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As any archer knows, your arrows are every bit as vital to your success as the compound bow from which they are fired. In the absence of quality arrows, you will never be able to achieve as high of a level of proficiency as would otherwise be possible.

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This has led many archers on a lengthy quest to discover the best arrows for compound bows in order to take their craft to the next level.

If you are currently seeking to purchase a set of arrows that exude perfection at every turn, be sure to check out our overall best arrows: The Carbon Express Maxima Red line, as well as any of the other market leaders on this list.

The following are our picks for the best arrows for compound bows

Compound Bow Arrows That Every Archer Should Own

Arrow technology has improved immensely in the past ten years, yielding a seemingly never-ending array of quality market offerings. However, there are certain arrows that are so advanced in their design and craftsmanship that they are on a tier all their own.

If you are on the hunt for arrows of next-level quality, we have compiled the necessary information to assist you in making an informed buying decision.

The Best Overall

Carbon Express is a name that needs no introduction in the world of arrow manufacturers. Their rich history of innovation speaks for itself, and the Maxima Red Carbon Arrows are as much of a testament to quality as anything the archery world has ever seen.

BEST OVERALL Carbon Express Maxima Red Carbon Arrows


  • 250 (8.11gpi & .400 spine), .295” Diameter
  • 350 (9.07gpi & .350 spine), .300” Diameter  


  • Launchpad precision nocks for heightened precision
  • Dynamic Flight technology for improved broadhead patterning
  • Laser measured to the 1/10,000th of an inch of straightness
  • Comes as matched set for relentless consistency

All Maxima Arrows come pre-fitted with Launchpad Precision Nocks and Blazer vanes for unparalleled accuracy. Additionally, all Maxima Red arrows come as a matched set, with each individual arrow being sorted based upon spine and weight values.

This leads to an industry-leading level of arrow consistency.

Most Durable

Easton is another name synonymous with perfection in the arrow-manufacturing world. Their Full Metal Jacket line of arrows are built with durability and raw fortitude in mind.

MOST DURABLE Easton Archery Full Metal Jacket Arrows


  • 250 (11.5gpi &  .250 spine), .290” Diameter
  • 340 (11.3gpi & .340 spine), .269” Diameter   


  • Utilizes HIT inserts for efficient tip to arrow coupling
  • Constructed of metal over carbon core design for enhanced durability 
  • Guaranteed straightness of +/- .002”
  • Arrow finish allows for easy removal from target.

The Easton Full Metal Jacket arrows feature a patented N-Fused carbon core, wrapped in a full metal jacket, effectively creating an arrow that can bust through bone and live to hunt another day.

These arrows also come with HIT inserts and quality grade epoxy for trouble-free installation.

Most Economical

The Beman ICS Hunter Classic line of hunting arrows are truly deserving of the “classic” moniker, as they have been on the market for a number of years, and are still every bit as dependable as they were upon their initial release.



  • 300 (9.50gpi & .300 spine), .300” Diameter
  • 340 (9.30gpi & .340 spine), .298” Diameter


  • Are available in a wide range of weights, leading to a versatile arrow
  • Guaranteed straightness of +/- .003” for on-target precision
  • Classic, time-honored design of nearly 20 years

Constructed to a straightness tolerance of +/- .003”, the ICS Hunter arrows make precision possible, even on a moderate budget.

These hunting arrows are also well suited to a number of compound bow setups, as they come in a wide variety of weight ranges.

Best Hunting Arrows

Easton does not disappoint with its Axis line of hunting arrows. With a smaller than standard diameter design, the Easton Axis Arrows, display superior penetration time and time again by efficiently transferring kinetic energy down range. Truly extremely good hunting arrows.

Easton Axis Arrow Axis 340 Spine Arrow Cut to 30 Inches 1/2 Dozen
  • 340 spine cut to 30 inches inserts installed
  • 5mm micro diameter carbon composite fibers
  • Pre installed 5mm x nocks
  • Straightness +/-.003
  • 8/32 hit inserts installed

These arrows also feature a smaller side profile to greatly reduce effects rendered to your accuracy by the wind when shooting in gusty environments.

The Easton Axis Arrows also features a highly precise straightness tolerance of +/- .003”.

Best Youth Arrow

If you are looking to outfit your child with the best arrow for their beginning archery endeavors, look no further than the Easton Genesis V2. These Easton arrows come ready for fletching and nock installation out of the box and feature a +/- .005” straightness tolerance.

Easton Genesis V2 Arrows Black 1820 6 pk.
  • Durable and economical
  • Made from 7075 alloy
  • Only arrow approved for NASP competition
  • Fletching colors may vary from what is pictured
  • Straightness tolerance of .005

The Genesis V2 line is also the only model of a good compound bow arrow that meets current standards for youth NASP competition. 

