The Importance of Axle-to-Axle Length in Compound Bows

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I can confidently say that the axle-to-axle length of a compound bow plays a significant role when selecting the right bow for an individual archer. 

Each compound bow has two axles, so the “axle to axle length” refers to the distance between them. 

Whether a shorter or longer axle-to-axle length is better depends on the individual archer and their specific needs. Here are some factors to consider when deciding which length is best for you:

picture of a compound bow showing axle to axle length

Stability and Accuracy

Generally, a longer axle-to-axle length provides more stability, which can result in increased accuracy, especially at longer distances. 

This is why target archers often prefer bows with longer axle-to-axle lengths.

The added stability can help archers maintain better control over their shots, leading to tighter groupings and more consistent performance.

Maneuverability and Hunting Applications

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A shorter axle-to-axle length allows for easier maneuverability, making it more suitable for hunting in tight spaces or when quick shots are necessary. 

Bowhunters often prefer bows with shorter axle-to-axle lengths for these reasons. 

A more compact bow can be easier to carry through dense woods and brush and can be quickly drawn and fired when a shot opportunity presents itself.

Draw Length Considerations

Your personal draw length can also play a role in determining the ideal axle-to-axle length. 

Taller archers with longer draw lengths may feel more comfortable with a longer axle-to-axle length, while shorter archers with shorter draw lengths may find a shorter axle-to-axle length more suitable.

Finding a bow that fits your body and shooting style is essential to ensure a comfortable and efficient shooting experience.

Personal Preference and Shooting Style

Ultimately, your preference and shooting style will be the best axle-to-axle length for you. 

Some archers may find they shoot better with a shorter or longer axle-to-axle length, regardless of their draw length or intended use. 

It is crucial to try different bows and axle-to-axle lengths to find the one that feels the most comfortable and provides the best performance for your specific needs.

Justin Zarr of

nowadays, 30 – 34 inches seems to be the average axle-to-axle length for hunting bows

Before you go… 

There is no definitive answer as to whether a shorter or longer axle-to-axle length is better.

It ultimately depends on the individual archer and their specific needs and preferences.

I recommend trying out different bows with varying axle-to-axle lengths to determine the most comfortable and performs best.

Remember that the right bow for you is the one that allows you to shoot consistently and accurately while feeling comfortable and confident in your abilities.

Happy hunting! 


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