Why Do Archers Let The Bow Drop

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Achieving better accuracy is the goal for literally every archer. To improve your accuracy, it will be critical to work on your technique. You will need to replicate the same set of conditions each time you pull back the string and work to eliminate any extenuating factors that could affect your accuracy.

One thing that some professional archers and keen hobbyists do is to drop the bow with each shot they make.

Now, to the casual onlooker, this might not make much sense. Why do you want to drop your bow to get better accuracy? Today, we’ll cover everything you need to know about why archers drop their bows to improve accuracy.

Why Do Professional Archers Drop Their Bow?

Why Do Archers Let The Bow Drop

So why do professional archers drop their bows each time they shoot? The answer, of course, is because it helps to improve their accuracy! But how so? Wouldn´t it be better if you held on to your bow as hard as possible to ensure it didn´t move?

As it turns out, no. Holding your bow too tightly can negatively affect your accuracy.

Some archers like to shoot and leave their hands exactly where they are on the bow. While this isn’t an issue for hobbyists, your arm movements can influence where precisely the arrow goes.

Imagine yourself at full draw. When you lose your arrow, you’re already looking ahead to where the arrow is heading to.

You’re not paying attention to your hand holding the bow, meaning you could move it slightly after letting your arrow loose. Any slight movement can influence the arrow as it leaves your bow, causing it to go off towards a slight angle.

This will, of course, impact your accuracy, as you won’t be able to mimic the same conditions every time. So by investing in a wrist sling – which slips around your bow and the wrist – you can now stop worrying about your hand movement and focus on your target.

You can use this method with virtually any type of bow.

Why Do Archers Pull The String To Their Faces?

Why Do Archers Let The Bow Drop

Anchor Point

You will need to have an anchor point where you draw the string every time. This prevents you from adjusting your draw length with each shot or changing something in your routine. Consistency is key here!

Two of the most common places to draw your string back to are either the corner of your mouth or near your nose. The corner of your mouth is a relatively easy anchor point to use. When you first start shooting your bow, you may wish to experiment with which anchor point feels easier and most comfortable for you to use.

Why Do Archers Wear Chest Guards?

Archers wear all manner of things to help improve their consistency and accuracy.

You may be used to wearing an arm guard each time you shoot so that you can protect your arm from the string (bow slap).

A chest guard is used much for the same reason. These are typically used to protect your chest from the string falling back into place.

It can also keep your clothes out of the way when you shoot.

In Summary

Dropping the bow (not clinging on to it) will minimize the effects of you moving your arm/hand when releasing the arrow. The bow all by itself would shoot pretty much straight. When you drop the bow, your hand is no longer holding on to it, meaning there’s less chance for you to move it and affect the shot.

Anchor points are important because they help you maintain a consistent form with each shot. By having an anchor point, you can be sure that you are drawing the string back to the same spot each time. This gives you much more control over your shots and can help to improve your accuracy. You want to keep things repeatable and consistent.


Q: What’s the best anchor point to use?

A: The corner of your mouth is a relatively easy anchor point. When you first start shooting your bow, you may wish to experiment with which anchor point feels “right” to you.

Q: Do I need a chest guard?

A: While not required, a chest guard helps to protect their chests from the string. It also can keep your clothes ut of the way.

Q: Will this method work for me if I’m left-handed?

A: Yes!

Q: Do I need a wrist sling?

A: While not required, a wrist sling can help to keep your hand from moving after you release the arrow. This, in turn, can help to improve your accuracy.

Q: I still don’t feel like I’m shooting as accurately as I should be. What am I doing wrong?

A: Many factors can affect your accuracy when shooting a bow. If you’re still having trouble, we recommend seeking out the help of a qualified archery instructor. They can offer you additional tips and guidance specific to your situation.

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