Ever since Mathews Switchback Compound Bow got into the market back in 2005, it has proven to be one of Mathews’ smoothest bows ever engineered. Mathews Archery is among the top-selling bow manufacturers based in the US.

In fact, if you are interested in hunting and like compound bows, you are aware of Mathews. Therefore, why not give the Mathews Switchback Compound Bow a try.

This review will explain why you might consider splurging on a Mathews Switchback Compound Bow for the next hunting season.

The bow was discontinued in 2008 – Don´t confuse it with the Switchback XT or LD – Those are different bows…

Mathews Switchback Buying Guide

Mathews Switchback Compound Bow is known to many deer hunting lovers to combine for its smoothest performance and design.

Mathews Switchback Compound Bow is often confused with Mathews Switchback XT Compound bow, but they are two different models produced by the same manufacturer (read.. Mathews HTX Buying Guide)..

Measuring a mere 31.5″ from axle-axle, the Mathews Switchback Compound Bow has a single cam eccentric system with an in-line grip that allows enough pressure to be drawn from the riser (read.. Mathews Z3 Review).

At the same time, it offers your hands some comfort. Its dynamic efficiency percentage can go up to eighty, making it one of Mathews’ best compound bows ever designed.


  • Smooth draw cycle
  • Harmonic Stabilizer Dampening System
  • Quite
  • Longer draw length with up to 80% let-off
  • Easy to handle
  • Fast shooting speed of 318 fps
  • Time tested and classic design
  • Available in both left and right-hand options


  • Long limbs
  • Was last produced in 2008

The Switchback originally came with some nice accessories, such as drop-away arrow rest, quiver, four-pin sight, etc. Most likely, you won’t be able to find the original setup. It is no big deal, as most hunters replace sights, arrow rests, etc. (read.. Mathews Heli M Guide).

Mathews Switchback Specifications

  • Brace Height: 7″
  • ATA Length: 33″
  • Draw Length: 27 – 32″
  • Draw Weight: 60 – 70 lbs
  • IBO Speed: 318 fps
  • Mass Weight: 4 lbs
  • Let-Off: 65- 80%

The Switchback was and still is appraised for its single cam. Plenty of reviews explain how surprisingly smooth this rig is.

Eccentric System

The Switchback utilizes a non-modular eccentric system. The cam system is designed to reduce vibration and increase arrow speed.

If you plan on changing your draw length, a new cam is needed! Cams are still available today (25 – 30″ in half-inch increments).

read.. Mathews Creed


Mathews Switchback Compound Bow has proven to be a reliable hunting bow, offering high-standard performance.

Even though its last production was in 2008, it is still better than some newer compound bows. Its unique single-cam eccentric system offers a smooth draw cycle, making it unique and appraised by hunters worldwide.

It is a compact and fast bow with high mobility that comes with no compromise of power with its stealth’s added advantage.

Many reviews say using this compound bow is a pleasure because of its reduced vibration and noise, making it one of the best bows for hunting.

Mathews stopped producing the Switchback in 2008. Your best chance of finding one of those beauties is private sales, eBay, or Craigslist.


How Fast Is The Mathews Switchback?

The Mathews Switchback reaches speeds up to 318 fps.

Can You Adjust Draw Length on the Mathews Switchback?

You can adjust the draw length on the Mathews Switchback. You can make adjustments in half-inch increments.
Due to its unique non-modular eccentric system, you have to change cams to do so. Cams are still available.

How Much Does The Mathews Switchback Weight?

The Mathews Switchback weighs 4.34 pounds.

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