Ozonics HR-230 Scent Elimination Device [Review]

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Human scent is one of the top reasons deer and other game get spooked and scared away. Hunters purchase many products to keep their scent off of their clothes and body with the hope of gaining a few yards on their mark. Special detergents, dryer sheets, body washes, shampoos, and more are marketed to remove your scent and improve your drives.

Instead of shopping for many different products that can wash off in harsh conditions, consider a scent elimination device. These machines neutralize your scent for you, confusing the game.

Ozonics patented scent elimination technology is scientifically proven to mask your scent on the field, even when your target is downwind from you. This Ozonics HR-230 review covers everything you need to know to get ahead of your hunt.

OZONICS HR-230 Scent Elimination Review

Ozonics HR-230 Scent Elimination Device
  • Enhanced & Super-Quiet Fan
  • Two Levels
  • Odor-Destroying Ozone
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The HR-230 is the longest-running model available from Ozonics and has proven itself on the field for the past decade. The HR-230 is great for treestand and ground blind hunters alike.

According to the manufacturer, it is guaranteed to work in most weather conditions with wind speeds less than 10 mph.

Ozonics advanced Pulse technology allows you to go undetected on the field and maximizes your hunting opportunities.

Pros & Cons


  • Effectively eliminates scent near deer or game
  • Quiet operation
  • Works in all weather conditions, including rain and snow
  • Easy setup, even in the dark
  • Works to mask other smells outside of hunting
  • Lightweight


  • The tree mounting screw is difficult to get into trees
  • Battery life runs out on more extended hunts
  • The price point may be an investment for some
Ozonics HR-230 Scent Elimination Device


As with most products, there are some advantages and disadvantages to the Ozonic HR-230.

Ozonics HR-230 Scent Elimination Device Review Unboxing

First Impression

When you first get the HR-230, you will notice its color is a light brown to camouflage into a natural background. Its compact design allows you to put it on a tree stand and fit it into your gear kit.

Each package includes everything you need to get your started, including:

  • (1) HR-230 unit
  • (1) Battery, which lasts up to 4 hours in boost mode and 5 hours in standard mode
  • (1) Battery charger
  • (1) Tree mounting system
  • (1) Blind bracket mounting system
  • (1) Integrated EZ mount attachment

If you are looking for extended hunts, you may want to consider purchasing the extended battery, which is sold separately.

The extended battery lasts up to 10 hours in standard mode and 8 hours in boost mode. However, it takes longer to charge than the battery that comes with the unit. 

Ozonics HR-230 Scent Elimination Device check price

OZONICS HR-230 Specifications

Here are the exact unit specifications to compare with similar models:

  • Dimensions are 7″ W x 3.25″ H x 5.5″ L
  • Weighs 14 ounces
  • Silent on/off button
  • Integrated Pulse Technology to deploy a balanced amount of oxidant concentration
  • Two-level ozone output (boost mode)
  • EZ Mount technology makes for quick and quiet mounting
  • Quiet fan motor
  • Built-in battery indicator
  • Built-in green utility lights don’t alert game
  • One-year warranty

To get a better idea of battery usage, keep in mind that boost mode is for treestand hunting and standard mode is for blind hunting.

Design and Performance

The Ozonic HR-230 design is lightweight enough to mount onto trees or ground blinds easily.

Its quiet fan and Integrated Pulse Technology work together to emit odor, destroying ozone into your scent zone.

The built-in green utility lights illuminate your area without alerting nearby deer or game.

Ozonics HR-230 Scent Elimination Device


Depending on where you plan to mount the HR-230, you may want to consider an aftermarket bracket mounting system. Customers have reported that the screw used in the factory bracket mounting system is too dull to mount into some trees.

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When it comes to performance, the Ozonic HR-230 combines scientifically-proven ozone technology with a quiet operation for a machine that will give you an added edge over your game.

Overall Quality

The Ozonics HR-230 is worth the investment. Its long-lasting, superior concealment technology outshines similar, less expensive models.

The HR-230 turns oxygen into ozone to completely cover your scent, so deer and other animals cannot tell you’re there. 

You should not smell ozone when you are operating this machine. If you do, check to make sure everything has been set up correctly.

The internal fan and buttons are silently operated, so you don’t have to worry about spooking your game with noise.

One caveat? Some parts of this kit, like the bracket screw, could use improvement.

You should consider purchasing alternative batteries and bracket screws if you are looking to hunt for an extended trip.


The Ozonics HR-230 uses scientifically proven technology to convert oxygen to ozone and conceal the scent left on your clothes and gear.

It is generally almost impossible to completely mask your scent with soaps, detergents, and deodorants when you hunt because sweat and weather will lessen its effects. 

Ozonics HR-230 Scent Elimination Device check price

If you are looking to maximize your opportunities and take shots at a closer range, consider the HR-230.

Our Ozonics HR-230 review recommends this machine as a must-have near your treestand or ground blind to further disguise you from your mark.

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