Best Bow Cases In 2023 [Buying Guide]

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Being a bowhunter, I know how important it is to protect your bow. You need a good case that will store your bow safely and securely. And it needs to be compact enough to fit in the back of your truck. Luckily, today’s bow cases come in numerous different sizes and configurations, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your needs.

I 100% recommend the Plano Protector Compact. I have been using it for years. This bow case has everything you need: high-quality construction, excellent protection for your bow, and plenty of space for six arrows. But take a look at all five cases too! They’re all great options!

At a Glance: 5 of the Best Bow Cases Currently Available (First-Hand Perspective)

+ BEST VALUE- Plano Protector. Durable and of great quality. Lightweight and PillarLock Protection. I use this model for 12 years, with nothing to complain about. That’s why I strongly recommend the Plano Protector!
+ BEST COMPACT- Plano Ultra Compact. The smaller version of the Plano Protector. As durable as its “big” brother. Good for smaller bows. Crush Protection.
+ SOFT CASE – BlackOut 1.0. The only soft case on my list. Not as protective as a hard case. But perfect for a short travel to and from the woods or the range.
+ WATER AND DUSTPROOF – Cabelas. Water, dust, and snow proof. It´s an all-weather bow case. Holds up to 12 arrows. Shock protection and multiple-position tie-downs.
+ BEST DOUBLE BOW CASE- SKB. Premium Bow Case. Enough room for two compound bows or one bow and an extra tray for equipment. This is the real deal if you need to travel somewhere and need a robust and spacious case to safely transport your bow(s).

Plano Protector Compact Bow Case

My Plano Protector Compact_1

I own this Plano Protector Bow Case since 2009

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Plano has served as one of the industry’s top bow case manufacturers for several decades and has produced a number of the best-selling cases to date. However, few such products have remained as popular, for as lengthy of a period of time, as the Plano Protector Compact Bow Case.

This bow case is lightweight, durable, and economically priced, making it the perfect option for any situation.

I, myself, own a Plano Protector Compact Bow Case that I have had since 2009. In fact, I previously owned an earlier version of this case, dating back to 2006, which I would likely still own if it had not been stolen.

Josh Boyd

I am very fond of the Protector Compound Bow Case’s simple, yet effective design. My bow fits securely into this case, without the slightest issue, and is protected by the product’s built-in foam liner.

plano Protector Bow case with my bow

Plano Protector Compound Bow Case

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I also appreciate this case’s integrated arrow storage, which allows an archer to securely carry up to six arrows at a given time. These arrows fit securely into their slots, without the slightest chance of falling from place. The bow you´re seeing there is my Hoyt Defiant.

I have found this case to be extremely durable, as the particular case that I own is still serving its purpose, after more than 12 years


  • 41.5” x 14.75” x 5.25” (interior dimensions)


  • Patented PillarLock® system for protection
  • Arrow storage under the lid
  • Lockable and airline approved


  • Can´t store bow with mounted quiver


A durable (I have had it for 12 years now) case with integrated arrow storage. It´s lockable and airline-approved. In comparison to the Plano Ultra-Compact, it offers more space. It uses the patented Plano PillarLock System. You will have a hard time finding a better case for this price! In my opinion the best bow case available.

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Plano Ultra-Compact Bow Case

plano ultra compact bow case

Plano Ultra Protector Bow Case

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If you are a fan of Plano’s Protector line of bow cases, yet are in search of something a little more compact, then the Plano Ultra-Compact Bow case should be worthy of a second look.

This case measures 41-inches in length while weighing only 6 pounds. This case’s relatively subdued size allows it to be carried virtually anywhere, without hesitation.

I find this to be quite impressive, as many of today’s most compact bow cases sacrifice amenities in the pursuit of size reduction.

This bow case also features Plano’s crush-resistant PillarLock® system, which further enhances the unit’s overall durability, far beyond that of many compact bow cases.

Plano Ultra Protector Bow Case

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The Plano Ultra-Compact Bow Case includes many of the same features as its full-size counterpart.


  • 40″ x 13.75” x 4.5″ (interior dimensions)


  • Patented PillarLock® system for protection
  • Storage for six arrows under the lid
  • Internal adjustable tie-down straps


  • It´s designed for smaller bows. The internal dimensions are approx. 40″ long, 13 3/4″ tall, and about 4 1/2″ deep. Measure your bow!


At only 6 pounds and smaller dimensions, the ultra-compact case still offers plenty of space. You can store your bow and arrows. Make sure to check the dimensions before ordering. It is designed for smaller bows! The internal dimensions are approx. 40″ long, 13 3/4″ tall, and about 4 1/2″ deep!

a bow case

PillarLock® System

In case you do not know what the PillarLock® System by Plano is:

Molded contact points that create pillars when the case closes for extra protection.

See the arrows? Those contacts ensure that the case is extra protected against crushing.

BlackOut 1.0 Bow Case

Blackout Soft Bow Case

BlackOut 1.0 Soft-Sided Bow Case

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The Blackout 1.0 is a quality soft-sided bow case that is extremely lightweight, yet far more durable than most would assume.

This bow case features a padded liner for enhanced protection, as well as three individual storage pockets for added convenience. The Blackout 1.0 also utilizes 5 independent hold-down straps, which are intended to aid in securement. 

