Mathews HTX Compound Bow Specs

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Mathew Archery started back in 1992; since then, it has managed to manufacture different compound bows. One of the most recent ones is Mathews HTX Compound Bow that is slowly taking over the market with skyrocketing sales.

This review will tell you how it has managed to capture the archery community’s attention because of its incredible IBO Speed and its unique features that make it a top performer.

Mathews HTX Buying Guide

The Mathew HTX Compound Bow is a shorter axel-to-axel compound bow, coming in at 30-inches in length. With their signature Mathews camo pattern, this compound bow is beautifully designed with a Lost Camo XD option, making it a perfect compound bow for hunting (read.. Mathews Heli M).


  • Light; weighs a mere 3.99 pounds
  • Stronger risers
  • Affordable
  • Offers smooth draw cycle
  • Reduced noise
  • Better handling
  • Available in different color varieties
  • Equipped with the innovative NoCam System


The cam system found in Mathews HTX Compound Bow is similar to the one found in the Mathews NO CAM HTR Compound Bow. The name, NO CAM ST, stands for ‘No Cam String Track System.’

With this system, the string will run in a perfect concentric circle to deliver the best performance with a speed of up to 326 frames per second (read.. Mathews Z3 Hunting Bow).

It is also available in 65, 75, and 85 percent let-off controlled by the same modules that control your draw stops and lengths. It also has a smooth draw cycle. It is quieter and has fewer vibrations. Furthermore, the draw lengths are adjustable.

For this compound bow, Mathew Archery decided to go for a more traditional cut out of the riser, opting for a dual bridged riser.

The dual bridged riser has one bridge at the top and the other at the bow’s bottom.

The bridges aim to make the risers stronger and stiffer, especially when you are at a full draw (read.. Switchback Compound Bow Review).

Mathews HTX Compound Bow is a perfect hybrid between the Halon and HTR Cam Limb Pocket System’s riser technology that weighs a mere 3.99 pounds.

It also has a Flatback grip (previously known as the focus grip); the only difference is that it has a ridge at its back.

The Mathews HTX Compound Bow came in a variety of colors, which include;

  • New Lost Camo XD
  • Lost Camo OT
  • Black
  • Stone Tactical
  • Black Tactical

Mathews HTX Specifications

  • Brace Height; 7 inches
  • ATA Length; 30 inches
  • Draw Length; 23 to 29 inches
  • Draw Weight; 50, 60 & 70 pounds
  • IBO Speed; 326 fps
  • Mass Weight; 3.99 lbs
  • Dual Bridge Riser Design
  • No Cam System
  • Let off; 65%, 75%, and 80%
  • String; 57 7/8 inches
  • Cable; 35 5/8 inches


The Mathews HTX has both the Harmonic Damper and stabilizer that helps to reduce the noise and vibrations. Therefore, it is capable of providing a smooth draw cycle that makes your shooting experience remarkable.

Mathews HTX Compound Bow has unique features that tend to attract people towards it.

It has a design with critical elements found in other Mathew compound bows, such as the Mathew Halon 6. For this reason, beginners need to take their time and learn how to use the Mathews HTX Compound Bow.

The FlatBack grip makes it easier to handle and have a better grip for stability. As if that is not enough, you can choose from the five color varieties.

Mathews stopped producing the HTX in 2017. Your best chance of finding one of those beauties are private sales, eBay, or craigslist.


What is the Function of the Dual Bridge in Mathews HTX Compound Bow?

The Mathews HTX Compound Bow has a double bridge engineered to help the riser provide more support. The bridges are hollow to offer the strength needed; this is because the strength to weight ratio of hollow substances is higher than solid substances.

How does the Weight of a Mathews HTX Compound Bow Affect its Performance?

A compound bow performs better when it is lighter. The main reason behind this is because lighter compound bows such as Mathews HTX Compound Bow are easy to handle. It allows you to position it and hold it with the correct grip to ensure it delivers the desired results..

How Much Does The Mathews HTX Weight?

The Mathews HTX weighs 3.99 pounds.

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