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Deer have a natural attraction to mineral sites and salt licks, so many hunters try to find the best of them to improve their hunting and their monitoring of deer through trail cameras.


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At a Glance: Our Recommended Salt Licks and Mineral Blocks for Deer

If you are currently looking for the best deer mineral block or salt lick, be sure to check out my overall top pick, the Antler King Hi Protein Big Buck Block, as well as any of the other great products on this list.

Top-Tier Deer Minerals and Salt Licks  2021

BEST OVERALL – Antler King Hi Protein Big Buck Block

Antler King is no stranger to deer nutrition, as they have stood as a leader in the field for a number of years now.

The company’s products are designed to not only attract deer, but to supplement their nutritional needs in a way that few other products on today’s market can.

Antler King’s Hi Protein Big Buck Block is no exception to this rule, and offers substantial value.


  • Weight: 25 Pounds


  • Contains 27 vitamins, amino acids, and minerals for optimal nutrition
  • Includes a yeast culture to assist in digestion
  • Is ideally suited for use in the spring, summer, and early fall months

Note: I have personally used the Antler King Hi Protein Big Buck Block for a number of years, to great success. When this block is offered along heavily trafficked trails, deer find it almost immediately. In most cases, deer will wallow out an area in the ground around this block, as they take advantage of every last bit of nutrition.

The Antler King Hi Protein Big Buck Block contains a blend of 27 different vitamins, amino acids, and individual trace minerals, which enhance antler growth and maximize herd health.

This product also contains a specialized yeast culture that assists in the overall efficiency of digestion. Read our article about planting turnips for deer here.

Best ValueWhitetail Institute 30-06 Mineral

Whitetail Institute is yet another well respected name within the deer nutrition industry, and has offered their proprietary 30-06 Mineral blend to the masses for quite some time.

This specialized formula contains a number of vitamins and minerals that are known to enhance antler growth, as well as overall body mass, making its use ideal in virtually any situation.


  • Weight: 20 Pounds


  • Specifically designed for supplementation during antler growth
  • Provides ample nutrition for lactating does
  • Promotes healthier deer body weights

Whitetail Institute 30-06 Mineral contains the company’s renowned Antler Up D3 supplement, which increases natural phosphorus and calcium uptake.

This mineral is also highly palatable, as it includes scent and flavor enhancers, which also provide a significant level of attraction.

Highest Nutrient ContentTrophy Rock All Natural Mineral

If you are searching for a mineral that provides year-round nutritional supplementation for the deer in your area, look no further than Trophy Rock All Natural Mineral.

This product contains a total of 65 different macro and micro minerals to adequately provide for every nutritional need of the deer in a given area. The sum of these minerals set the stage perfectly for optimal antler growth.

Hunters and land managers can also rest easy knowing that Trophy Rock All Natural Mineral is safe for consumption by all forms of wildlife, no matter the time of the year.


  • Weight:12 pounds


  • Provides 4 seasons, 365 days a year supplementation
  • Is completely natural in composition, and will not adversely affect any form of wildlife
  • Contains over 65 highly beneficial ingredients

This product is 100% natural and is mined from actual mineral deposits in the United States.

Most Well Rounded CompositionAni-Logics Ani-Mineral Block

Ani-Logics, as a company, has come on relatively strong in the past 5+ years, and has developed a reputation for composing scientific based solutions for nutritional shortfalls within wild whitetail deer herds.

With the introduction of the new Ani-Mineral block, hunters are afforded a simpler means of transporting this high-grade nutrition to the areas that they hunt.


  • Weight: 20 pounds


  • Comes in easy to carry block form
  • Enhances antler growth and disease immunity
  • Includes a comprehensive array of vitamins and minerals

The Ani-Logics Ani-Mineral Block contains Copper, Zinc, Selenium and Manganese, in combination with the company’s Ani-Shield TX4 supplement.

This supplement boosts overall herd health, by promoting increased disease immunity, antler growth, and general health.

Most AttractionLucky Buck Mineral

Lucky Buck Mineral is an immensely nutritious, yet highly attractive way to supplement deer in any given area. This mineral offers extreme attraction and palatability, due in great part to the infusion of intense apple flavoring.

However, overconsumption is minimized due to the use of proprietary ingredients that are introduced for the purpose of extending the life of every bucket.


  • Weight: 20 pounds


  • Completely impervious to all forms of moisture
  • Comes in a convenient bucket for easy transportation
  • Features highly attractive apple aroma

Impending rain or snow is of no ill-effect to Lucky Buck Mineral, as it is completely impervious to water spoilage.

This has the potential to save hunters a significant sum of money, as there is no need to base reapplication dates upon unpredictable weather fronts.

Why Do Deer Like Mineral Blocks?

Deer naturally crave many of the ingredients that are commonly found within mineral blocks. This is especially true regarding salt, as a simple salt lick alone, will often draw deer from nearby areas.

