Easton Full Metal Jacket Arrow Review 2023

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Without the right arrows, even the best shots will fall flat. Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) arrows deliver more power and performance than traditional carbon shafts. If you’re searching for FMJ arrows, you’ll find no shortage of options, but how do you know which is best?

Easton has been a world-recognized leader in arrows and archery since 1922. Are Easton FMJ arrows what you should take along on your next hunting trip? We think yes, absolutely!

Easton Full Metal Jacket Arrow

Easton Full Metal Jacket Arrow 340...
  • Tough Carbon Core
  • Durable Alloy Jacket
  • Fletched with Blazer Vanes
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No arrow is truly perfect. What features work well with these arrows, and what could use improvement.

Let’s start our Easton FMJ review with a look at the pros and cons:

Pros & Cons


  • Tough enough for big game
  • Pre-installed bright red X Nock
  • Trusted archery experts
  • Guaranteed Straightness: ± .002


  • Heavier than standard carbon arrows.
  • Relatively high cost compared to similar FMJ arrows
Easton Archery 5mm 400 Spine Full Metal...

Easton FMJ Arrow

First Impression

The first thing you’ll likely notice about these arrows is their sleek, high-tech look combined with their high-visibility, orange-and-yellow Blazer vanes.

They’re made to steer fixed-blade broadheads, and they’re designed primarily for hunting.

Next, you’ll likely notice the name Easton. An archery pioneer since 1922, Easton is a legendary name among archers, including hunters, Olympians, and others.

The company created the first aluminum arrows in 1940, and its commitment to innovation continues today.  

Easton Full Metal Jacket Arrow 340...

Design and Performance

These are true Full Metal Jacket arrows. They have a 7075 alloy metal jacket covering the carbon core. This sheet of metal offers the following advantages:

  • Increased speed
  • Deeper penetration
  • Reduced noise

Full Metal Jackets are the preferred choice for hunting big game, including deer, elk, and more.

The extra power means FMJs can pierce thick hides and dense bones to deliver a clean kill.

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Additionally, the unique design of the arrowhead helps increase the size and consistency of blood trails to help with fast and humane game recovery.

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Another benefit of metal jackets is how they help muffle noise. Even a slight noise can give away your location, but FMJs allow you to target and fire on fast-moving animals.

Of course, the aluminum jacket is only one part of the arrow. Fortunately, it’s well-made from tip to tail.

The jackets fit over a strong, lightweight, and high-impact carbon shaft.

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FMJ arrows from Easton contain a patented carbon and aluminum alloy that creates strength while remaining lightweight.

Additionally, the arrows have a small diameter combined with a thick-walled carbon core.

Unique Hidden Insert Technology (HIT) reinforces the shaft to help augment penetration and durability.

This HIT system aligns the broadheads automatically. 

Weight Considerations

The extra weight of a metal jacket can potentially pose issues related to distance and aiming, but fortunately, that’s not a significant problem with the Eastons. They’re constructed with strict weight standards.

Easton Archery 5mm 400 Spine Full Metal...

Easton FMJ Arrow


Easton FMJ arrows are far more durable than traditional carbon shafts. Even if they break (after all, no arrow is unbreakable), they won’t splinter.

Also, they have a long lifespan because they’re less likely to warp or crack over time.


Essentially, the spine is the stiffness of the arrow. The appropriate spine for your bow depends on the length of its draw and a few other factors.

Available Easton FMJ spine sizes include 300, 340, 400, and 500. Additionally, each arrow has pre-installed proprietary X nocks.

One major feature to note here is the uniformity between spines. The shaft size stays remarkably consistent across all grain types, which helps increase precision when aiming and distance when launched (read.. Gold Tip Velocity XT Arrows).


You expect your arrows to be as straight as, well, an arrow. But Easton goes a bit above and beyond.

Their production standards exceed the industry standards set by the Archery Trade Association.

They claim they have the straightest arrows on the market. While that’s probably a bit of marketing hyperbole, their arrows definitely fly true when fired. 


Packed with power and designed for deep penetration, you might assume that Easton FMJ arrows are difficult to remove once fired. Thankfully, that’s not the case.

Arrows usually easy to remove from three-dimensional targets, such as game.

That’s because they’re less likely to break and splinter on impact. Plus, they stay straight, which helps prevent them from becoming tangled.

Removing them is far simpler than removing traditional all-carbon arrows. 


If you’re hunting large game, you need jacketed arrows – there’s no doubt about that.

However, you have quite a few options, so what makes Easton FMJ arrows stand out from the competition?

First, they’re designed to penetrate thick hide and bone. Of course, instant kills are difficult for even the most accomplished archer.

Easton Full Metal Jacket Arrow 340... Check Latest Price

Easton excels because the unique design of their arrowhead helps develop a clear blood trail.

Broadheads/Field Points are sold separately!

Additionally, their manufacturing standards are second-to-none. Great effort is made to ensure every arrow is straight, precisely weighted, and strong.

Overall, while these arrows are a bit pricier than the competition, you’re getting an extremely well-made hunting arrow designed by one of the most trusted and respected names in archery.

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