Can Your Arrows Be Too Long?

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So many elements can culminate in better accuracy when it comes to archery! We all know that getting the proper technique is crucial for improving accuracy.

But did you know that the length of your arrows can also factor in this? If your arrows are too short or too long, this can also influence your accuracy.

So the short answer is yes, your arrows can be too long!

Today, we’ll cover everything there is to know about whether your arrows can be too long. We will also show you how to choose the perfect-sized arrows for your particular draw length.

Should Arrows Be Longer Than Your Draw Length?

Can Your Arrows Be Too Long?

Yes, your arrows need to be slightly longer than your draw length. This is because if they were too short, then the arrows would fall off the arrow rest.

You would then need to adjust how much you pull back the string, which will negatively impact your accuracy.

If your arrows are too long, this can also affect your accuracy. When you buy your own kit, some shopkeepers might give you arrows slightly longer than what your actual draw length indicates.

This is to counteract the fact that some beginners tend to overdraw. Over time you will start to relax into your shooting stance, and overdrawing will become unlikely.

The negative effect of overdrawing your bow is that this creates incorrect upper body geometry, which causes the archer’s back to bow and chest to protrude. In addition to poor accuracy, this may also lead to forearm string slap.

However, you should never buy arrows that are too short for your individual draw length. You will need to opt for arrows at least an inch longer than your draw length.

This will give you scope in drawing, and you won’t have to worry about the arrow falling off the edge of the arrow rest.

How Long Should Your Arrow Length Be?

One of the best ways to determine what arrow length you need is to go to a professional archery shop. This is especially true if you are new to archery and don’t really know where to start.

The experts at these shops can help you select the right length of arrow based on your height, draw length, and the type of bow you are using.

Methods to Determine Arrow Length

Measurement Arrows

There is usually a draw length check bow in most archery shops with a faux arrow marked with measurements.

Draw the bow and hold it at full draw. Ask someone to note which length arrow sits comfortably at your full draw.

Wingspan Measurement

All you need is an assistant, a tape measure, and a calculator.

Make sure your back is as straight as possible, and extend your arms outward.

Make sure your arms are parallel to the floor and level. Once that’s verified, it’s time to take the measurements.

Get an assistant to measure the distance between the furthest fingertip on one hand and the opposite fingertip. Pull the measuring tape tight, and make sure there’s no dangling free-play. Record the inches that your assistant saw.

Divide the predetermined measurement by 2.5. Here you go!

Does Wrong Arrow Length Affect Accuracy?

Can Your Arrows Be Too Long?

Yes, (wrong) arrow length will affect accuracy. While shorter arrows are stiffer and speedier, longer arrows are potentially slower and more stable. Your perfect arrow length depends on different factors: 

  • Your height
  • The length of your draw
  • The type of bow you are using

In Summary

Arrow length is an important consideration when shooting a bow, as it will affect accuracy. If arrows are too short, they may fall off the arrow rest, and if they are too long, they may be less accurate. It is essential to find the correct length for your individual draw length.

Professional archery shops can help you find the right arrows for your height, draw length, and type of bow.

The general rule is to choose arrows 1 inch longer than your draw length. So if you have a 27-inch draw length, you will need to opt for arrows at least 28 inches.

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