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Best Hunting Face Mask in 2024

a hunter using a turkey call hiding in a bush

All hunters know that staying concealed is among the most significant concerns when getting close to game. Many are also aware that this concealment includes that of a hunter’s face, which is best accomplished by using a hunting face mask. 

Different seasons, different masks. Read on if you want to find out which masks we recommend.

Without further ado, here are our top picks: 

If you are currently searching for the best hunting facemask to keep game oblivious to your presence, be sure to check out the Ergodyne N-Ferno Camo Facemask, or any of the other excellent facemasks on our list.

Top Tier Hunting Face Masks 2024

BEST OVERALL – Ergodyne N-Ferno Camo Facemask

The Ergodyne N-Ferno Camo Facemask offers a supreme level of versatility, which is sure to be appreciated by hunters who go afield in the face of wide-ranging weather conditions.

This facemask can be worn as a balaclava, neck gaiter, or full-face mask, thanks to its hinged design.

The thermal fleece composition of the N-Ferno Facemask promotes warmth and comfort during bitter cold, late-season hunts, while a mesh panel positions over the mouth for enhanced breathability.


  • Thermal fleece for added warmth in cold
  • Longer length to fit into the top of a shirt
  • Can be warm multiple ways

The lengthy design of this mask also allows it to be tucked into a jacket for next-level concealment and coverage.

BEST LATE SEASON – Under Armour ColdGear Scent Control Balaclava

The Under Armour ColdGear Scent Control Balaclava offers late-season hunters the ultimate in cold-weather protection.

The company’s ColdGear Infrared technology uses a thermo-conductive inner lining to retain a hunter’s natural body heat, which assists in warding off even the most brutal of bone-chilling cold.

Another noteworthy feature of the Under Armour ColdGear Scent Control Balaclava is its ability to minimize game spooking human odor.


  • Coldgear scent control
  • Thermo conductive lining to retain heat
  • Lightweight

Under Armour’s proprietary Scent Control technology traps and suppresses human odor by preventing the growth of odor-causing microbes.

MOST SECURE FIT – SITKA Gear Lightweight Mesh Camo Facemask

The SITKA Gear Lightweight Mesh Camo Facemask is the perfect option for those that need an “on the go” form of concealment.

This facemask includes a durable elastic band, which allows it to be eased into place in a moment’s notice, with minimal movement. Once in place, this elastic strap guarantees a snug secure fit.


  • Mouth hole flap for concealment
  • Elastic band for fast concealment
  • Super compact for easy storage

Hunters using the SITKA Gear Lightweight Mesh Camo Facemask also benefit from a flap-covered mouth hole, which keeps facial movement hidden when calling.

This can be of significant benefit during elk or turkey hunts when frequent calling is quite common.

BEST BUDGET OPTION – Northern Mountain Gear Camp Hunting Facemask

For hunters who are looking to get as close as possible to the game they hunt, few facemasks can beat the Northern Mountain Gear Camp Hunting Facemask.

This facemask features ghillie netting that lets you virtually melt into your surroundings. As a result, hunters can put themselves within bow range with greater ease.

The Northern Mountain Gear Camp Hunting Facemask is also notable for its “one-size fits most” configuration.

From youth hunters to adults of all sizes, this mask will fit nearly anyone who gives it a try.


  • One size fits all sizing
  • Breathable micro-mesh
  • Maximum concealment

When you factor in the Northern Mountain Gear Facemask’s economical price point, it is difficult to go wrong.

BEST EARLY SEASON – Primos Stretch-Fit Full Hood Face Mask

If you spend every available moment in the woods during the warm, early season portion of archery season, then the Primos Stretch-Fit Full Hood Facemask is for you.

This mask is lightweight and breathable, yet fully capable of keeping you concealed due to its full-face design.

The Primos Stretch-Fit Facemask is also notable for its archery friendly provisions.


  • Open mouth design
  • Conceals face and neck
  • Breathable

This mask fits like a second layer of skin, keeping it out of an archer’s way when drawing. The mask’s open-mouth design also provides ample clearance for the use of a good kisser button.

What Makes A Quality Hunting Face Mask?

When searching for a quality hunting facemask, there are several factors which you should consider:

  • Ease of use
  • Versatility
  • Additional features

Ease Of Use

When hunting, you need to have your hands free to be ready for any available shot opportunity, at a moment’s notice.

This means that any facemask that is used, should be easy to pull into place, and remain where intended at all times.

This is one of the numerous reasons that we love the SITKA Gear Lightweight Mesh Camo Facemask.

This facemask features a heavy-duty elastic band, which allows it to be rapidly pulled into place, and secured in a trouble-free manner.


No one wants to be forced to purchase multiple facemasks to cater to various hunting scenarios.

Therefore, a highly versatile facemask that provides all-season functionality and comfort is a hunter’s best friend.

The Ergodyne N-Ferno Camo Facemask illustrates this point perfectly. This mask features a hinge design, which allows it to be worn as a balaclava, neck gaiter, or full-face mask, making it the perfect hunting facemask for all of your film-worthy adventures.

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Additional Features

While it is easy to conclude that all facemasks are virtually the same, this is simply not true.

In a time of rapid innovation within the hunting clothing industry, many facemasks now exist on the market that offers more than just the basics to the hunters who wear them (read.. the perfect bow hunting beanies).

This is one reason why we cannot get enough of the Under Armour ColdGear Scent Control Balaclava. This facemask features a wealth of additional features such as ColdGear Infrared and Anti-odor technology.

Both of these features are guaranteed to take your hunt to the next level.

Which Hunting Face Mask Is The Best?

After comparing all of the products on this list, in my opinion, I feel that the Ergodyne N-Ferno Camo Facemask is the best hunting facemask on the market, with the Under Armour ColdGear Scent Control Balaclava coming in as a not so distant runner up.

The Ergodyne N-Ferno Camo Facemask offers an unsurpassed level of versatility, allowing hunters to take full advantage of its use no matter the season or conditions faced.

The N-Ferno Facemask also features an optimal level of cold weather heartiness and warm-season breathability.

Ergodyne - 16833 N-Ferno 6823 Balaclava... Check Latest Price

If you are in the market for a hunting facemask, be sure to check out the Ergodyne N-Ferno.

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