Left Handed Compound Bows 2022

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The Bowtech range is pleasing for compound bows. Their collection is so extensive that they have sufficient product depth to offer hunters several choices purely for left-handed users.

It is difficult to be let down when it comes to the Bowtech compound bows. The quality components and dependable accuracy are well known. So if you are one of the few lefties out there, this roundup review is for you

When adding in accessories packages like the RAK ones with pin sights, quivers and the rest, it is the complete package for left-handed hunters looking for something dependable to suit their needs.

At a Glance: Our Favorite Left-Handed Compound Bows

+ BEST OVERALL – Diamond Edge 320 RAK. Great bow, high versatility, awesome package, smooth draw cycle. Let-off 85%.
+ RUNNER UP – Bear Archery Cruzer G2. Lightweight bow, package, highly adjustable, let-off 75%. Package.
+ GREAT VALUE  – Diamond Deploy. A forgiving bow with an ATA of 31″ and a brace height of 7 ¼-inches. Comes as a Package!
+ Diamond Infinite Edge Pro. ATA 31 1/2″, draw length 31″, draw weight 5 – 70 lbs. Bow comes as a package
+ YOUTH BOW – Diamond Prism. Draw Weight from 5- 55lbs adjustable. Weight 3.2 lbs, draw length 18-30″. Great youth bow or for smaller framed archers.


Top-Notch Left Handed Compound Bows

Diamond Archery Edge 320 Left Hand

The Diamond Archery Edge 320 is powered by Bowtech´s synchronized binary cam system. This allows for speeds up to blazing fast 320 FPS.

The bow is fully equipped and ready to go right out of the box. Another great thing is that you can easily adjust the bow to your needs. The effective let-off is 85% and the bow measures axle to axle 32 inch. The Edge 320 weights in at 3.6 pounds.

It comes with everything you see in the picture …

We had a chance to put the Diamond Edge 320 to a test – read more here


  • Plenty of accesoires included
  • Draw length between 15-inches and 31-inches
  • Draw weight from 7lbs up to 70lbs 
  • Easy to adjust to your needs 
  • Comes in three colors (Black, BreakUp Country, Purple Blaze) 
  • Made in the USA


  • We could not find any …

Bowtech Bows are made in America. You can feel the specialization of compound hunting bows. Headquartered in Oregon with over 300 team members, Bowtech is the parent company of Diamond Archery.

If you are looking for a premium performance bow, with astonishing adjustability and nop notch innovation, the Edge 320 certainly isn´t a bad choice! (also interesting.. Deploy SB RAK Bow).

Archery Diamond Prism Left Hand by BOWTECH

The Diamond Prism is ready to shoot right after receipt.

The draw length is adjustable through rotation to set it between 18-inches and 30-inches. There is an adjustable limb setup that allows for the ultimate modification of draw weight from the minimal 5lbs right up to 55lbs. A good compound bow for women, children, or beginners in general.


  • Highly adaptable left-handed compound bow
  • Breakup Country brown camo
  • Draw length between 18-inches and 30-inches
  • Draw weight from 5lbs up to 55lbs


  • Not the fastest bow
  • No accessories package included

Here is our Hands-On Review of the Diamond Prism

The weight is a low 3.2 lbs which makes it light enough for smaller hunters too. The speed is decent, though with the lower maximum draw weight, the bow won’t break the 320 FPS IBO barrier.

There is no package of accessories offered here.

Diamond Archery Deploy Left Hand by BOWTECH

The Diamond by Bowtech Core with its primary package is a left-handed compound bow in a black color. It has an adjustable draw length from 25-inches to 30-inches (axle-to-axle of 31-inches) and a brace height of 7 ¼-inches.


  • Left-handed compound bow in a brown camo
  • Draw weight 40 to 70lbs
  • Let-off is 75%
  • Draw length 25-inches to 30-inches
  • Axle-to-axle is 31-inches
  • 313 IBO FPS
  • Weight is 3.2 lbs
  • Diamond Archery Core R.A.K. Bow Package with True Glo 3-pin night sight, Octane quiver and arrow rest, 5-inch stabilizer, wrist sling, and more.


  • Only Mossy Oak Break-Up Country available  

The draw weight is adjustable from 40lbs to 70lbs. The let-off is 75%, and the weight is 3.2 lbs. The rated IBO speed is 313 FPS.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro by BOWTECH

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package is available as a left-handed or right-handed bow. The model is available in Black Ops, Mossy Oak Country, and Pink Blaze camo patterns.

The draw length is elongated with this model for people who like to draw back a considerable distance. The draw weight is adjustable from a low 5lbs right up to 70lbs giving this model ultimate flexibility and power possibilities.

And here you´ll find our Hands-On-Review of the Infinite Edge Pro


  • Slick large compound bow
  • Black ops, Mossy Oak Country, and Pink Blaze patterns
  • ATA 31 1/2″
  • Draw weight from 5lbs up to 70lbs
  • Draw length up to 31″
  • Pro bundled package includes Hostage XL arrow rest, quiver, BCY string loop, 5-inch stabilizer, wrist sling, and 3-pin tundra sight


  • Parts not as durable as one might hope for

The Pro package includes a Hostage XL arrow rest, quiver, BCY string loop, 5-inch stabilizer, wrist sling, and 3-pin tundra sight.

It’s a quality package that has everything a hunter could desire.

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult

This model comes ready to hunt and includes sight, whisker biscuit, quiver, stabilizer, peep sight, and nock loop.

And here you´ll find our Hands-On-Review of the Cruzer G2


  • Strong industrial-looking compound bow
  • Draw length from 12-inches and 30 inches
  • Draw weight from 5lbs to 70lbs 
  • 315 FPS IBO
  • Weighs only 3 lbs
  • Package including a sight, stabilizer, quiver, peep and nock loop


  • watch out as the listing is used by multiple sellers and not all sellers include all the described accessories .. 

The draw length is between 12-inches and 30-inches, which is longer than most compound bows. The draw weight is adjustable from 5lbs up to 70lbs.

The let-off is 75% for steady, slow shots. The weight is a light 3.0-lbs making it easier to hold the bow steady while taking aim. The speed at optimal settings is 315 FPS IBO.

Which Bowtech Left Handed Compound Bow Is The Best?

In our opinion, the Diamond Edge 320 package offers enough accessories to be a good choice for beginners and experienced archers.

Read our Hands-On Review of the Diamond Edge here!

The tunability the synchronized binary cam system offers, is awesome! Premium performance for an absolutely acceptable price.

Looking For Other Top-Notch Bows?

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