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Last updated : January 18, 2022
Alexander Knobloch

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Every bowhunter will occasionally have to re-serve the bowstring to fight the abrasion, which most likely occurs to the area around the nocking point. No matter if you shoot a recurve, longbow, compound, or selfbow.

Soon or later the serving has to be replaced. You could either find a local string builder and let him fix it or use a bowstring serving tool and get at it yourself. However, with so many bowstring jig tools on today’s market, we decided to put together a list of the top products.

Without any further due: Here are our Top 5 Picks

+ BEST OVERALL – BCY Bearpaw Serving Tool. Perfect for the archer who wants smooth and accurate servings. The sturdy polymer construction is built to last.
RUNNER UP – October Mountain Serving Jig. The aluminum spindles make it quick and easy to load your serving, while the over-molded spin pads keep everything in place. Plus, the snap design makes for quick changes, so you can get back to work in no time.
QUALITY – Bohning Serve Tite Server ToolAdjustable tension and smooth thread flow. Easy to get a tight, crisp center serving every time. Includes 75 yards of #62 braid .021 thread.
Ww Zat Archery Serving Jig. This jig is made of high quality, wear-resistant material and features adjustable tension control, making it easy to get a customized fit.
I-Sport Archery Bowstring Server Jig ToolIts adjustable tension control allows you to fine-tune your string serving for optimum results.
+ Arizona Archery Enterprises Cavalier Pro String Server. High-quality item! Sturdily built and supports spools from any other manufacturer too.

Based on our research we recommend the October Mountain Revolution Serving Jig or any of the other bowstring jigs on this list.  

Top Bow String Serving Tool In 2023

BCY Bearpaw Serving Tool

BCY Bearpaw Serving Tool basspro shop

This BCY Bearpaw Serving Tool is the perfect bowstring tool for the serious archer. With its sturdy construction, stainless steel guide rollers, adjustable tension control, and easy payout, this tool makes string serving a breeze.

This advanced German engineering marvel is built to last and works basically on any type of string. The slotted design also makes it easy to string your bow, making the Bearpaw an essential piece of equipment for any archer.

With its polymer construction and smooth, stainless steel guide rollers, this tool provides excellent tension control.

October Mountain Products Serving Jig / Extra Spool

October Mountain Products Revolution...

October Mountain is another great company focused on everything archery!

Their Revolution Serving Jig accommodates all serving diameters. The free-flow spool washer adds to the overall convenience of this quality product.

The special “Snap Design” allows for quick changes in serving types/colors. See for yourself:


  • Comes with an extra spool rod
  • Accommodates all serving diameters
  • “Snap Design” allows quick changes of serving sizes, types and colors

The weighted thumb knobs help to get a nice and even “spin” to it. Overall a nicely manufactured serving jig.

Ww Zat Archery Bowstring Serving Thread Jig

Ww Zat Archery Bowstring Serving Thread...

It can be used on any string: Traditional, Compound, or Crossbow. The Ww Zat Archery Serving Thread Jig is made of steel and copper and accepts all jip spools.

The tension control is adjustable. The bowstring serving thread diameter size is 0.018″ / 0.021″. Overall a good product, thou some customers complained that the tension is not held consistent (read.. top-notch recurve bow strings)


  • Made of steel and copper


  • adjustable tension control
  • accepts all jip spools
  • comes with almost 100 feet serving material

Does what it´s supposed to do – You can conveniently replace the spool by yourself. From the looks and the materials used, it´s probably going to last quite a long time.

I-sport Archery Bowstring Server Jig Tool

I-Sport Archery Bowstring Server Serving...

Nice jig tool by I-sport. Suitable for traditional bows, compound bows, recurve bows.

The adjustable tension control allows for a smooth thread flow. If you are looking for a tool to install the serving thread tightly and easily, this one is for you.


  • Made of brass, iron cold board


  • Includes 1xBowstring serving jig, 1xBowstring serving Thread

Has a sturdy look to it – The used materials suggest that it’s going to last a long time. It can be used to tie peep sites as well. Takes a long time to get shipped!

Bohning Serve Tite String Server Tool

Bohning Serve Tite String Server Tool...

Bohning’s String Server Tool received some good and some not so good reviews. It´s a simple tool that does what it’s supposed to do.

I actually bought this model back in 2015. Quality is absolutely ok. Tension can be adjusted by the thread spool and the guide washer. Smooth thread flow. Any standard serving spool will fit.


  • Made of brass, iron cold board


  • includes 75 yards of 62″ braid 0.21 thread
  • thread is polygrip

This thing is excellent for quick and tight center servings. From what I have experienced so far, it´s probably going to last “forever”. It is available with or without the thread.

Arizona Archery Enterprises Cavalier Pro String Server

Arizona Archery Enterprises AAE Pro...

Arizona Archery Enterprises Inc. is a fully dedicated manufacturing company originally started as Plastifletch, created in 1948. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of Nocks and Vanes. I bet you did not know that!

High-quality item! Sturdily built and supports spools from any other manufacturer too (comes without the thread!) It´s easy to use and offers great value for your money.


  • Made of heavy-duty anodized aluminum.


  • Serving not included
  • Unique double tension bars
  • Self-centering washer system

Some customers found the tensioning mechanism to be very sensitive – otherwise a solid, well constructed, and easy-to-use string server.

What Makes A Quality Bowstring Serving Tool?


You want something that is going to last longer than just two or three hunting seasons. Make sure to buy a quality product – one that you could transport without being overly concerned about breaking it…

This is one of the many reasons that we love the Bohning Serve Tite String Server Tool. Simple and robust design that will last literally “forever”.


It is also important that you are able to actually use your serving tool. This is especially true when you have not used one before.

The October Mountain Revolution Serving Jig is mainly made not of metal but some sort of polymer.

It’s much easier on your bow if you happen to hit it. Its “quick load yarn gate” and free flow spool washer add even more convenience (read.. what are the costs to restring a compound bow).

Which Archery Serving Tool Is The Best?

BCY Bearpaw Serving Tool basspro shop

After comparing all of the tools on this list, I feel that the BCY Bearpaw is the best string serving tool, with the October Mountain Serving Jig coming in as a close runner-up.

The BCY Bearpaw is a highly innovative product with its convenient way of using our recommended bow serving tool.

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