Why Bow Hunting Is Better Than Rifle?

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In the hunting community, there is debate about whether hunting is better with a rifle or bow. In our opinion, bowhunting is superior. There are a few reasons why we believe bow hunting is better than rifle hunting. Bowhunting requires much more skill than rifle hunting.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of bow hunting over rifle hunting!

It Makes Things Fairer

Bows are more challenging to use, which makes the experience more rewarding. The skills needed to be a successful bow hunter are much more difficult to master than those needed for rifle hunting. Bow hunting requires you to get closer to your prey than rifle hunting. This requires stealth, patience, and great aim.

Different Skills

A different skill set is needed to be a great bow hunter than a rifle hunter. Rifle hunting is more about aim (I know), while bow hunting is about getting close enough for a successful shot and having the skill to make a quick, clean kill. All of these skills take years to perfect.

bow hunter in tree stand

Vintage Feel

There is just something about using a bow that feels right. It has a vintage vibe that a rifle just isn’t able to achieve. Bows as hunting weapons have been around for thousands of years, while rifles are a “relatively recent” invention.

You Can Do It Without Technology

Bow hunting is also more challenging because you are not relying on technology as much as you are when you are rifle hunting. With a bow, it is just you and the animal. This can make for a more rewarding experience.

Trad Hunter

If you want to be even more traditional than using a bow, you can use a trad bow. This is a type of bow that does not have any sights or other technology attached to it. This makes the challenge even greater, but the rewards are much sweeter.

Extended Hunting Seasons

In the U.S., archery seasons are usually longer than rifle seasons. This means you have more opportunities to go hunting if you use a bow. Check out our article about the different hunting regulations, so you know when you can hunt in your state.

The Costs

I was going to say bowhunting isn’t as expensive as rifle hunting, but that isn’t true. If you want to get into bowhunting, it can be just as expensive as rifle hunting.

A decent hunting rifle is probably around $500-$700, plus the scope. And honestly, a compound bow isn’t going to be much cheaper.


If you like it nice and quiet, bow hunting is for you. Bows are obviously much quieter than rifles. The only noise you’ll hear is when releasing the arrow. And that’s minimal noise compared to the bang of a gun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hunting With A Bow Harder Than Hunting With A Rifle?

Yes. Unless you are an experienced archer, most people will find it more challenging to hunt with a bow than with a rifle.

Do Rifles Cause More Damage Than A Bow?

It depends. But generally speaking, the ballistic value of rifle ammunition is much higher than that of arrows. Yes, broadheads can cause severe tissue damage and a massive wound channel – but overall, rifles will cause more damage.


There are many reasons why bow hunting is better than rifle hunting. It requires more skill, has a vintage feel, and you can do it without technology. You also have extended hunting seasons if you use a bow.

Now that you know some of the reasons we think bow hunting is better than rifle hunting, maybe you’ll try it! If you are just getting started in bow hunting, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Bow Hunting.

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