Arrows can be fired at shockingly high speeds. This is especially true when more modern and technologically innovative bows are used.

For instance, compound bows, which are known for their sophisticated pulley systems, can shoot incredibly fast arrows.

But what is the fastest bow ever shot? Continue reading, as you might be surprised by the answers.

What Is The Fastest Arrow Ever Shot?

The answer to this question is that there is no definitive record.

While this may seem disappointing, there are loads of examples of archers shooting arrows at ridiculous speeds.

Here are some of the most prominent examples:

Lars Anderson

Lars Anderson, a Danish archer, has become famous for his impressive archery skills. He has a YouTube channel, on which he displays his archery prowess.

According to Anderson, he is capable of shooting 10 arrows in just 4.9 seconds. As you can imagine, this is incredibly impressive.

Anderson has also asserted that he can fire 3 arrows in only 0.6 seconds.

While one cannot refute Anderson’s skills, we also cannot consider him the official fastest arrow firer.

This is because his claims have not been proven in any official capacity. Therefore, Anderson is not an official record holder.

Moreover, this test is used to test the speed at which multiple arrows can be shot, not the speed of the fastest arrow ever fired.

Moreover, Anderson’s techniques have been challenged by a few archery experts. For example, some have critiqued his form.

If Anderson is to be considered the world’s fastest archer, he will likely have to prove his skills.

Interestingly, Lars Anderson is also a painter. While archery and art aren’t skills that normally go hand in hand, we respect Anderson’s array of talents.

Arjun Ajay Singh

Not to be confused with the politician of the same name, Arjun Ajay Sing currently holds the record for the fastest arrow shot.

Specifically, Singh won this record for firing 10 arrows in a row. In August 2020, Singh won this record after firing 10 arrows in just 48.63 seconds.

As you can see, this is quite a bit longer than it allegedly took Anderson, who apparently did the same action in only 4.9 seconds.

However, Singh holds the record because it was clarified by Guinness World Records. Thus, Singh is the official record holder.

Hailing from India, Singh was able to break this record at the age of six years old. This is incredibly impressive and hopefully, Singh’s skills will continue to grow as he matures.

This seemingly answers the question. However, this record is for the fastest time to shoot 10 arrows at a target.

Thus, this is not the record for the fastest arrow ever shot.

Moreover, while Singh holds the official record, the existence of archers, such as Anderson, who claims to be able to break it means that different archers may be capable of shattering the record.

How Fast Can Arrows Travel?

How Fast Can Arrows Travel?

While there may not be an official recording of the fastest arrow ever shot, there are tons of tales of arrows reaching impressive speeds.

The average speed of an arrow will depend on the type of bow, as some bows are more suited to speed than others.

Recurve bows tend to fire arrows at a speed of 225 feet per second or fps.

Meanwhile, longbows tend to be slower due to their design, allowing them to fire arrows at speeds of roughly 180 fps.

In comparison, compound bows are much faster due to their advanced designs. Consequently, the speed of a compound bow’s arrow is approximately 340 fps.

Crossbows are more comparable to compound bows in that they have more sophisticated designs. Thus, they are also able to fire arrows at speeds of 340 fps.

What Affects Speed?

The speed of an arrow is not just altered by the type of bow that you use. There are a few different factors that can influence it:

  • The weather: if you are shooting the arrow outdoors, then the weather can have a serious effect on its speed. The wind can either be a help or a hindrance depending on what direction it is traveling. If it is moving in the same direction as the arrow, the wind can contribute to its speed. However, if a harsh gale of wind is traveling in the opposite direction to the arrow, it can slow it down.
  • The type of arrow: equipment is key in archery. Heavier arrows are usually slower. On the other hand, if the arrow is too light, it will likely not be very aerodynamic.
  • The variety of fletching: in archery, fletching is attached to the arrow to stabilize it. If the fletching is too heavy, it can make the arrow spin. This causes its speed to decline.
  • The bow’s draw weight: draw weight refers to the amount of force that must be used on a bow to draw it fully. Bows with higher draw weights can result in faster arrows. This is because the energy needed to pull the bow will be transferred to the arrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Type Of Bow Is Best For Speed?

If you are keen to get an impressive speed, then a compound or crossbow will be best suited to you.

As mentioned earlier, the arrows fired from these bows tend to reach speeds of 320 fps and more

However, more advanced bows used by skilled archers have been known to hit speeds of 400 fps.

Are Longbows Fast?

Though some longbows can shoot quick arrows, longbows are not generally the best bows for speed.

Their straight designs mean that limited energy is stored in the bow. We do not advise investing in a longbow if speed is a priority to you.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, one day there will be a legitimate recording of the quickest arrow fired. Until that day, we can merely speculate what the top spot looks like.

The likelihood is that the fastest arrow shot would be approximately 500 fps, which could be achieved by a powerful compound or crossbow.

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