


  • Oversize carrying area
  • Lightweight, foldable design
  • Steel frame with robust steel axle
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The two 17″ wheels are made of thick rubber to resist punctures as well as general wear-and-tear. A strong steel axle connects both wheels for maximum strength and support.

The diamond tread gives you grip on both indoor and outdoor surfaces to prevent skidding.

Who Should Use a Game Cart?

A big game cart makes an excellent addition to any hunter’s arsenal, regardless of who they are. The average female elk weighs around 500 pounds, while male elk can weigh 700 pounds or more.

Most of us don’t have a chance of hauling that much weight a few feet, much less the entire trek back to the car.

Trying to haul hundreds of pounds of deer meat by yourself can result in strained muscles, back pain, and more.

If you plan on hunting any big game, whether it be elk, deer, or something else, you should invest in a big game cart.

Many hunters find that they can use a good game cart for more than just hauling their catches. If you carry heavy gear along on your trips, using a cart means that you don’t have to lug all that weight on your back.

Using a Game Cart

A game cart works much in the same way as a moving dolly, allowing you to move heavy weights with the aid of wheels and a metal frame.

Most are easy to assemble and disassemble as needed with just one person.

Rage Powersports Kill Shot Heavy Duty Big Game Deer Hauler Cart 750 lb Capacity

It’s best to assemble your game cart before you head out on your hunting trip at least once. You may need to grab specialized tools from your garage to put everything together.

And obviously you don’t want to fiddle around with that when all you want to do is to haul several hundred pounds of elk back to your car …

Once you’ve caught your prize, it’s time to strap it to the cart. Most are ergonomically designed for easy loading with a front strap to secure your game. Using a set of handles, you can wheel your catch to your truck, trailer, or house for processing.

What to Look for in a Game Cart for Elk?


The best game cart for elk should be light enough for you to carry on your own without assistance. You should also consider that you’ll be pushing or dragging it over long and rugged trails.

A lightweight game cart will put less strain on you as you travel through the wilderness.

It’s also a good idea to look for a foldable design in any big game cart. A game cart that can fold is easier to fit in your trunk or backseat when you travel, and it will take up less space in your closet when not in use.

Just make sure it has a secure locking mechanism to prevent collapsing when the unit is unfolded.

Weight Capacity

Most big game carts come with a recommended weight capacity of a couple of hundred pounds. If you exceed this weight, you increase your chances of damaging the cart or accidentally injuring yourself.

The best game cart for hunting elk will have a higher than average weight capacity because many carts are designed for deer instead of larger creatures.

Safety Straps

When hauling big game around, it’s easy for it to shift or slide off your cart. This is why many game carts today come with a built-in strap to secure your prize without any damage.

If you’re worried about your catch falling from your cart, you may want to consider looking for an option with one or more sturdy safety straps.


The best materials for any game cart are durable enough to hold up against heavy wear and tear, yet light enough for you to transport with ease.

Aluminum is a popular choice for the frame in lightweight models such as the Sherpa Hunting Lightweight Aluminum Game Cart with Flat-Free Wheels. Nylon, polyester, and other robust synthetics are ideal for the straps.


The wheels of any game cart are arguably just as important as the frame when it comes to moving heavy weights. If the wheels give out while you’re hauling game, you’ll have a problem on your hands.

It’s best to look for large, sturdy wheels that can handle even rugged terrain. It’s best if they have texture or treading on the surface for added grip.

The axle of the cart’s wheels should be made of a strong material that’s thick enough to resist warping or snapping under pressure. Many models use stainless steel, but you can find axles made of other tough metals.

Which Big Game Cart Wins?

A big game cart is a must-have for any bowhunter, compound, or otherwise, that plans on taking down large animals such as elk. They make it easy to haul hundreds of pounds from your hunting site and back to your car without straining yourself or needing assistance.

We think that the best game cart for elk is the Rage Powersports Kill Shot Heavy Duty Big Game Deep Hauler Cart. It holds more weight than options such as the Sherpa Hunting Game Cart and is more versatile than models such as the Kill Shot Game Cart.

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