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Last updated : October 10, 2023

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Bowtech, one of the leading bow manufacturers of our time, made the Assassin Compound Bow available from 2011 to 2013. If you are looking for a decent bow and have the chance to buy an Assassin – don´t hesitate to do so – It´s a great bow, and while more than ten years old, still makes a perfect hunting companion.

Bowtech created this bow with several improved features. Maybe they were not groundbreaking, but surely guaranteed great value for your money. And this is still true even today!

Key Information

Bowtech Assassin

A compound bow was available from 2011 to 2013 and has several improved features, such as an adjustable eccentric system and a binary cam system.

High performance

The bow can reach up to 333 FPS, has a smooth draw cycle, and is highly adjustable in draw length and let-off. Suitable for hunting and target shooting.

Ready-to-shoot package

The bow was sold as a R.A.K. (Ready. Aim. Kill.) package, which included a sight, a quiver, a stabilizer, a rest, a sling, and a peep sight. 

Discontinued model

Bowtech no longer offers the bow and can only be found in second-hand markets. A possible replacement is the Edge 320, also made by Bowtech, with similar features.

Bowtech Assassin Buying Guide

The Assassin has an adjustable eccentric system, enabling the bow to reach up to 333 FPS (IBO). It incorporates the famous Bowtech binary cam system (read.. Bowtech Carbon Knight For Sale).

Draw Length is adjustable from 26-30 ” in 1/2 inch increments. No bow press is needed. If you want to adjust the draw length – remove the module screws, rotate the module, and put the screws back in. Done.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • No bow press needed
  • Fast (up to 333 FPS)


  • Draw Cycle
  • Hesitation before hitting the back wall
  • Discontinued

All other adjusting is done by utilizing one of the two modules available:

  • speed rotating module
  • smooth rotating module

No bow press is needed. You can tune your let-off from 65% to 80%. Which is, even by today’s standards, still pretty decent…

The bow was sold as a ready-to-shoot package (R.A.K.). I doubt that you’ll find an offer with the original components. As with most sets, equipment will change due to individual preferences.

The bow is not offered by Bowtech anymore. Your best chances to find an offer are probably on eBay or some private garage sale.

Bowtech Assassin Specifications

Version 2011 – 2013

  • Brace Height: 7 “
  • ATA Length: 30.625″
  • Draw Length: 26 – 30″
  • Draw Weight: 40 – 70 lbs
  • IBO Speed: 333 FPS
  • Mass Weight: 3.8 lbs
  • Let-Off: 65% – 80%

The Assassin is discontinued. Read our Hands-On Review of the Edge 320 if you want a good replacement.


Bowtech made this bow available from 2011 to 2013. It has a smooth draw cycle, a pretty impressive speed of up to 333 FPS, and is highly adjustable. The relatively low weight and an adjustable draw weight of up to 70 lbs make this a good hunting bow.

Even after today’s standards, the Assassin is still a decent bow. As mentioned above, Bowtech discontinued the Assassin. Your best chance to find one is probably eBay or some private sale (read.. Mathews Z7 Bow).

How much is a Bowtech Assassin Bow worth?

The original price of the Assassin R.A.K. Package was around $600. The current value of the bow ranges from $200 to $400 – depending on the condition, accessories, etc.

Is the Bowtech Assassin a good bow?

Absolutely! It was a top bow in 2013 and remains excellent for hunting. When you buy one, ensure the previous owner has maintained it well.

What year is the Bowtech Assassin?

Bowtech offered the Bowtech Assassin from 2011 – 2013. The bow is discontinued.

What is a good replacement for Bowtech Assassin?

If you want a similar bow to the Assassin, you can check out the Edge 320, also made by Bowtech and has similar features. It is also adjustable, fast, and smooth and comes with a ready-to-shoot package. Our Review of the Edge 320

Where can I buy Bowtech Assassin?

Bowtech no longer offers Bowtech Assassin and can only be found in second-hand markets. You can try searching on eBay or other online platforms or look for local garage sales or auctions.

How fast is Bowtech Assassin? 

Bowtech Assassin can reach up to 333 FPS (feet per second), a high speed for a compound bow.

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