Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks [Review]

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Because of their convenience, climbing sticks are a consistent favorite among hunters of all skill levels. You can quickly swing them onto your back, carry them long distances due to their lightweight design, and bracket them into tree trunks whenever you’re ready to climb.

I’ve been excited to review the Lone Wolf climbing sticks because I’m a little tired of using a stepladder system to get to my treestand.

Hunters claim that they can skip the hassle of screwing in bulky parts by switching to these simple, portable options, and I have to agree that they’re a solid addition to any tree hunter’s collection.

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Pros & Cons “Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks”


  • Lightweight: A 4-stick pack weighs 10 pounds total.
  • Portable: They’re made to be strapped together and carried long distances.
  • Simple setup: Sticks bite directly into trees and mount to the treestand.
  • Reversible, ridged steps: Easily flip the direction of steps to avoid branches.
  • Easily hidden: Pivoting V-brackets mimic the contour of the tree.


  • Noise: Some hunters complain about the sticks rattling when nested.
  • Short strap: Lone Wolf sells strap extensions because the cinch doesn’t always cut it.

First Impression

These climbing sticks arrived nested in a super-compact bundle that was surprisingly lightweight.

Right away, you’ll feel like you can throw them over your shoulder and take a long walk. Once you pull them apart, the sticks are quite long, with steps that flip around and brackets to attach to tree trunks. The adjustable straps can size up and down to fit trees of various sizes.

Using all four sticks together could get you up to a tall treestand, or you could buy an additional pack if you’d like to go even higher.

Design and Performance

Many reviews note the simplicity of attaching these sticks. The simple design is a huge selling point for the Lone Wolf climbing stick.

They easily attach to tree trunks and the stands they’re designed to lock into. You can mount them directly onto Lone Wolf’s Assault or Alpha Hang-On treestands using specially made connection points.

Additionally, the nesting feature makes them very convenient for moving over long distances or switching treestands throughout the day.

Next, I’ll go into some of the specs that make these climbing sticks stand out as a substantial investment to go with your favorite treestand:

Materials & Sturdiness

The Lone Wolf climbing stick for tree stands comes in packs of either 3 or 4. You can throw them in a quiver or hang them on a carrying strap while you climb, then pull them out when it’s time to install the next step. Lone Wolf offers several strap extensions and replacements that you can order to suit your style.

These climbing sticks are rated to carry up to 350 pounds, which should accommodate most hunters. Each stick is a 32” single-tube design, with a 15” distance between steps.

The pivoting bracket on these sticks helps them bite into trees and stay put, whether you’re attaching them in wet or dry conditions.


Each stick weighs 2.5 pounds, for a 10-pound total if you’re carrying the four-stick pack.

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They’re light enough that they won’t make a huge burden on your pack. You might not mind hauling them over long trips to the treestand and back, given the convenience of their utility.

Even if you’re one of those hunters that like to carry six sticks, you won’t have an issue lugging your treestand and climbing setup to the next location.


The lone wolf climbing stick for tree stands comes with excellent ridged steps. The steps are a little tough on your hands if you’re not wearing gloves, but I’m thankful that the grip is there to catch my boots if I’m out in wet and muddy weather.

The generous weight limit means you can feel secure about putting all of your weight on them while climbing up and down.


Each of the steps can flip left or right, which will come in handy when you need to customize your climbing stick to a specific tree or treestand spot.

It’s easy to move them out of the way of difficult branches or secure a foothold on the far side of a tree.

Each strap adjusts from 4” to 22” tree diameter. The pivoting V-brackets make it easy to camouflage your presence because you can adjust them to hug the shape of any tree. Of course, you don’t want to do all the work of getting to your treestand to leave behind clearly visible climbing sticks.

Overall Quality

These climbing sticks deliver impressive features that are self-explanatory to use in action. For a ten-pound package, you can climb long distances using this sturdy setup built to weather the elements.

The adjustable V-brackets keep it discreet while flipping step directions are easy to customize to different trees.

The main drawback of the Lone Wolf sticks is the noise. They can rattle when they’re nested, which does not help you keep a low profile in and around your treestand. If your equipment rattles, it’s helpful to pick up stealth strips or camo tape to wrap the sticks before you go out. With proper preparation, these are a solid choice for climbing sticks.

Types of Climbing Sticks

If you’re new to the world of tree sticks and steps, the differences between climbing methods can be confusing.

Here are the main types of climbing stick designs you’ll encounter, each with different features that appeal to some hunters more than others.

Tree Sticks

Tree sticks, or climbing sticks, are long sections of tubes with stepping points on the sides. They boast a quick and simple setup while staying firmly in place around tree trunks, thanks to built-in stability points. These are popular climbing tools because they’re so subtle when attached to a tree, keeping you camouflaged from your prey.

Tree Steps

Tree steps are separate metal steps that screw into any area on a tree trunk (check local laws if hunting on public land – damaging trees might not be allowed). You can use self-tapping screw points to install tree steps at a distance that suits your height and step length.

These sturdy climbing steps are weather-resistant and come in colors that blend with natural foliage.

Lone Climbing Sticks

Like the title might suggest, a lone climbing stick is just one stick instead of a set. You’ll bring a fairly tall stick out to a tree and strap or bracket it in place.

You can swivel each of the steps connected to a lone climbing stick, which is great for customizing your route for climbing each tree.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a no-frills climbing system that is easy to move from place to place, you may want to collect a Lone Wolf climbing stick for tree stands.

These are an excellent, durable investment that will replace cheaper, quick-to-rust sticks. If you pay attention to maintenance, this climbing stick will stand the test of time.

If you’re worried you’ll have problems with a noisy bundle or run out of strap length, be sure to pick up accessories like stealth strips and strap extensions before you make your way to the treestand.

The stealth strips will help with the noise problem, while the strap extensions can provide you with the extra room you need. Overall, a great pack of climbing sticks is an excellent tool for any hunter to have in their collection.

Get ready to save time and effort by using the Lone Wolf climbing stick for tree stands, so you can get right to targeting prey from your bird’s eye view in the trees.

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