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Today, more so than ever, a compound bow of respectable quality can be afforded on almost any reasonable budget. This is excellent news for young archers or those new to bowhunting.

No one is forced to settle for that which is sub-par in nature when attempting to purchase their first hunting bow while limited on funds.

Furthermore, numerous field-ready kits are available for purchase, wherein a compound bow comes fully outfitted and ready for use.

Many of these same kits also center around extremely versatile bows, featuring significant adjustability in terms of draw length and draw weight.

Nonetheless, this still begs the question of how much money to spend when purchasing your first hunting bow.

Endless Choices

Those looking to buy their first hunting bow are far from limited in overall availability. As mentioned above, today’s compound market is full of offerings at almost any imaginable price point.

What one purchases as their first hunting bow largely depends upon a prospective archer’s budget.

However, you should also remember that, like with any purchase, you typically get what you pay for.

While noticeable discrepancies between budget bows and premium-tier compounds are certainly less than they used to be, there are still several key points of consideration worth keeping in mind.

The following is a general overview of what one can expect to receive for their money at each pricing tier when purchasing a hunting bow.

Economy/Basic Tier ($300-$600)

The most economically priced bows available on today’s market are largely free extravagant extras yet are no less functional than any other bow.

These bows might not be the absolute fastest offered or the smoothest shooting. Still, they will undoubtedly take game of almost any size at reasonable distances.

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As of late, several economically priced bows have been offered in field-ready hunting packs or kits. These kits feature a fully outfitted bow with all essential add-ons, including arrow rest, sights, stabilizers, and wrist slings.

Under the majority of these circumstances, these add-ons are not of a high-dollar nature and are more useful in purpose.


  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Often offered in fully outfitted form
  • Suitable for use when hunting a variety of game


  • Rather basic, no-frills offerings
  • Not the most technologically advanced bows
  • Come with cheaper-grade accessories

Mid-Range Tier ($600-$800)

Bows offered at a moderate point walk a fine line between affordability and technical supremacy. These compounds often showcase more recent technology and are reasonably fast by current standards.

The overall fit and finish of moderately priced compound bows also tend to be slightly better than those at lower prices.

In many instances, bows of a moderate price are offered both singularly or as a pre-outfitted ready-to-hunt package.

This is a tip for those looking to keep costs to a minimum while expediting their journey from the range to the field.

Purchasing a package bow is the best option for those shopping within this tier.


  • Respectable bows at an even more respectable price
  • Typically available in pre-outfitted packages
  • Continues to meet the needs of archers as they advance


  • It might be out of the budget for those strapped for funds
  • Less sophisticated and refined than premium bows
  • More than absolutely necessary to get started

Premium Tier ($800+)

Bows offered at the premium price tier tend to be the cream of the crop, showcasing the latest technical advancements. These bows often exhibit lightning-fast IBO speeds and shoot quietly.

Under most circumstances, premium compound bows exhibit near-flawless craftsmanship and feature wooden or laminated grips.

It is somewhat rare to see bows priced within this tier offered as a pre-outfitted package.

This stems largely from the fact that most who intend to pay this much for a bow also aim to outfit their bow as they see fit, with a very specific set of accessories.

However, the fact that these bows come with such a hefty retail price, even in absence of added accessories, only adds to the already mounting sticker shock.


  • Most advanced bows available
  • Feature next-level craftsmanship
  • Typically shoot quite smooth, and in absence of excess noise


  • Outside the budget of many beginners
  • Seldom offered as a pre-outfitted package
  • Excessive for the needs of most new bowhunters

The Most Bang For The Buck

In all honesty, the new bowhunter is likely best served by purchasing a bow in the economy/basic pricing tier or toward the lower end of the mid-range price spectrum.

This offers archers plenty of bows to work with without breaking the bank. This can be quite the draw to prospective archers who would be reluctant to purchase significantly higher-priced bows.

In fact, a premium-tier bow is largely overkill for most beginning archers and bowhunters.

Until you have perfected form and gained substantial experience, you´re unlikely to experience many of the benefits offered by a bow of this price range.

After all, you can always upgrade your bow selection later when funds become available.

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