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Owning a bow case is vital for anyone who either wants to put their bow away safely for the winter or who travels and needs a way to store their bow safely on the road or during flights.

Every bow is made from materials that shouldn’t be left out in the elements too long.

A properly configured and accessorized compound bow is worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, which makes it worth protecting from bumps along the road, turbulence in the air, or even rough seas.

Here are our recommendations:

Many cases come with hard surrounds to protect from something being put on top of the case which would crush it. Shaped foam and other protection systems are also deployed to protect a hunter’s most prized asset from accidental damage.

1. Plano Protector Compact Bow Case (Black)

Plano Protector Compact Bow Case (Black)


The Plano Protector Compact Bow Case is a smaller than average model with a nameplate that can be ordered later. The design of the case uses the Plano patented PillarLock approach that avoids damage from being crushed during transit or while in storage.

The four-latch mechanism secures the top and the angular sides to provide protection from either the bow or arrows being damaged. There are two moldings provided to create a case within a case using the second set of locks purposed separately.


  • Affordable, strong bow case for one bow, 6 arrows and perhaps a quiver (size and brand dependent)
  • Nameplate ordered separately
  • Four latch systems
  • Second case to create a case within a case
  • PillarLock protects the contents
  • High-density foam fills in the gaps
  • Velcro straps hold a bow and four arrows in place
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Quality not as good as some other cases which are denoted in the discounted price
  • Too small for some bows
  • No storage pockets


The foam fitted inside the case is high-density to avoid deep impressions that would lessen its protection. A bow (below 42-inches measured from cam to cam) and can six arrows sit safely inside the case.

The strings and limbs of the bow are secured by Velcro straps. The arrows are also secured by similar Velcro straps too. Quivers already mounted on the bow usually fit too, but it is dependent on the brand of the quiver.

​2. Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case

Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case , Black, 41


The Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case is a large enough to fit most 30-inch and 32-inch cam to cam bows. Parallel limb bows (hence the name) also fit nicely. The case when laid flat is deep with plenty of space.


  • Large case ideal to fit a 30 to 32-inch cam to cam bow and 6 arrows
  • Some quivers may fit too, but not all of them
  • PillarLock system installed
  • Tie-downs included
  • Fit 6 arrows on the inside of the lid
  • Foam protection fitted internally


  • Yellow latches and handles might not be to every hunter’s taste


The exterior and interior are a solid black color. There are bright yellow locks and the carry handle is also the same color. The interior of the case securely holds the parallel bow on the bottom and up to six arrows clipped to the top of the lid.

There are tie-downs fitted strategically inside the case. The fitting is adjustable to accommodate different sized bows and arrows neatly. Foam is included on the interior to help keep the expensive contents safer.

The adjustable PillarLock system from Plano is included here. The exterior dimensions are 40-inches by 19-inches by 7.5-inches.

​3. Plano Molding Company Fusion Bow Case

Plano Fusion Bow Case, Pink, Small


The Plano Molding Company Fusion Bow Case is a different design to other cases because it is going for either a green or pink accent on its standard black appearance.

Both the interior and exterior feature a distressed design that surely stands out from other bow cases. The two latches (no four latches here) on the front also match the coloration. The overall look is striking.


  • High-density foam interior


  • Smaller than some buyers expect


There is a thin layer of high-density foam lining the bottom of the case where the bow sits above it. The same PillarLock design used on other Plano cases is present here too.

The size of the case is fairly small. The exterior measures 41-inches by 15-inches by 4.75-inches.

The interior measures 39.625-inches by 11.5-inches by 4.1875-inches. It’s ideal for women’s bows and youth models, but not so much larger ones for men.

4. SKB Hunter Series Bow Case

SKB Hunter Series Bow Case, Black


The SKB Hunter Series Bow Case is a premium hard case that serious bow owners will enjoy owning. The exterior is made from ABS polymer, so it’s a tough, no non-sense product that will ensure your bow is fully protected. When empty, the case weighs in at 11 pounds so it’s not light. Rugged is the word that comes to mind here.


  • ABS polymer shell which is durable
  • Four latching and 8 internal interlocking positions
  • Weighs 11 pounds
  • EPS foam for internal protection
  • Fits bow, arrows and a quiver
  • 5-year warranty


  • Doesn’t always fit a stabilizer when fitted to the bow already
  • ABS will sometimes crack with time
  • Not TSA approved case


There are EPS foam fitted to the interior which ensures your bow with slide in comfortably and stay secure. The four locks, two at the front and two on the sides, provide a solid seal that avoids dust and moisture from getting inside the case during transit or storage (read.. best cable slides for your bow).

Two of the four latches are lockable too. The case interlocks internally at eight points. Polyethylene foam is used to fit the arrows perfectly and hold them in place.

The case fits both a bow and a quiver comfortably. The ABS material does occasionally crack when used for long periods of time. It also won’t always close when both the stabilizer and quiver are still attached to the bow.

5. Allen Gear Fit Pro Compound Bow Case, 39″

Allen Compound Bow Case, 35' Gear Fit Pro - Fits Compound Bows up to 35' Axle to Axle


The Allen Gear Fit Pro Compound Bow Case is a larger product that fits up to a 35-inch bow measured axle to axle. The material is a tough polyester that’s been woven to avoid punctures or accidental tears.

With that said, a soft bow case lacks the shell exterior that a hard case offers to hunters. However, with a soft bow case, there are more pockets and total storage space to keep organized.


  • Longer than average bow case
  • Soft woven case
  • Seven pockets, mostly mesh, secured with easy to access zippers
  • Shoulder carry strap and padded carry handle
  • Fits 35-inch axle to axle bow


  • Doesn’t offer crush protection unlike a hard-shell case


There are multiple pockets on the outside of this case. A special arrow pocket is provided with the product to hold the arrows safely. Six other pockets hold broadheads, targets, wax, tools to maintain the bow and other accessories stored inside (read..favorite arrow wraps).

The mostly mesh-based pockets are secured with zippers that perform smoothly and well.

Both a shoulder strap for over-the-shoulder carry and a durable, padded carry handle come with case.


When choosing a case for a bow, one first has to look at the size of the bow and what case will fit it. Then you decide whether a hard or soft case is most desirable.

A soft case fits more bow models, but a hard case offers greater protection. Lastly, aesthetics comes into play with a few bow cases offering color scheme choices to pick from.

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