5 Post-Deer Season Activities For The Avid Bowhunter

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Last updated : November 23, 2023

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Deer season has now concluded in many states across the nation. Those seasons that remain open will be coming to a close over the next several weeks. This can prove to be a bittersweet time for the avid bowhunter, as another season has come and gone, yet the season ahead seems all too far away.

While many archers tuck their bows away, for the time being, numerous others long for something to fill the void that deer season has left in its wake.

Luckily, there are several worthwhile mid-winter activities at the avid bowhunter’s disposal, if only one knows where to look. 

The following are 5 post-deer season activities that any bowhunter can take part in over the coming weeks.

Hunt Small Game With Archery Tackle

small game bowhunting after deer season

Although deer season has drawn to a close, various small game seasons are still underway in many states. This presents a wealth of opportunity, as archers can go afield in search of rabbits and squirrels with the use of archery equipment. 

Small game hunting with archery tackle can indeed be an exciting endeavor.

Action is typically fast-paced, and multiple shot opportunities often present themselves. Of additional value is that both squirrel and rabbit make excellent table fare and can be used in a wide variety of dishes.

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Perhaps best of all, small game hunting presents the perfect setting in which to hone your archery skills. Game animals of this type are wary and leave little room for error in terms of marksmanship.

If you can successfully take such pint-sized game animals with a bow, you can certainly execute a lethal shot on larger game, such as deer.

Join A League

Joining an archery league is another excellent way of extending your endeavors well into the post-deer season period. Even more exciting is that one is often presented with multiple forms of competition to choose from, all of which carry their own distinct challenges.

Many archers choose to compete in indoors archery leagues, where competition typically takes place at distances of 20-yards.

Competitors seek to tally up the highest score during shoots of this type by grouping arrows as tightly to the designated target as possible. Many leagues of this type meet on one or more occasions during each given week.

3-D competition is also immensely popular among archers from every region. In this type of competition, archers take aim at targets that resemble game, both in size and shape.

3-D courses are typically found outside and are traversed in stages, much the same way as golfers travel from one green to the next.

Give Traditional Archery A Try

Today, compound archers far outnumber traditional archers, likely by as much as 10 to 1. This primarily stems from the fact that modern advancements in compound technology have made it easier than ever for new archers of every age to join the sport. 

However, there is something to be said for taking a primitive bow in hand and sending arrows downrange in the same manner as our forefathers before us once did.

Therefore, there has never been a better time to take up traditional archery than right now, during the idle period directly following the closure of deer season.

In most cases, both recurve and longbows can be purchased at a reasonable price point, making such a purchase a sound investment for the inquisitive archer.

By jumping headlong into the world of traditional archery over the next several weeks, one can become proficient enough to hunt with their new bow during the fall to come.

Try Out New Bows On The Market


If you have been longing to replace your aging compound bow with a newer model, now is a wonderful time to do so.

As deer season draws to a close, many archery shops begin to reduce the price of newer bows that still remain in stock in preparation for the release of the coming year’s models.

This can potentially save archers a substantial sum of money over purchasing a bow at any other time throughout the year.

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Looking into the purchase of a new bow now also allows an archer to take their time and shoot many different models currently available. As a result, one can put ample thought into their purchase and select the exact bow that best suits their needs.

Additionally, making a purchase in the coming weeks leaves an archer plenty of time to familiarize themselves with their new bow, before taking to the woods.

One can spend ample time practicing, and coming to terms with every nuance associated with their new compound bow, thereby fostering confidence when in a hunting situation.

Introduce Someone Else To The Sport

Now is also the perfect time to pass the gift of archery along to a fellow outdoorsman. Many hunters who take to the woods with a firearm are also interested in the prospect of taking up archery.

However, many of these same individuals are reluctant to do so, as they have no idea where or how to start. Luckily, as an experienced archer, you can serve as a guide for newcomers to the sport.

If you currently know of anyone who has expressed an interest in archery, now is an excellent time to invite them to spend the afternoon at the range.

By doing so, you will be offering these individuals an opportunity to learn about the sport of archery and to take the next step themselves.

Likewise, you can volunteer as a mentor at your local archery shop. Every year, many prospective newcomers to the sports venture to nearby archery shops to ask questions and ponder over the selection of gear available to them.

The owner of such a shop can pass your information along to any individual they encounter, which might be in search of a mentor.

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A Year-Round Endeavor

Though deer season is drawing to a close, the sport of archery truly knows no end. Opportunity always exists for the avid archer, if only they know where to look.

By giving any of the above-mentioned activities a try, you will remain active in the sport and be able to shed the post-deer season blues, all while growing more proficient with every arrow sent downrange.

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