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First Aid Repair Kit for your Bow

Josh Boyd fixing ibow with a set of allen wrenches

When you encounter problems with your bow in the field, an “emergency repair kit” will be your best friend. A first-aid repair kit should ideally include all of the necessary tools to replace a broken string or to fix other issues with your bow.   

There’s nothing worse than going out on a great backcountry hunt, only to realize there is something broken when you reach your destination. You shouldn’t let a fixable problem get in the way of a hunt, and if you have a few great tools on hand, it won’t.

Here are the 9 things you should have in your basic first-aid repair kit

1. Allen Wrench Set

Pine Ridge Archery Allen Wrench Set,...

Pretty much self-explanatory. An Allen Wrench Set is the gold standard of a first aid kit. Many minor issues, such as loose screws, can be resolved with an Allen wrench, and it’s also helpful to have around if you need to tighten something up on the fly.

Spend a little more on a quality set! Allen wrenches are something I have gone through a lot because I thought I would save money by buying cheap ones. Ball end wrenches work great for difficult-to-reach screws.

2. D-Loop Material

2 Pieces Archery D Loop Rope 10 Feet...

In case you don’t have any loop material in your first-aid kit, the breaking of your loop will put an end to your hunting trip. 

The best loop material (in my opinion) is BCY #24. For handheld shooting and open hooks, you should be able to make the D-Loop last as long as the string.

3. Kisser Button

TRUGLO Kisser Button Black

Often enough, they fly off. Without your anchor point, hunting may become more difficult than expected. Make sure to put a couple of them in your kit. 

When it comes to archery equipment, everyone has their own preferences. My favorite is the kisser button from TRUGLO.

4. Lighter

Survival Frog Tough Electric Lighter 2.0...

If you need to burn the ends of a d-loop or index an arrow insert, a lighter comes in handy. Carry a couple of them in your first aid bow kit. 

5. Nocks

ZSHJGJR 50 Pack Archery Arrow Nock ID...

No nocks, no firing your arrows. They are easy to break and yet so important. Keep a few extra with you at all times hunting. If the nock is damaged, the energy can not be adequately transferred to your arrow. It almost has the same effect as dry firing your bow! 

6. Peep Sight

Truglo Centra Peep Pro Durable...

They are small, lightweight, and don’t take up much room. Even though it’s pretty unlikely that you’re going to lose your peep sight – Keep an extra peep sight with you – for peace of mind. 

7. Extra Bowstring

Compound String B50 38in 16st Blk...

While not very likely to break, an extra bowstring gives you some ease of mind (don’t forget to bring your portable bow press). 

8. Portable Bow Press

YaeTek 1 Set Compound Bow Press and Quad...

The compact design doesn’t take up much space. Allows you to change peep sight, string silencers, or even a bowstring. The one from Bowmaster is nice – make sure if your bow is supported – bring adapters if not. 

9. Duct Tape 

3M All Weather Duct Tape, 1.88 inches by...

Duct tape is just an all-around handyman. If you don’t have any duct tape in your repair kit, add it! It is a multipurpose tool and can be used for all sorts of unexpected problems. 

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