These cravings typically result in recurring trips to any area where these minerals can be found with regularity.

Deer rely upon these minerals most heavily during the spring, summer, and early fall.

During this time of the year, both bucks and does face a deficit in key nutrients.

For bucks, this is due to the nutritional draw that is required for antler growth. For does, this deficiency stems from the consistent nursing of fawns. In both cases, deer seek out mineral sites to replenish their systems.

Read more about the top-notch trophy mounts here.

Mineral Blocks Vs Salt Licks

For many hunters, the difference between mineral blocks and salt licks can be quite confusing to understand.

The following will help you differentiate between the two, and assist you in utilizing both in the most beneficial ways.

When Would You Use A Mineral Block?

Mineral blocks offer more than the standard salt content found in salt licks, and can be extremely appealing to the deer of a given area.

Mineral blocks can be used throughout the spring, summer, and early fall, as their use not only supplements deer through these times of peak nutrient requirement but assists in forming huntable patterns as well.

When Would You Use A Salt Lick?

A salt lick differs from a mineral lick in the fact that it seldom includes additional attractants, or extra mineral content.

Salt blocks consist almost entirely of salt, which in itself is beneficial to deer during the spring and summer months.

Since these blocks do not necessarily offer any additional form of attraction, they are best used in the off-season as a free choice supplement.

Where Should You Put A Mineral Block?

Mineral blocks are best placed along trails from bedding cover to favored food sources.

This allows deer to become accustomed to making daily stops at such a site, and provides a hunter with an excellent location to base their efforts.

Mineral Blocks are also highly effective when placed close to viable, year-round water sources.

How Can You Make A DIY Mineral Block?

Many hunters wonder if they can make their own mineral block. The short answer to this question is, yes.

While homemade mineral blocks are not likely to be as tightly packed or weather-resistant as production-grade blocks, they can indeed be made.

Homemade Mineral Block Recipe

  • 1-Cup of sugar
  • 1-Cup of oats
  • 1-Cup of whole corn
  • Even parts livestock mash
  • Even parts dehydrated molasses
  • 1-Cup vegetable oil
  • 1-Cup corn syrup


  1. Choose Suitable Container: Begin by locating a container that is of the appropriate volume for the size of mineral block that you wish to create. Additionally, prepare a round dish for your ingredients to cure within.
  2. Mix Dry Ingredients: You will now introduce all of the dry ingredients listed for this recipe into your initial container. Mix livestock mash and dehydrated molasses in equal parts until this container has been topped off.
  3. Pour Into Round Dish: Next, you will pour all of the previously mentioned ingredients into a round mixing bowl. Once this is complete, add the appropriate measure of vegetable oil and corn syrup to the contents within, and stir thoroughly.
  4. Cure Mix: With all of your ingredients in place, you will now place your pan into the oven, where it will cook at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.
  5. Pack Into Form and Cool: Once your mixture has cured in the oven, carefully scoop all of the dish’s contents back into the original container. It often helps to lightly coat the inside of this container with vegetable oil. Pack the mixture tightly in this container, and place it into the refrigerator overnight. By the following morning, this mixture will have hardened into a final product.

What To Look For In A Quality Mineral Block or Salt Lick

The following are key characteristics of a quality mineral block or salt lick, which should be kept in mind.

Well Rounded Nutrition

It is immensely important for a quality mineral block or salt lick to offer significant nutritional value to the deer of a given area.

This is just one of the many reasons that we cannot get enough of the Trophy Rack All Natural Block, which contains a total of 65 individual micro and macro minerals.

Easy On The Stomach

Another feature to look for when shopping for a mineral block or salt lick is the addition of ingredients to aid in digestion and nutrient uptake.

When ingredients of this nature are included, deer are able to make the best possible use of the nutrients that they are consuming.

The yeast compound found in the Antler King Hi Protein Big Buck Block illustrates this point perfectly.

Unavoidable Attraction

For deer to make the most use of a mineral block or salt lick, it must be attractive enough to catch their attention.

Much of this matter comes down to a product’s aroma and palatability. This is one reason that we love Lucky Buck Mineral. This mineral features a strong apple aroma that whitetails simply cannot resist.

Which Mineral Block or Salt Lick is Best?

After carefully studying all of the products on this list, I feel that the Antler King Hi Protein Big Buck Block is the best mineral block on the market today, with the Trophy Rack All Natural Block coming in as a not so distant runner up.

Antler King Hi Protein Big Buck Block

The Antler King Hi Protein Big Buck Block offers the perfect blend of nutrition, attraction, digestibility, and weather resistance. This keeps deer healthier and helps you achieve the success you desire this season.

If you are searching for the best deer mineral block or salt lick, be sure to check out the Antler King Hi Protein Big Buck Block.

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