After taking a look at the BlackOut 1.0, I feel that this case will be perfect for those who are seeking a lightweight option for quick travel to and from the woods or range. The Blackout 1.0 is not only compact in nature but also appears to be quite durable as well.

This bow case is perfect because it has a padded liner for protection and three individual storage pockets. The Blackout 1.0 also has five independent hold-down straps, which will help keep my bow safe. I like that this bow case is lightweight and compact so I can take it with me quickly when I need to go to the woods.

Soft Bow Case Inside with straps

Hook-and-Loop Security Straps

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While I would not recommend any soft-sided bow case for use during rigorous travel, the BlackOut 1.0 should prove quite valuable to the bulk of circumstances.


  • 42″ x 17″ x 4″


  • Durable 600-denier polyester shell
  • Plush interior lining for protection
  • 5 hook-and-loop security straps 


  • Good only for a short trip to the range or woods


This is the only soft case that made it onto my list. It´s compact and durable. Ideal for a quick travel to the range. Obviously it is not as protective as for example the Cabelas All-Weather Bow case. You have extra pockets to store stuff, plus hooks and security straps. As said above: ideal for short travels to any location nearby.

Cabelas All-Weather Bow Case

Cabela's All Weather Bow Case

Cabelas All-Weather Sturdy Bow Case

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If you are in search of a heavy-duty bow case that is extremely rugged by design, then the Cabelas All-Weather Bow Case is worthy of a second look.

This bow case is molded of impact-resistant resin and features locking pillars that prevent damage from crushing blows. Additionally, the Cabelas All-Weather Bow Case is capable of storing up to 12 arrows at any one given time. When checking out the Cabela’s All-Weather Bow Case, I was quite impressed, to say the least. This bow case felt solid in every conceivable manner and appeared far more robust than most similar cases on today’s market.

I was especially impressed to see that the Cabelas All-Weather Bow Case featured an integrated gasket seal, which is perfect for keeping water and dust intrusion at bay.

Cabela's All Weather Bow Case Inside look

Premium Protection by Cabelas

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  • 46″ x 18″ x 7″ (interior dimensions)


  • Impact-resistant resin shell
  • PillarLock supports protection
  • Rubber gasket seals out dust, rain, and snow
  • Fits bows up to 43″ ATA


  • Higher investment needed


This bow case by Cabelas is impact resitant plus a rubber gasket seals out rain, dust and snow. It´s a premium product therefor more pricy. In comparision to the Plano Protector it is bigger – which will give you more room to store stuff.

There was one thing that really impressed me about this bow case – there is a seal around the edge of it to make sure water and dust can’t get in.

SKB Double Bow Case

Premium Double Bow Case by SKB

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The SKB Double Bow Case is perfect for any archer who travels with more than one bow at their disposal.

This hard-sided case is constructed of high-impact HDPE and includes a quality gasket seal that is impervious to moisture, dust, and solvents. The SKB Double Bow case also features 4 heavy-duty metal latches, as well as a set of built-in wheels for trouble-free transport.

I feel that the SKB Double Bow Case would be ideal for those that enjoy traveling to various hunting destinations, as this unit is designed to be airline compliant. Additionally, this case features a significant amount of padding, which is sure to cushion any inadvertent blows that are sustained in transit.

Due to its expanded capacity, the SKB Double Bow Case will also save space, over using an individual case for each of an archer’s compound bows.


  • 46” x 18” x 7.5” (interior dimensions)
  • Weight: 18 pounds


  • Easily converts from single to double bow case 
  • Constructed of high impact HDPE
  • Plenty of room!
  • Airline compliant


  • Picture is a bit misleading. It´s either two bows or one bow plus the accessory tray! Not two bows + the tray …


This is the real deal for anybody that wants to travel with more than one bow. Airline compliant bow case. The SKB Double Bow Case offers more room than the other cases on my list. Well, it is for two bows so … The picture is a little bit misleading. It’s either two bows or one bow and the accessory tray.

I found the SKB Double Bow Case to be perfect. This hard-sided case is made of high-impact HDPE and includes a quality gasket seal that is impervious to moisture, dust, and solvents. The SKB Double Bow case also features 4 heavy-duty metal latches, as well as a set of built-in wheels for easy transport.

Bow Case Comparison Table

ProductInterior DimensionsMaterialPrice
Plano Protector Compact41.5” x 14.75” x 5.25”Hard Casecheck
Plano Ultra-Compact40″ x 13.75” x 4.5″Hard Casecheck
BlackOut 1.042″ x 17″ x 4″Soft Casecheck
Cabelas All-Weather Case46″ x 18″ x 7″Hard Casecheck
SKB Double Bow Case46″ x 18″ x 7.5″Hard Casecheck

Top-Tier Bow Storage

You spend a fair sum of money when purchasing and outfitting a new bow. That´s why the bow case you use should be sturdy and reliable in order to provide protection for your expensive investment.

Whether it is a traditional hard shell or soft-sided, I have reviewed some of the best cases on the market today so you can find one that suits your needs perfectly.

Let me know what type of bow case you prefer by leaving a comment below. I am interested as well because my favorite has been Plano Protector Compact which I have used for more than 10 years now but there are many others that could work too.

Josh is an avid hunter of over twenty years and strategically manages several properties. Josh is also the Branch President for his local chapter of QDMA (Quality Deer Management Association).

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