How To Balance A Bow With Stabilizers

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Archery is a pursuit where precision is paramount. No matter how minute, every detail can be the difference between a triumphant shot and a frustrating miss. As a seasoned bowhunter, I’ve learned that consistency is king, and to achieve that, one must strive to eliminate variables that can throw off a shot. A key element …


Top 10 Whitetail States

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Though deer season has just drawn to a close, many avid whitetail hunters are already looking forward to the year ahead and the vast opportunity that it presents. Daydreaming gives way to planning as hunters from around the country begin formulating a strategy for the upcoming fall. As part of this planning, several hunters ponder …


Recruiting New Hunters: The Best Way To Preserve Our Hunting Heritage

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As spring turns to summer, many hunters find themselves in the midst of a lull of sorts. Turkey season has now concluded, yet deer season is still months away. While the avid bowhunter can certainly pass the time by shooting their bow or preparing stands for the fall ahead, some still find themselves attempting to …


5 Post-Deer Season Activities For The Avid Bowhunter

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Deer season has now concluded in many states across the nation. Those seasons that remain open will be coming to a close over the next several weeks. This can prove to be a bittersweet time for the avid bowhunter, as another season has come and gone, yet the season ahead seems all too far away. …


Do Deer Like Molasses?

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For decades, hunters have sought to attract whitetail deer by various means, to increase their chances of success. Along these lines, a great number of hunters choose to employ the use of food-based attractants during any given year, where legal. While a hunter’s success is far from guaranteed, deer are typically drawn to the sweet …


5 Post-Season Chores Not To Overlook


Deer seasons across the nation have begun drawing to a close, leaving many hunters longing to extend their time. Luckily, this is quite easily accomplished for most avid deer hunters. These individuals realize that a successful deer season begins when the previous season draws close. For the successful among us, deer hunting is a 365-day-per-year …


The Best Compound Bow Release in 2024

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For bowhunters, finding the perfect release aid is a highly personalized process. With numerous styles, there are nearly endless configurations to suit each archer’s needs. It’s rare to find two bowhunters who prefer the exact same setup. This extensive customization explains why retailers like Lancaster Archery Supply offer hundreds of release aid models – currently …


How Long Is Game Meat Good For In The Fridge?

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As hunters, we have all been guilty of wondering whether or not the leftovers from our wild game dinner of several days past are still fit for consumption. This question is likely pondered far more frequently than one might assume yet is not easily answered by the bulk of hunters. “How long, exactly, is game …


How To Load A Deer Into A Truck By Yourself

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Most avid deer hunters spend a significant amount of time planning for hunting season, in the months leading up to opening day. Much of this effort revolves around hanging treestands or scouting a promising property. However, few hunters plan for the work that is necessitated when one finally punches their tag. While every hunter dreams …


5 Hunting Strategies For Whitetails Post-Rut

hunting whitetail post rut

As the last days of November come to pass, rutting activity will slowly dwindle. As a result, many hunters will note a reduction in overall deer sightings, as bucks and does both begin settling into their post-rut patterns. While this can be somewhat discouraging to those still harboring an unfilled tag, there is still a …


Diamond Edge 320 vs Bear Cruzer G2 – Hands-On Review

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Have you ever wondered which bow would prove superior when comparing the Diamond Edge 320 VS Bear Cruzer G2. If so, you are certainly not alone.  One important note: we tested the bows in real life. The following is a comprehensive look at what we found comparing the Edge 320 with the Bear Cruzer G2. …


What is the Hunter´s Role in Wildlife Conservation?

Hunters have long since been regarded as the ultimate conservationists, and for good reason. As hunters, we continually strive to protect the well-being of the game species that we hunt and seek to revitalize the habitat in which such animals thrive. Quite simply, the hunting community has served as the gatekeeper of sorts, to the …


6 Top Turkey Scouting Tips To Increase Your Success This Season

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The onset of spring brings a wealth of opportunity for the avid bowhunter. As temperatures start to warm, and the spring green-up begins, many bowhunters head afield in search of turkey hunting success. This pursuit is not only enjoyable but also serves as an excellent test of one’s bowhunting prowess. However, a successful turkey season …


Diamond Archery Edge 320 vs PSE Stinger Max Review

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Have you ever wondered which bow would prove superior when comparing the Diamond Edge 320 VS PSE Stinger Max? If so, you are certainly not alone. Both of these bows are known as flagship models of the brands that they represent, and offer significant value to consumers. One important note: we tested the bows in …


5 Tactics For Rut Hunting Success

two bucks fighting in RUT

As temperatures continue to fall, and the leaves begin changing in color, excitement builds for the wealth of bowhunting opportunity to follow in the weeks to come. The whitetail rut will be kicking into full gear within the next two weeks, bringing with it some of the best hunting of the season. As bucks begin …


