PSE ARCHERY Oryx 68″ Longbow Review

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Precision Shooting Equipment offers an awesome longbow. The Oryx 68″. Not only is PSE currently the largest privately-owned archery equipment manufacturer but is also located in the USA. Since 1970 PSE constantly pushes innovation and holds more than 20 patents for bow-design and archery products.

The Oryx longbow is crafted from selected woods, available for right- and left-handed shooters, and offers a draw weight of up to 55 lbs.

PSE Archery Oryx 68″

  • A traditional bow
  • Easy to shoot
  • Made in the USA

The Oryx is made of a variety of selected woods and other materials. The classic longbow design makes it usable for left and right-handed shooters alike. This makes it an attractive buy for those who are new to archery and those who want to add a longbow to their arsenal.

Pros & Cons


  • Durable construction
  • Easy too handle
  • For pre-teens, youth and adult beginners


  • Does not come with a string
  • The length of 68″ could make it harder for shorter archers to make full use of the bow

First Impression

My first impression of this longbow is that it’s perfect for beginners.

The Oryx is crafted from a variety of materials and sturdy woods. It looks awesome and makes a great traditional longbow

In my opinion, the 68-inch length is a little too long for hunting. If you want to go for target shooting, the PSE Oryx offers great accuracy.

Overall the Oryx is a bow ideal for beginners. It´s available with different draw weights and offers pretty much from a bow you would need to get started. It does not come with a string!


PSE ARCHERY Oryx 68″ Longbow Specifications

  • Draw weights: 30 – 55 lbs. in 5-pound increments
  • Brace height: 7-1/2″ – 7-3/4″
  • AMO length: 68″
  • Max draw: 28″

A Great Beginners Longbow

If you are new to archery: A longbow is the traditional bow used by the English as a weapon of warfare. It was dominant from 1250 to 1450 AD.

A bow with a lower draw weight will store less potential energy, and therefore shoot arrows with less force. Increasing the draw weight will allow you to shoot farther and with more power.

The draw weight depends, in large part, on the limbs used in the bow. A longbow does not allows you to replace the limbs and change the draw weight.

Make sure that you figure out your personal draw weight before ordering!

The relatively low draw weights starting from 30 lbs. make this bow suitable for beginners and not-so-strong archers. If you are more experienced, draw weights of up to 55 lbs. are available too.

A User-Friendly Bow


Another advantage of the Oryx is that you don’t have to invest a lot of time in setting up the bow. Being a longbow, the Oryx pretty much only needs the bowstring strug and you are ready to go!

Another great plus for this bow is that it is shootable for right and left-handed shooters. This is due to it´s traditional and easy design.

Its fine curves help you to point long-distance targets. The Oryx offers great accuracy.

What to Watch Out For

There are no extras that come with the bow. You need to buy a bowstring in order set up the bow (read.. the best recurve bowstrings).

The good news is that you can easily buy one online. The rest of the bow is durable, so a missing string does not disqualify the Oryx.

On the plus side, the Oryx has a comfortable draw length for archers of average height.

On the flip side, if you’re short and have a short draw length, then you might not enjoy using this bow very much.

If your draw length is over 28 inches, this bow may be too small for you.

The PSE Oryx has lots of great features that make it a perfect fit for beginners. What we like: The durable construction and its complete accuracy

If you’re an expert archer, you will be better off with a more precise bow that has a longer draw length.


The PSE Oryx longbow offers great value for youth, kids, and adult beginners alike.


This is the perfect starter bow for longbow enthusiasts that want great accuracy, along with a great looking longbow for a relatively low price. If you have been shooting bows before and need something more powerful, make sure to check our other reviews of great beginner bows.

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