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When looking for some hunting equipment, many people search for treestands to improve their vantage point and firing range. There is a big market for treestands, but none compare to the Millennium Treestands M150 in terms of comfort, adjustability, and flexibility.

The M150 is a tree stand built for anybody and everybody. While on the pricey side, it features armrests, back support, and a soft chair for all-day hunting.

Millennium Treestands M150

Millennium Treestands Monster Hang-on...
  • Safelink
  • Comfortable
  • Holds Up To 300 lbs.
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The M150 Monster adjusts for the angle of the tree and the height of the user. The wide seat accommodates larger hunters as well.

Pros & Cons


  • Adjustable height and large seat to accommodate hunters of all sizes
  • Designed with bowhunters and gun hunters in mind
  • Aluminum stand and chair that can hold up to 300 pounds
  • Adjusts for trees leaning at 15-degree angles
  • SafeLink feature to safely ascend and descend from the tree stand


  • Seat too big for smaller individuals
  • Sometimes the product ships with imperfections that require modification
  • Higher initial investment

If you have the money to spend, the M150 Monster is worth the price for its comfort alone, let alone all the other features.

Millennium Treestands Monster Hang-on...

Millennium Treestands M150

While a mass-produced product, the Millennium Treestands M150 receives nearly universal acclaim from customers.

First Impression

Upon receiving the Millennium Treestands M150, you will find that the package is relatively lightweight.

The stand itself weighs approximately 19 pounds. The treestand takes about ten minutes to assemble before it is ready to go.

You will also notice that the M150 comes with ratchet straps and a 35-foot rope with a Prusik knot and carabiner. These measures prevent wiggling and allow for safe usage.


The tree stand is 100% aluminum with a powder finish for extra durability. The ComfortMax seat is contoured to fit more massive hunters who wish to use it for prolonged periods.

The fold-up chair also maximizes flexibility for bowhunters who need to turn quickly.

The foot stand is secure and does not fold down, but some users reported it as slightly too low for comfort.

Nonetheless, if you are a taller or larger person, this stand is perfect for you. Additionally, if you plan on sharing the Millennium Treestands M150 with anyone, it can adjust to their size.

Millennium Treestands Monster Hang-on... Check Latest Price

Design and Performance

The platform of the Millennium Treestands M150 is 24” x 37,” and the seat is 20” x 17”.

The height of the chair adjusts from 16” to 20”. The tree stand weighs about 19.5 pounds with a carrying capacity of 300 pounds.

It is primarily aluminum, making it lightweight yet sturdy. The powder coating on the aluminum creates a durable finish.

The pre-hung brackets allow quick adjustments to fit any necessity, including a leaning tree of up to 15 degrees.

The M150 Monster has a foldable seat for quick setup and transportation. It comes with a full-body harness and backpack so you can easily carry it.

The ComfortMax sling seat means you can comfortably use it for prolonged periods. Folding it up will allow you to stand up to shoot without hitting the rear, creating a vast range for bowhunters to fire.

Some people have reported needing to make adjustments to the ratchets to fit the platform correctly.

Also, since the design of the treestand suits weightier people, it can be too big for smaller people.

Before purchasing, make sure you are comfortable with a seat with such large dimensions.

Overall Quality

As far as hang-on treestands go, the Millennium Treestands M150 is one of the best available products.

With hardly any complaints, you cannot go wrong by purchasing this product.

It is long-lasting, stable, lightweight, adjustable, flexible, and comfortable – the M150 Monster works with you, not against you.

It is perfect for bow hunters and gun hunters. Also, the patented SafeLink rope allows for safe ascending and descending from the stand.

Millennium Treestands Monster Hang-on...

Millennium Treestands M150

It is easy to carry because of the attached backpack straps and its overall low weight.

Furthermore, assembly is quick, quiet, and simple, so you will not scare the game away while struggling to put it together.

The M150 comes at a high cost, but this price is well worth the quality, especially if you are a heftier person who loves to hunt.

If you are not comfortable using a rope to ascend or descend from the tree stand, there are also ladder and climbing tree stands.

Be sure to keep this in mind when looking for the perfect tree stand for you.


In this review of the Millennium Treestands M150, we have discussed how its comfort, adjustability, and flexibility make it perfect for avid hunters of any shape and size.

Some might say that this Millennium product is durable enough to last a millennium.

Millennium Treestands Monster Hang-on... Check Latest Price

All jokes aside, the Millennium Treestands M150 is a worthy investment if you want to step up your hunting game.

Its popularity is vast due to its comfortability, with some users comparing it to a living room recliner.

If you have the cash to spend and plan on using the stand often, the M150 Monster is the tree stand for you. If you are looking for another solution, such as a climbing treestand, feel free to check our climbing treestand article here.

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