Gold Tip Velocity XT Best Carbon Hunting Arrows

As archers, we spend a significant amount of time discussing the various bows currently available on the market. However, even the best bow is of little value without the perfect set of arrows to complement its use. For many, this poses a question of exactly which arrows to purchase.

A visit to virtually any outdoor retail store will reveal a wide selection of arrows, offered by several highly regarded companies. Of these companies, few names are as big as Gold Tip. 

Prior to the 2020 whitetail archery season, I purchased a dozen Gold Tip Velocity XT arrows. I did so, not knowing what to expect, as I had been forced to switch from another model of arrows that I had previously used for more than a decade, as they were ultimately discontinued.

However, with a solid understanding of Gold Tip’s exemplary history, my hopes were high.

I spent the remainder of the summer practicing with my newly purchased Gold Tip Velocity XT arrows, before taking to the woods during the fall of the year. The following observations were made during my experiences over the past year.

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Gold Tip Velocity XT – My Favorite Carbon Hunting Arrow

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Gold Tip has been manufacturing some of the finest carbon arrows on the market for a number of years, including those within their Velocity XT line.

They are known for their true flight and unyielding durability, yet are offered at a price that is within the means of most any hunter.

Field Test

Early in the 2020 archery season, I was presented with a shot at a mature doe. After anchoring my shot and taking aim, I released my arrow, watching as it made contact with the doe that stood 20 yards before me.  My shot hit slightly forward, striking the doe’s opposite side shoulder on exit. Upon recovering the doe that I had taken, I noticed that my broadhead and arrow had broken the deer’s far side shoulder at the point of impact. Nonetheless, upon inspection, the Velocity XT arrow used was in perfect condition and free of any visual defects.


Gold Tip has incorporated its proprietary Smart Carbon technology into the design of all Velocity XT arrow shafts. This is a design characteristic that shows its value when considering the durability of these arrows.

Overall, I have found the Velocity XT arrows that I purchased to be extremely durable, and have yet to crack, splinter, or otherwise damage a single shaft.

This innate sense of durability is perhaps best highlighted when reflecting upon the use of Velocity XT arrows while afield.

Pros & Cons



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Gold Tip Velocity XT Specs

Gold Tip’s Velocity XT arrows are engineered with speed in mind and are designed to fly true, no matter the circumstances at hand. In fact, Gold Tip specifies that Velocity XT arrows will, “make slow bows fast and fast bows faster.”

The Velocity XT arrow is offered in a 300, 340, 400, 500, and 600 spine variant, to accommodate almost any archer.

Additionally, available arrow weights range from 5.9-8.8 grains. Velocity XT arrows come pre-fletched with 2” Raptor Vanes, though bare shafts are also available.

Gold Tip takes quality control quite seriously, as Velocity XT arrows are guaranteed not to vary more than .003” in straightness, from one shaft to the next.

These arrows also carry a tight weight tolerance of +/- 2-grains.

All arrows within the Velocity XT line come pre-fitted with Accu-Lite nocks, for superior retention until the moment of release. 300-400 spine arrows employ the use of standard Accu-Lite nocks, while arrows of a 500-600 spine utilize Accu-Lite’s small-size nocks.

Fit and Finish

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Gold Tip Velocity XT – Proven to be Durable

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Today’s carbon arrow shafts often differ tremendously in fit and finish from one end of the price spectrum to the next. Gold Tip’s Velocity XT arrows fall somewhere in the middle of this price spectrum, which left me eager to see how they stacked up against additional offerings on the market.

Much to Gold Tip’s credit, Velocity XT arrow shafts carry a look of quality, which is largely comparable to even the most expensive arrows available on today’s market.

The arrows that I purchased came pre-fletched, with nocks inserted, all of which looked to have been expertly done. 

No adhesive residue was left behind from the fletching process, as is common of the arrows offered by several manufacturers. Additionally, all arrows looked extremely uniform across the entire dozen that were purchased.

Design Characteristics

I feel as if Gold Tip put a significant amount of thought into their Velocity XT line of arrows. I am quite a fan of the Velocity XT’s use of 2” Raptor vanes, as I have experienced stellar results out of vanes of this general type in the past.

It seems that vanes of this type provide superior arrow stabilization when in flight while also proving far more durable than feather-style fletchings.

I also appreciated the Velocity XT’s use of Accu-Tite nocks. These nocks securely engaged my bowstring during every shot, and appeared to disengage the string in a clean manner as each subsequent shot was released.

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Throughout the period of time that I have owned these arrows, I have not observed any unusual flight characteristics that would lead me to fault the Velocity XT’s nock in any way.

Flight Characteristics

I must say that I am quite pleased with the flight characteristics of the Velocity XT arrows that I purchased. Immediately following my purchase, I headed outside for a little backyard practice and was excited to see how tightly I could group my new Gold Tip arrows.

At 20 yards, shooting 1” groups proved to be no issue, while shooting 2 ½” groups was easily achieved at 40 yards.

When shooting at greater distances, it was also easy to tell just how quiet the arrows truly are when sailing through the air.

Contrary to what I have found to be true of other various arrows, those of the Velocity XT make seem silent in flight.

Overall Evaluation

All things considered, I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Gold Tip’s Velocity XT arrows have proven more than worthy in any target or hunting application that I have pitted them against.

These arrows have also proven to be durable beyond my wildest thinking.

Gold Tip Velocity XT Arrows1

Gold Tip Velocity XT – Quality but Moderately Priced

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At the current moment, I still shoot Gold Tip Velocity XT arrows, with no intention of doing otherwise.

I would recommend these arrows to any archer, who is in search of quality, on a moderate budget. Without a doubt, the purchase of a dozen Gold Tip Velocity XT arrows is one worth making.

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