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I always was fascinated by barebow archery. I have been binge-watching barebow contests for the last few months – be it Field, 3-D, or Target Archery. It´s awesome to see how good you can get with basically not much more than just a bow!

I finally got myself a takedown recurve bow! You are probably not familiar with the brand: Stark Archery.

I did choose their Futura 25“ riser. Made of Aluminum alloy and a weight of approximately 2.4 lbs. Magnetic Arrow Rest and plunger.

It looks like I have pretty long arms (I am 6 feet), so I went with 70“ Core Prelude limbs. Fiber/wood combination. For the limbs, I picked a pretty low max. draw weight of 28 lbs.

At the moment, the bow is set up with an even lower draw weight of just 24 lbs I slowly want to work myself up and, in the meanwhile, improve on my form …

Bowstring: 70″ – 14 Strands

I shoot approximately 150 arrows during my practicing sessions (1.5 hours) – for now, I found 24 lbs is just about right to work on a proper form without too much of a struggle.

I went with a magnetic arrow rest from Spigarelli, and the plunger is made by Avalon Archer TEC ONE.

Barebow Gear List:

  • Riser
  • Limbs
  • Bowstring
  • Plunger
  • Arrow-Rest
  • Finger Tab
  • Arrows
  • Quiver

Plus, a chest guard (initially didn´t have one – but after repeatedly bruising my left tit, decided differently), arm guard, and bow wax.

Total investment so far, something like $ 350. Which is not that much – Obviously, you could spend way more, but I guess for now I am good to go.

Now, after I shot the first 900 arrows or so, I´ll probably buy a different finger-tab. And maybe another bow grip. But that’s about it.

String Walking

That is something I have been practicing intensively. That, plus finding the ideal anchor point… (That´s not me in the video)

Yeah – So I am going to update my progress regularly – let´s see how it goes.

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