What Animals Are Hunted With A Bow?

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Are you considering getting involved with bowhunting? It is a popular sport that involves hunting animals with bows. It also requires lots of skill, so you might want to spend some time honing your archery skills.

When you participate in bowhunting, make sure to check your local laws and regulations to ensure that you are following the rules. You will also want to get a hunting license if you do not already have one.

What Animals Are Hunted With A Bow?

There are loads of animals that can be pursued in bowhunting. Just bear in mind that laws regarding the legality of bowhunting differ from location to location. Consequently, you should research the laws in your state before you start hunting. Some animals may be legal to hunt, while others will be protected by the law.

Among the most common animals hunted with a bow are:


Deers are probably the most commonly hunted animal in Northern America. When bow hunting deer, you should aim to perfect your technique. This means practicing your shots so that you can confidently make a clean and ethical kill. You should also become familiar with the deer’s anatomy so that you know where to aim at.

Deers are mammals that live in forests and woodlands. Male deers tend to have antlers, while female deers lack them, except for reindeer. The hunting of deers has been a sport for centuries, dating back to the Middle Ages.

Venison, also known as the meat of antlered animals such as deers, is considered luxurious meat. It is sold at high prices. There are lots of different types of deers that are hunted with a bow. This includes elks, reindeers, and white-tailed deers.


Moose is a type of deer. These animals are way bigger than standard deers. They also tend to have more pronounced antlers. Moose tend to be rather solitary animals, separating them from other varieties of deer. Hunters often keep the antlers of moose that they have hunted as trophies. Moose can be found in 15 U.S. states.

Like other forms of deer meat, moose are known as venison. This highly coveted meat is known for having a rich flavor. Due to its rarity, moose is often quite expensive. Therefore, if you are able to hunt a moose, you should make the most of it.

Just bear in mind that you will need a bow with a powerful draw weight to be able to effectively take down a moose.



Rabbits are small game animals. These tiny mammals can be quite difficult to hunt due to their size. If you are looking for an archery challenge, you should consider bowhunting a rabbit.

Despite this, rabbits are easier to hunt than other small animals, such as squirrels, because they do not tend to move around as much. Rabbit meat can be somewhat dry, though if well moisturized it will taste delicious.

Many hunters have compared rabbit meat to chicken. While they taste somewhat similar, they have very different textures. This is due to the reduced fat content of rabbit meat. As a consequence, rabbit meat is quite nutritional.

Rabbit meat is a brilliant source of protein, potassium, calcium, and vitamin B12. Go for it!

Game Birds

While some game birds, such as turkey and geese, can conveniently be bought from the supermarket, some people prefer to hunt game birds with bows. There are lots of different birds that you can hunt, such as grouse, quail, pheasant, woodcock, partridge, and mallard.

These birds allow you to have more exotic meals. They can be cooked in a variety of methods, including roasting. Lots of these game birds have bright and eye-catching plumages.

For example, many black grouse have shades of blue in their feathers. This makes it easy to spot these game birds.

Wild Pigs

Also known as boars, wild pigs can be hunted with bows. They can be found throughout America in a wide array of environments. Often, hunting is used to ensure that the population of wild pigs does not grow excessively. This is known as population control.

As a consequence, wild pigs are among the most popular animals for bowhunting. Boar hunting is often considered quite an exciting activity. This is because wild boars tend to be very large.

They also have sizeable tusks, resulting in wild pigs being perceived as quite intimidating animals. As with other big hunting animals, you will need a powerful bow if you´re out to take a wild pig.

Boar meat is comparable to pork, though it is also akin to beef. Boars tend to taste quite rich. It is rich in zinc and protein.

Black Bears

Finally, bears can also be hunted with bows. This is particularly popular in North America, where bears are fairly widespread. Bears are especially popular for hunting in the spring. Bear meat is considered very gamey. The meat tends to have a dark color that sets it apart from other meats.

While bear hunting may seem like an appealing challenge, it can be somewhat dangerous. You should be an experienced archer if you wish to pull off this hunt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Ethical To Hunt Animals With A Bow?

The question of whether animals can ethically be bowhunted is something that you will have to answer yourself.

While some people find the sport to be inhumane, others consider it to be perfectly acceptable. Some argue that bowhunting keeps animal populations controlled. You must make your own decision about the morality of bowhunting animals.

Do Hunters Still Use Bows?

While most modern hunters opt for rifles and other guns, there is an ever-growing contingent of hunters who use bows. Known as bowhunters, these people are skilled archers. Hunting with a bow is much harder than with a gun. These archers tend to use bows such as crossbows and compound bows.

Final Thoughts

There is a wide variety of animals that can be hunted with bows. These include rabbits, game birds, wild pigs, and bears. Each of these animals presents its own challenge. Hunting with a bow is an activity that requires skill and precision. If you are considering taking up this hobby, be sure to do your research first and always aim for a clean and ethical kill.

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