Does Archery Make You Lopsided?

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Archery is a sport that has been around for centuries. It requires strength, precision, and balance. But does archery make you lopsided? well, it actually could. Some people claim that the form and strength required for archery make people who participate in the sport unevenly balanced.

On one hand, this makes sense. After all, you will use either your right or left hand to extend the bow while the other is merely holding it. That puts a lot of strain on your body, potentially causing it to alter.

On the other hand, it hardly seems likely that the thousands of archers across the world would have lopsided bodies.

What Does Lopsided Mean?

Lopsidedness, in terms of the human body, can refer to a number of different things. For example, it might mean that one arm is longer than the other or that one shoulder is higher than the other. It could also refer to differences in muscle size or even fat distribution. Many people fear that this will occur when they start archery.

Does Archery Make You Lopsided?

Does Archery Make You Lopsided?

Technically, archery can make you lopsided. This is because archers are required to do lots of repetitive motions to properly draw their bow. This puts loads of pressure on one side of the human body.

However, the chances of you becoming lopsided are quite rare. Even if you do become slightly lopsided, the chances of it being noticeable are slim.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your perfect summer body being ruined by a little archery.

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Plus, with the invention of modern bows, such as compound bows and crossbows, the body is put under less exertion. This is because these bows feature mechanical systems that require less effort to shoot.

Lopsidedness affected Medieval archers, who used less advanced bows that were not designed to limit the effects of lopsidedness.

Moreover, archery works both arms, just in different ways. You use slightly different muscles depending on what function your arm is performing.

When you draw a bow, one arm pulls the string while the other “pushes” against the riser. Consequently, quite a few upper body muscles will be utilized.

For example, while both the pulling and pushing arms use the deltoids, they use different elements of it. The pulling arm will employ the posterior deltoids.

Meanwhile, the pushing arm will require the anterior ones when holding up the bow. Deltoids are an essential part of the arm, used to move this limb away from the main body.

The anterior deltoids are found at the front. The posterior delt is used for pulling motions. These muscles are located at the back of the deltoid.

Though they do not play a major part in archery, your biceps and triceps can also be used. The bicep is used during drawing.

While the pectoral (chest) muscles are used for holding a bow, they do not play a role in pulling the bowstring. Thus, if you regularly participate in archery, you may find that one side of your chest grows marginally larger than the other.

Is It Bad To Be Lopsided?

No, having lopsided upper body muscles will not be detrimental to your health. On the other hand, it may be irritating from an aesthetic point of view.

You may feel insecure if one of your arms is less muscular than the other. However, there is nothing wrong with being a little lopsided. You should not feel less confident if this is your body type.

Luckily, if you want to fix your lopsidedness, there are a few different ways of fixing it. The most common way of fixing this potential problem is to work the muscles that are not being used, namely the weaker ones.

These are known as unilateral exercises. They target specific limbs, such as a single arm or leg.

For instance, if your left pectoral muscles are developing more so than the right, you can complete exercises designed for this area. Pushups may not be an optimal option, as they strengthen both sides of the pecs.

Meanwhile, you may want to try the dumbbell press exercise, specifically working the pecs that have not been developed yet. Targeting the weaker side of your muscles will cause them to develop rapidly.

Does Archery Make You Stronger?

Does Archery Make You Lopsided?

Yes, archery can enhance your upper body strength. As you may have guessed, the lower body is not used much in archery except for achieving the correct form.

In terms of the upper body, the areas that will most be strengthened are the shoulders and arms. You may also notice your core and chest muscles growing.

The reason for this is that the muscles are put under pressure to extend the bow’s draw weight. Even though the archer will only need to maintain this for a few seconds, this can be enough to strengthen the muscles used.

Just like any weight lifting exercises, such as bicep curls, the muscles are only used for a few seconds. If you keep repeating these actions, the muscles will grow stronger.

Other Benefits

Not only can your strength be improved during archery, but there are lots of different ways that the sport can improve your body.

For example, it can help with balance, coordination, and stamina. Therefore, many people believe that archery is a brilliant upper body exercise. It also has some benefits for the entire body!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Archers Muscular?

Yes, many archers are muscular. This is particularly true of professional archers. This is due to the aforementioned muscle development that the human body undergoes during the sport.

On the flip side, you should bear in mind that like all people, archers come in a variety of body shapes. Therefore, while lots of archers are muscular, not all of them will be.

Is Archery A Difficult Sport?

Archery can be a tough sport to learn. This is because it requires strength, a lot of determination, and perseverance. Plus, there are lots of concepts that must be understood, such as correct form.

If you put a lot of time and effort into the sport, you should find archery manageable to learn. You must also find an instructor with a teaching style that suits you.


Can archery make you lopsided? Yes, it could. You should bear in mind that this will not be a concern for casual archers, so don’t let this put you off the sport!

Archery is also a great way to improve your upper body strength. In addition to strengthening your shoulders and arms, you can also expect to see growth in your core and chest muscles.

What’s more, archery has other benefits such as improving balance, coordination, and stamina. So if you’re looking for an all-around excellent upper body workout, look no further than archery!

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