Diamond Archery Deploy SB RAK – Hands-On Review

Diamond Deploy compound bow

Diamond is a name recognized by compound archers the world over. This manufacturer boasts a significant track record of excellence, having provided archers with some of the most user-friendly and highly adjustable bows ever produced. Diamond has also gained quite a reputation for producing economically priced bows, many of which retail for less than $500. …


Dead Ringer Tack Driver DT Bow Sight Hands-On Review

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For the avid compound archer, selecting a bow sight for purchase can prove quite tedious. There are likely more individual bow sights on today’s market, than there are actual bows, leaving much for the inquisitive archer to sort through. Further complicating matters, is the fact that sights of this nature come in a vast number …


Common Turkey Hunting Mistakes

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Turkey hunting is an experience like none other. The longer you hunt, the more you learn, and even the most experienced of turkey hunters learn something new every season. The learning curve experienced by new turkey hunters can be quite vast. However, by knowing how to avoid the most common turkey hunting mistakes, you will …


Diamond Archery Provider Hands-On Review

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In recent years, Diamond Archery has blazed a path all its own, offering highly adjustable, user-friendly compound bows to the masses. The company’s Edge line of bows spawned a revolution in the industry, proving that the saying “one size fits all” can indeed apply when speaking of compound bows. One important note: I tested the …


Where To Shoot A Turkey With A Bow

a man carrying a dead turkey

There is something absolutely magnificent about listening to turkeys gobbling from their roost as the sun appears above the horizon on a crisp, cool spring morning. Anticipation runs rampant as one by one, turkeys depart from their roost trees and begin to forage about.  With any luck, you will soon be presented with the shot …


Spypoint Link-Micro Hands-On Review 2021


Few categories of hunting-related gear have received as much attention in recent years like that which pertains to trail cameras. It seems as if nearly every hunter has at least one trail camera at the ready in the current era. This, of course, is for a good reason, as trail camera surveillance serves as one …


Essential Compound Bow Tuning Tools Every Hunter Should Own

When bowhunting, the difference between filling your tag or going home empty-handed often comes down to a few inches. When precision is key, most hunters strive to leave nothing to chance instead of doing their best to eliminate all possible variables. This relentless pursuit of perfection has led many archers to purchase their own compound …


PSE Archery Stinger MAX RTS Hands-On Review

PSE Stinger Max compound bow

If you have spent much time checking out the hottest selling bows on the market or thumbing through your favorite bowhunting magazine, then you are likely quite familiar with PSE. This iconic bow manufacturer has been a mainstay in the archery industry since its founding by Pete Shepley in 1971. One important note: I tested …


The Best Arrow Rests for Hunting in 2024


Today’s arrow rest market can be easily divided into two subcategories, which include fixed rests and those of a drop away design. Each of these two types of rests carries its own distinct merit and can be used to a high degree of accuracy in almost any case. For decades, fixed arrow rests served as …


Rage Broadhead Hands-On Review: (Standard 2-Blade, Chisel-Tip, and Hypodermic)

Rage Broadheads Featured Image

Today’s archer has a wealth of options to choose from when selecting a broadhead for use. A trip to any local hunting/outdoor retail store will reveal broadheads of fixed-blade and mechanical designs, too numerous to count. This leaves many archers with many questions, regarding which broadhead is right for his or her personal use. While …


6 Tips For Taking A Late Season Tom

a turkey call and a turkey on the grass

Turkey hunting definitely comes with its fair share of challenges, the bulk of which must be successfully navigated to fill one’s tag. In truth, spring turkey hunting is anything but predictable.  As such, adaptability is key to making the most out of any such outing. However, even then, one still faces their share of tough …


Hoyt Defiant Hands-On Review

a man drawing a compound bow in the woods

Since 1931, Hoyt Archery has produced a number of the industry’s most advanced bows. The company’s legacy is a lengthy one, and quite storied in almost every regard. Perhaps this is the reason that I typically find myself drawn to Hoyt’s various offerings. Of course, I cannot deny that I favor the balance of shootability …


5 Tips For Pre-Turkey Season Archery Practice

a flock of turkeys on a field

With turkey season just around the corner in most states, many avid bowhunters have begun preparing for what lies ahead. For most archers, this involves preparing all necessary equipment and diving headlong into a strategic scouting routine. However, far fewer archers recognize the value of diligent pre-turkey season practice. When turkey hunting, shot opportunities can …


2020 National Wildlife Turkey Federation Convention

National Wildlife Turkey Federation Convention Entrance

Impact-Site-Verification: -1449795532 If you are a die-hard turkey hunter, the annual NWTF Convention in Nashville, Tennessee is a sight to behold. Hosted at the spacious Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center, this yearly gathering was a full-on celebration of hunting, both for turkey and other forms of game. Every February, an abundance of call makers, …