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Last updated : May 27, 2023
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Obsession Bows started life a few years ago, with the goal of producing bows that fired at high IPO speeds (FPS). The ability to shoot arrows at targets (paper or live ones) at a high rate of speed is highly sought after by the archery community who mainly look at compound bows to satisfy this requirement.

The faster the bow – given a higher draw weight – the increased likelihood of striking the live target before it gets startled and moves off.

With the compound bow market increasingly dominated by a few big names, Obsession has represented one of the newer, smaller companies to rise to compete with established brands.

Early History of Obsession

The bows from Obsession have been sought after for some years. The company was founded by Dennis and Angela Lewis and has been involved in bow design and production from the beginning.

Unfortunately, Dennis Lewis experienced a serious hunting accident and in 2011 was unable to continue creating new bows.

Renowned bow designer, Kevin Strother of Longleaf Machine, offered a free bow design in November 2011. Dennis accepted the offer of a bow design but ensured that Mr. Strother was properly reimbursed for his expertise.

Manufacturing continued through 2011 and in future years at several facilities across the US. Cams and other parts were machined at these facilities rather than trust outsiders to produce the type of components that Obsession relied on to deliver some of the speediest compound bows in the US market.

Arcus Hunting Acquires Obsession Archery

In 2014, Arcus Hunting LLC (part of Bregal Partners) made its third archery-related acquisition in recent years with its purchase of Obsession Archery, its brand and product range from Dennis and Angela Lewis.

With additional capital, the original founders have been able to increasingly focus on both design and customer service with fewer distractions.

Thus, the number and range of compound bows, along with their IPO speed rating, has steadily increased along with their accelerating sales. Renowned bow designer Kevin Strother is a large part of the new bow designs with releases that please the brand ambassadors who follow each new product with interest.

Here are our Top 3 Obsession Bows:

  • Obsession Hemmorhage RH – 28.5″/70 lb. – Black 
  • Obsession Hemorrhage RH – Kryptek Typhoon
  • Obsession Hemmorhage – RH – 31″ DL / 70 lb DW

1. Obsession Hemorrhage RH

The Obsession Hemorrhage RH is a black compound bow that uses the latest design language and bow technologies to deliver superior speed in a compact form.

The bow is dark and coated with a rust-resistance protective shield. The riser is smaller than some and works with the Dynamic Energy cam with the brace (7 inches) to deliver accurate arrow releases every time.

The manufacturer’s PerFex modeling provides a unique draw length modification process that allows for minimal half-inch adjustments to the length, to match the hunter’s requirements perfectly.

The draw length defaults at 28.5 inches but is adjustable from 25 inches right up to 31 inches at the maximum.


  • Fast compound bow capable of 340 FPS
  • Draw length from 25-inches to 31-inches
  • ATA 30-inches
  • Protective coating
  • Dynamic Energy cam


  • A little heavy for some people

The let-off is 80% which is fairly typical of Obsession bows which tend to be in the 80-84% range for this. The let-off is fine for fans of Obsession hardware because they know to expect something in the 80%+ range.

The draw weight is initially set at 70 lbs but is adjustable from 40 lbs to 70 lbs in 10 lbs increments (there is also a 65-pound midpoint between 60 and 70 pounds too). The draw weight doesn’t go above 70 lbs.

At the maximum, a 340 FPS is possible, but a shorter draw length and reduced draw weight will cut down the overall achievable speed with this bow. It is a fast bow with quick, smooth arrow releases.

2. Obsession Hemorrhage RH – Kryptek Typhoon

The Obsession Hemorrhage RH Kryptek Typhoon is a swift compound bow for hunters who can handle this hardware admirably.

The smoother draw and release that avoids any vibration ensures improved accuracy over more expensive alternates. These are factors that fans of Obsession Bows look for in their new models.

The Dynamic Energy cam combined with the stronger brace (7 inches) help archers maintain accuracy with each shot.​

The Dynamic Energy cams with their PerFex process allow draw length to be adjusted from the default 70 lbs. The let-off is 80% which is typical of Obsession here. The draw length is 29 inches with the official ATA rating set at a higher 30 inches.


  • Extremely fast bow
  • Capable of 340 FPS with optimal settings
  • Minimal release vibrations
  • Let-off 80%
  • Dynamic Energy cam
  • Coated with an anti-corrosion protective layer


  • Requires a strong hunter and optimal settings to achieve the maximum FPS

Built for outdoor hunting, this bow has a protective coating to avoid rust erosion over time. The weight of 4 lbs is heavier than some other bows, but shouldn’t be a problem for most male hunters able to handle a fast bow like this one.

3. Obsession Hemmorhage – RH – 31″ DL / 70 lb DW

The Obsession Hemorrhage – RH is the third version of this latest bow from Obsession Archery.

Its black design is offset by the distinctive circular Obsession logo in the center of the frame and colorful strings. The structure is coated to protect it from destructive weather elements.

The latest Hemorrhage model has the same PerFex operation with adjustable draw length and a default setting of 31-inches (ATA 30-inches).​

The brace height is 7 inches, and the cams are the latest Dynamic Energy type. The let-off is 80% here which provides the right balance for smooth releases which is something Obsession bows are known for.


  • 340 FPS maximum speed
  • 31-inch default draw length (ATA is 30-inches)
  • Black protective coating
  • Smooth arrow releases and quiet operation
  • Let-off 80%


  • naahh

The draw length is 70 lbs which combined with the 31-inch draw length offers a maximum FPS of 340. The weight is also a manageable 4 pounds that’s acceptable for strong hunters who can hold their own.

Before you go …

Obsession Bows are not as well-known as other brands in the marketplace, but for avid hunters and people who focus on speed, their latest bows are highly sought-after items. Experienced hunters are needed for these high-performance pieces to get the most out of them.

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