If you’re on the hunt for a lightweight, accurate bow that feels comfortable in your hands, then you may want to stop right here. Mathews made a name in premium bows, and the Heli-m is no exception to their quality line.

Mathews released the Heli-m in 2012 with two subsequent versions in 2013 and 2014. Its axle-to-axle length is 30 inches, but the Heli-m is one of the lightest, most comfortable bows available, especially for those hunting in close quarters

Key Points

Mathews Heli M

A compound bow that was released in 2012 and discontinued in 2014. It is lightweight, accurate, and comfortable to shoot.

Innovative features

The bow has a GeoGrid reflexed riser, a new solo cam, harmonic dampeners, and a Dead End String Stop Lite. These features reduce weight, vibration, and noise.

Ready-to-shoot package

The bow came with several accessories, such as a sight, a quiver, a stabilizer, and a sling. You only need to buy arrows and a release.

Second-hand market

The bow is no longer available from Mathews and can only be found on online platforms or private sellers. A possible replacement is the Mathews Z3.

Mathews Heli M Buying Guide

Mathews continues to impress with this compact, exceptionally lightweight bow. The Heli-m uses innovative technology to deliver a pleasant shooting experience in a low-profile package.

You probably expect a heavier bow with an ATA length of 30 inches, but the Heli-m weighs in at just 3.5 pounds. Still, it can speed up to 332 fps and is surprisingly comfortable to use.

Everything about this bow is slim and sleek, making the Heli-M an excellent choice for narrow spaces.

Even though it’s lightweight, Mathews put it through extensive testing to ensure the Heli-m can handle the stress of heavy work.


  • One of the lightest bows available – 3.5 pounds
  • Limited vibration
  • Speedy for the size – reaches up to 332 fps
  • Grip is extremely comfortable
  • Low-profile design


  • Draw cycle may feel a little aggressive for some shooters
  • May be less accurate at longer distances (over 50 yards)

Mathews Heli M Specifications

  • Brace Height: 7″
  • ATA Length: 30″
  • Draw Length: 26 – 30″
  • Draw Weight: 40 – 70 and 65 lbs
  • IBO Speed: 332 fps
  • Mass Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Let-Off: 80%


The Heli-m is available in three finishes, including Mathews’ signature Lost Camo.

You can also select an all-black finish or Tactical (looks like carbon fiber). Even with the unique cut-outs on the bow, the finish looks sleek and flawless.


Mathews embraced the GeoGrid reflexed riser before the Heli-m, but they stuck with it for this bow.

The bridge-like pattern doesn’t just reduce the weight of the bow, it handles the stress of shooting and provides stability at full-draw.


Though Mathews may be known for using a walnut hand grip (read.. Mathews Creed Compound Bow), they trimmed it down for the Heli-m.

The new and improved grip retains the signature walnut, but it is slimmer, making it more comfortable.


The parallel limbs are slim and lightweight without compromising strength and durability. Again, Mathews subjected the bow to extensive testing to ensure it could handle the stress of long-term use (read.. Mathews HTX Review)

Eccentric System

Another innovation for the Heli-m is the brand new solo cam created just for this model. Though it is reminiscent of the Triumph’s cam, the Heli-m solo cam is a little rougher on the draw, but not much.

With a Mathews solo cam, you don’t need to fret about timing or keeping the cams in sync. You can also adjust the draw length in half-inch increments between 26 inches and 30 inches.

Of note, the cam only has an 80% let-off option. One might complain that it felt a lot more like a 60% let-off.


Mathews opted to retain the harmonic dampeners for the Heli-m, but it added a Dead End String Stop Lite and shifted the string stop down.

The combination creates an impressive vibration dampening effect for such a lightweight bow, and adding a solid stabilizer could essentially eliminate the vibration altogether.

One of the only drawbacks of the Heli-m is the draw cycle, and it’s not a huge problem. Mathews bows tend to have a smooth draw cycle, but the Heli-m is a little more aggressive, possibly because there is almost no valley (read.. Mathews Z7 Review).

Again, it’s not horribly, it’s just not quite as smooth as we’re used to with the Mathews bows.

Customizing Your Mathews Heli M

There’s not a lot to customize on the Heli-M because it’s a pretty solid bow.

You may want to add a stabilizer to eliminate vibration. The grip is gorgeous and comfortable, but you could opt out of the walnut grip and substitute in a rubber one if you prefer. The bow is discontinued – so not much of a choice here…


It took Mathews twenty years to create this bow with the new Heli Cam that delivers decent speeds (up to 332 fps), accurate shots (especially at 40 yards or less), and a comfortable shooting experience.

For a lightweight, low-profile bow, the Heli-m is surprisingly durable and sturdy.

Though it delivers a rougher draw cycle than other Mathews bows, the difference is minimal, and you can offset it with a good stabilizer.

Mathews first released the Heli-m in 2012 and put out two subsequent versions in 2013 and 2014 before ceasing production. The stats for all models stayed the same!

Your best bet for finding a Heli-m is eBay or through private sellers.


How fast and accurate is Mathews Heli M?

The bow can shoot up to 332 FPS (feet per second), a decent speed for a compound bow. It also has a single-cam system that provides stability and precision.

Can You Adjust Draw Length on the Mathews Heli M?

You can adjust the draw length on the Mathews Heli-m. It can handle 26 inches up to 30 inches, and you can make adjustments in half-inch increments.

How Much Does The Mathews Heli M Weight?

The Mathews Heli M weighs just 3.5 pounds.

Where can I buy Mathews Heli M?

Mathews Heli M is no longer available from Mathews and can only be found on online platforms or private sellers. A possible replacement is the Mathews Z3.

How much is the Mathews Heli M?

The original price of the bow was $959. The value ranges everywhere from $200 to $400 in the second-hand market.

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