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How Far Can A 70 Pound Compound Bow Shoot?

How Far Can A 70 Pound Compound Bow Shoot (1)

The distance a compound bow can shoot an arrow depends on several variables. These variables include weather conditions, the archer’s ability, and the bow’s design. Bearing this in mind, it can be challenging to calculate how far a compound bow can shoot. For example, when weather conditions are perfect, it’s much easier to shoot an arrow further than when it is windy.

When you add the different draw weights, arrow design, and archer ability into the mix, things get even more complicated—no need to worry, though. We’re here to help. In this post, we’re going to look at how far a 70-pound compound bow can shoot. We’ll consider critical variables and look at how shots can be maximized.

If you’re looking to shoot arrows further with your 70-pound compound bow or want to learn more, keep reading!

So, How Far Can A 70 Pound Compound Bow Shoot?

How Far Can A 70 Pound Compound Bow Shoot?

While how far a 70-pound compound bow can shoot can’t be conclusively decided due to how many variables impact things (field conditions differ from range conditions), we can speak generally and look at how most bows shoot. Typically, the heavier the draw weight, the more power the will from the shot makes the arrow travel further.

With 70 lbs being almost the heaviest bow draw weight available, this is the bow you can get the most power from and the one which will send arrows the furthest. 

In perfect weather conditions, with light arrows and good pull length, a skilled archer should be able to shoot an arrow over 1,000 feet.

For example, using light arrows helps get more distance, but as soon as the weather changes, so will the direction of the arrow, massively reducing distance.

Switching the arrows out for heavier ones will help, but the distance will still be less. Arrows may only then reach half the distance.

Considering all of this and the heavy draw weight of the bow, archers will most likely only shoot an arrow 350 yards.

The Current World Record

To get a better sense of how difficult it is to shoot over 1,000 feet and to understand how far a 70 lb compound bow can shoot, let’s take a look at the current world record. 

American archer Matt Stutzman holds the world record for the farthest target hit by a compound bow. Stutzman hit his target at TPC Craig Ranch, McKinney, Texas, from 930.04 feet away. 

This shows that even when conditions and variables are almost perfect, shooting an arrow more than 1,000 feet with a compound bow is extremely difficult.

This record was set under World Archery regulations and conditions.

There could be an archer out there that has shot an arrow further than Stutzman’s record, but they haven’t done it under professional standards.

Who knows, that person could even be you!

There have even been claims that the perfect modern compound bow could now shoot an arrow almost 1,800 feet

Maximizing The Effectiveness Of The Shot

How Far Can A 70 Pound Compound Bow Shoot?

If an archer is going to shoot an arrow as far as possible, their setup and conditions there firing the shot must be perfect. 

While this perfect setup and ideal weather conditions aren’t easily achieved, and in some parts rely on luck, we can give ourselves the best chance of success by changing the things we can control. 

This comes down to taking advantage of our skills as an archer and our bow. Here are some tips to help you maximize shooting effectiveness and reach a longer range.

Clean Release

A clean release is essential when it comes to shooting an arrow as far as possible—shooting with two fingers instead of three limits the contact the archer has with strings, helping to release the bowstring cleanly.

Only requiring one point of contact, a release aid can also help if you want to boost your shooting distance quickly.


It may seem like a strange thing to say, but you could find your shot effectiveness and range improving if you put less effort into your shot.

You won’t put as much tension into each shot by relaxing and letting the bow do the work for you.

This is great as tension transfers from the archer’s body into the bow, reducing distance. Shooting smoothly with loose fingers will increase your distance.

Shooting Angle

While your shooting angle can change depending on the weather conditions you face, a shooting angle of 45° is considered the most effective angle for shooting long-range shots. 

By making this simple adjustment to your shot, you could see your arrow traveling much further.

Utilize Lighter Arrows

Lighter arrows usually experience a lot less drag than heavier arrows. This is useful as this enables a much longer flight path. Lighter arrows also travel faster as they make their way through the air.

The only negative thing about lighter arrows is that they are heavily affected by the weather.

Follow Through

Many archers fail to notice how much they move as they fire their shots. As a result, upon release, the distance and trajectory of the arrow are greatly affected, no matter how little the movement is. 

Therefore, to maximize your range, you must do all you can to maintain your posture throughout the whole shot and until the arrow has left your bow. Only then can you expect the arrow to travel further.


How far a 70-pound compound bow can shoot an arrow depends on a number of variables. These variables include weather conditions, the weight of the arrow used, bow setup, and archer ability.

Having said that, in this post, we have shown you that 70 lb compound bows can shoot arrows over 1,000 feet if conditions are perfect. Mind that we are not talking about the effective range but how far an arrow could travel.

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