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Best Cameras for Filming Your Hunting Adventures 2024

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There are few ways to remember a hunt in such vivid detail as to film your time afield. If you are like most hunters, this thought has already crossed your mind, and if so you were probably left to question which is the best camera for filming your hunt.


Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder
  • 3.0 Inch LCD Touchscreen
  • High Definition Lens
  • MPEG-4 AVC/h.26
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At a Glance: The Best Cameras to Film your Hunt

If you find yourself with a similar quandary, be sure to check out our overall favorite, the Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder, as well as the other quality cameras contained in this list.

Top Of The Line Cameras For Filming Your Hunt

Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder

If you intend to film your hunts in full high definition and want the ultimate in features and functions at your fingertips, the Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder is the camera for you. This top-notch camera features Canon’s 20x High Definition Optical Zoom Lens, advanced HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor with improved low-light performance, and a 3” touch screen LCD display. 


  • Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080


  • 20x optical zoom offers sufficient long-distance filming capabilities
  • Pro Image Sensor for superior low-light performance
  • 3”Touch screen display allowing user-friendly operation
  • Intelligent Optical Image Stabilization brings even the shakiest of footage into focus


  • Requires rain cover for water-proofing

This Camera also comes complete with Canon’s Intelligent Optical Image Stabilization System, which brings even the shakiest of footage into focus.

Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Video Camera

As of recently 4K resolution has been rising in popularity, proving to bring filming clarity to an all-time high. The Panasonic Ultra HD Video Camera features a full range of 4K filming capabilities, as well as a 20x zoom lens that will bring even the most distant of game into view.

Specs :

  • Weight 12.3 pounds
  • Resolution: 4K 


  • 4K resolution for ultimate clarity
  • Wi-Fi capabilities allow for remote filming
  • 5-Axis Image Stabilization solves the issue of unsteady camera work
  • In-camera editing assists in portraying an image exactly as you intend


  • Requires rain cover for waterproofing
  • Some consumers state that the operation manual is difficult to understand

Combine these features with Panasonic’s Back-Side Illumination Sensor that provides excellent low light filming, and you have a camera that will cover all of your needs and more.

Sony 4K HD Video Recording FDRAX33 Handycam Camcorder

The Sony 4K HD Handycam Camcorder is a perfect option for those looking to film their hunts in 4K high definition, but do not necessarily need the endless list of features and functions that can be found on more premium models. 

However, this is not to say that the Sony Handycam does not have helpful features all it’s own. 

Specs :

  • Weight: 1.54 pounds
  • Resolution: 4K


  • Compact in size for ease of transport
  • 4K resolution for high video clarity
  • Steady Shot stabilization prevents shaky footage
  • Wi-Fi compatibility minimizes file transfer difficulty


  • Requires rain cover for water-proofing
  • Not as feature-rich as some premium market offerings

This camera comes complete with a Zeiss lens that utilizes Steady Shot image stabilization to capture crisp, quality video without fail. The Sony Handyman also features Wi-Fi capabilities for easy media sharing. 

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GoPro HERO8 Waterproof Action Camera

GoPro cameras have now been around for several years and consistently rate toward the top of the action camera market. 

The GoPro Hero8 is perfect for those that want to film their hunts in HD quality, remain extremely mobile, and don’t want to spend a fortune to do so.

Specs :

  • Weight: 0.8 pounds
  • Resolution: 4K


  • Extremely lightweight making transport a breeze
  • Next level waterproofing means that the camera records even underwater
  • 4K resolution for excellent video quality
  • A limitless number of accessories are available leading to enhanced versatility


  • Zoom is not quite as precise as with higher-end cameras

Complete with image stabilization, various movie and photo modes, slow-motion capabilities, and top of the mark waterproofing, this is a camera that can stand up to all that you or mother nature can throw at it. 

TACTACAM Solo Wifi Hunting Action Camera

The Tactacam Solo WiFi Hunting Action Camera is just what you need when attempting to get a bird’s eye view of the moment of truth. This camera sets in a compatible stabilizer mount and can be attached straight to your bow.


  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Resolution: 1080p


  • Completely waterproof so the weather is of no concern
  • Wi-Fi capabilities make sharing files seamless
  • Comes with bow mount for versatile operation


  • Minimal additional functions

The Tactacam Solo also features 3x zoom capabilities and is completely waterproof. 

Wi-Fi capabilities are also present with this camera, making it easy to share your hunt with anyone in a moments notice. 

What Makes A Camera For Filming Hunts?

When selecting a quality camera to use when filming your hunts, there are a number of factors that must be considered.

Without giving these factors their due consideration, it is likely that you will end up with a camera that does not meet your expectations. So what should you be looking for when shopping for the best camera to film your hunts?

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A Camera With Crystal Clear Capabilities

As the years go by, the video capabilities of premium cameras continue to evolve. Many cameras now possess the ability to film in ultra-high definition. 

With all of these subsequent advancements, why would anyone want to settle for anything less than a video that is crystal clear, and vivid in every detail? 

This is just one of the many reasons that we love the Panasonic Ultra HD Video Camera.  

This camera features the ability to film in 4K resolution, ensuring that you will be able to relive every detail of your hunt in vivid fashion. 

From the subtle texturing of the clouds above to the distinctly colored autumn leaves that have fallen below, this camera will capture it all

A Camera That Is Bountiful In Functionality

You never want to be left with the feeling that your camera is holding you back in your endeavors, due to its lack of functions and features.  A situation of this nature does little but build frustration with every successive outing.

A quality camera should be capable of accomplishing all that you demand of it and should compliment your filming prowess at every turn. 

If you are searching for a feature-rich camera with abundant functions that cater to even the most demanding of videographers, look no further than the Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder. 

This camera’s 20x optical zoom, intelligent optical image stabilization, and advanced low-light sensor culminate in a package that will never leave you wishing for more. 

A Camera That Takes Mother Nature In Stride

As any hunter knows, you can never hope to control the elements. Instead, we are forced to make the best of what Mother Nature throws at us.  However, this means that any camera that you carry must also show this same level of resolve.

If not impervious to the weather, you will soon be left to ponder how you can go about getting a water-damaged camera warrantied. 

This is yet another reason why the GoPro HERO8 is one of the best cameras for hunting on the market today.  

This camera is impact resistant and waterproof to a depth of 33 feet.

As rugged as this camera is, there is little chance of damaging it, even under the least favorable of conditions.

Which Is The Best Camera For Filming Your Hunt?

When comparing the cameras that were presented within this list, I feel without a doubt that the Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder is the best camera for filming your hunt, with the Panasonic Ultra HD Video Camera coming in as a not so distant runner up.

The Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder’s 20x high-definition optical zoom, intelligent optical image stabilization, advanced HD CMOS pro image sensor with improved low-light performance, and 3” touch screen display make this a camera that is boundless in what it can achieve. 

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