Is A Recurve Bow Better Than A Longbow?

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Archers have been using bows for centuries to hunt and compete in sports. There are many different types of bows; two popular ones are the recurve bow and the longbow. This article will compare these two types of bows and help you decide which one is better for you.

So is a recurve bow better than a long bow? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for in a bow. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what you will be using the bow for.

Let’s get started by taking a closer look at each type of bow.

What Are The Benefits of a Recurve Bow?


The recurve bow is the most popular type of bow today. It is used by Olympic archers, hunters, and recreational shooters. A recurve bow has curved limbs pointing away from the archer, giving it more power than a traditional straight-limbed bow.

  • One of the main benefits of the recurve bow is that it will provide increased power. This is a result of the curved shape of the recurve bow. This also increases the arrow’s speed, meaning that the recurve bow manages to be both fast and powerful.
  • Moreover, the draw will feel significantly smoother than other bow types.
  • Recurve bows are also renowned for their versatility since they can be used in different types of archery.
  • Recurve bows are available in a takedown version, basically allowing to take the bow apart for easy transportation and storage.
  • Due to their simplicity and rather financially friendly price tag, recurve bows are an excellent choice for beginner archers.

What Are The Benefits of a Longbow?


With roots in medieval warfare, the longbow is one of the oldest varieties of bows. The English famously used longbows throughout the Middle Ages. Longbows have also historically been used in hunting.

Longbows tend to have pretty simplistic designs. They are usually made from wood, with yew being one of the most popular.

Longbows are designed to be D-shaped, with the grip and wood straight but slightly curved at the ends.

  • An advantage of the longbow is that they produce less noise than other types of bows. This can be useful in situations in which stealth is required.
  • The longbow will be preferable if you prefer a more traditional feeling bow. There is a sense of nostalgia attached to this bow, which is likely a consequence of its rich history.
  • Due to its long design, the longbow is only suited for hunting purposes when you are an experienced bow hunter.
  • It will require a heightened draw weight, which can be problematic when hunting. Longbows are taller than recurve bows, meaning they are less portable and adept for hunting environments. 
  • This design also makes it harder to store longbows and transport them from different locations.

Which Is Better?

Both recurve bows and longbows have lots of advantages and disadvantages. Because of this, it can be challenging to say which is the better bow. It ultimately depends on what you are looking for in a bow and your personal preference.

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If you want a fast, powerful, and versatile bow, then the recurve bow is likely the better choice for you. However, the longbow might be a good choice if you prefer a more traditional bow with a rich history.

If we had to pick one, we would say that the recurve bow is superior. We recommend opting for the recurve bow if you are a novice archer. This is because it is often used for training archers. Consequently, most archery instructors will be able to educate you on using the recurve bow.

Plus, it is an incredibly versatile type of bow, so you will find it quite helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Longbows Used In The Olympic Games?

No, longbows are not used in the Olympics. Instead, recurve is the type of bow utilized in the Olympics.

What Kind Of Bow Is Easiest To Use?

Generally, recurve bows are some of the most simple bows to use. This is why they are often recommended to inexperienced archers. The takedown version of a recurve bow will allow you to switch limbs and upgrade your draw weight once you proceed in your archery journey.

How Much Does A Recurve Bow Cost?

Recurve bows are relatively affordable, especially compared to other bows. You can find a quality recurve bow for around $200. Of course, the price will depend on the specific features and brand of the bow.

Final Thoughts

Both recurve bows and longbows have a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it depends on what you are looking for in a bow and your personal preference. If you want a versatile bow that is fast and powerful, then the recurve bow is likely the better choice for you. However, the longbow is the better option if you prefer a more traditional bow with a rich history.

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