What Makes A Quality Compound Bow Arrow?

When purchasing arrows for use with your new compound bow, there are a number of key considerations to keep in mind when seeking to make the most of your investment.

While a substantial number of arrows (history of arrows) exist in today’s market that will get the job done, the top contenders within the market utilize the latest technological advancements to do so with staggering efficiency.

Carbon Express Maxima – Straight As An Arrow

Not all arrows are created equally. Some are engineered to a degree that makes them sufficient for use, while others break down barriers and provide almost unheard-of levels of accuracy.

Much of this comes down to superior production tolerances, or a lack thereof. The difference between the two can effectively shrink group sizes to a noticeable extent, and even be the difference between final standings in competition.

We have all heard the saying “straight as an arrow.” But do we truly know what straight as an arrow is? This varies from one model to the next.

However, today’s highest quality hunting arrows typically carry straightness tolerances of  .001”-.002”.

This is in direct contrast the tolerances associated with lesser market offerings that typically range at a value of .006” or more.

By rule, the straighter your arrow, the more consistent its flight will be.

Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows with Dynamic Spine Control and Blazer Vanes, Size 350, 6-Pack
The Best Overall

This is yet another reason why the Carbon Express Maxima Red line of arrows rules supreme with its +/- .001” tolerance specification.

Standing The Test Of Time

Just to be honest, no matter how you cut it, today’s modern compound bow arrows are expensive. Because of this, it only makes sense to seek arrows that will stand the test of time.

No one wants to retrieve their arrows from a target, only to notice the presence of splintering within the carbon fibers. This is what makes durability a key feature when selecting which hunting arrows to invest your hard-earned money in.

This insistence on durability is precisely why we cannot get enough of Easton’s Full Metal Jacket line of arrows.

Easton Archery 5mm 400 Spine Full Metal Jacket Hunting Arrows (6-Pack)
The Most Durable

Their metal lined carbon core construction makes the Full Metal Jackets capable of withstanding in-the-field torture testing, only to come back for more time and time again.

This kind of resilience allows your money to go much further than it would when spent on a lesser quality arrow.

Most Bang For Your Buck

As with any archery related purchase, you can spend as much or as little as you see fit when purchasing arrows. However, anytime you can purchase a set of quality hunting arrows for a price that does not force you to completely empty your wallet, you should take note.

When pondering an arrow purchase, you must first consider what type of shooting you will be participating in. If you will be competing in regular tournament archery, then an investment in top-of-the-line arrows is likely warranted.

However, if standard hunting levels of accuracy are what you seek, then the purchase of an economical, all-around arrow will be sufficient.

Beman ICS Hunter Classic Arrows with 4' Vanes (6 Pack), Black, 340
Most Bang For Your Buck

This is the exact reason that the Beman ICS Hunter is a mainstay on this list. The ICS Hunter line of hunting arrows has been around for more years than many archers have been involved in the sport, and have proven themselves year after year.

However, a dozen of these flagship arrows can be purchased at a relatively modest price, and are easily located at nearly any archery pro-shop or most archery supply sites on the Internet.

Shooter’s Choice

When selecting the proper compound bow arrow, is it advisable to consider the situation at hand. This is never truer than when it involves a youth archer (read.. best youth compound bows). Children have an entirely different set of needs when purchasing arrows than those of adults.

While adult archers will likely participate in league shoots and bowhunting, many youth archers gain their initial exposure to the sport through various school archery programs. Many of these programs are highly sanctioned and only select gear is permitted.

Easton Genesis V2 Arrows Black 1820 6 pk.
Youth Archers Choice

These specific considerations are why the Easton Genesis V2 line of arrows is an excellent choice for any youth archer. This line of Easton hunting arrows complies with virtually all youth archery league standards and is the only NASP approved arrow at this time.

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To top it off, the Genesis V2 arrows have a reputation as being highly durable, and can be purchased at an economical price.

Which Is The Best Compound Bow Arrow?

In today’s market, so many quality arrows exist that the decision of which particular brand or model to choose can often be quite difficult.

Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows with Dynamic Spine Control and Blazer Vanes, Size 350, 6-Pack
The Overall Winner

However, I feel safe in saying that the Carbon Express Maxima Red line of hunting arrows stands alone at the pinnacle of perfection with its +/- .001” straightness tolerance and Launchpad Precision Nocks.

With that being said, you should find satisfaction with the purchase of any of the above-mentioned arrows, as they all have a substantial level of merit when utilized in the application for which they were intended. Feel free to also check out our latest post about the best arrow wrap.

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