Benefits of Special Longbows for Kids

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As a parent and an archer, I know how important it is to ensure our children are safe when participating in outdoor activities.

When it comes to archery, one of the best ways to ensure safety and ease of use is to use smaller longbows designed specifically for kids.

There are several reasons why dedicated longbows for kids are the better option.

Easier for Children to Handle and Control

Smaller longbows for kids typically have a lower draw weight. This means you do not need as much strength to draw or hold the bow at full draw.

This helps reduce the risk of injury and allows children to develop proper form and technique more easily.

Toy Longbows

Most longbows (especially for very young kids) can be considered toys. A good example of a kid’s toy longbow would be this bow I found on Amazon

Safe Children's Wooden Bow and Arrow 丨...

I am sure even a three-year-old could handle this bow.

Teen Longbows

If your kid is a bit older and more serious about getting into archery, I recommend investing in a more “professional” longbow.

Remember that draw weight should be chosen depending on strength and endurance. My best advice is to go to your local archery shop and let your kid try a few bow/draw weights.

Bear Archery Montana Long Bow Longbow...

The appropriate draw weight for kids’ bows depends on the child’s age, size, and strength.

Generally, kids should be able to draw and hold the bow at full draw for a few seconds. A draw weight of 10-15 pounds is a reasonable starting point for kids under 10.

Start with a lighter draw weight and slowly increase it as the child’s strength grows.

Most younger kids have problems drawing 20 pounds properly. So keep that in mind and provide guidance and assistance when they try.

Why Proper Form is Critical

When it comes to archery, proper form and technique are crucial. Kids should learn proper form to become more accurate and consistent when shooting.

It also helps them develop safety habits to use their bows safely and responsibly.

How a Lower Draw Weight Helps

Children learn proper form more easily with a lower draw weight because their bodies do not have to exert too much effort. In other words, kids can practice shooting for longer with lower draw weights.

This will allow them to perfect their technique before facing heavier bows with higher draw weights.

Protective Gear

Protective gear is important, especially for children. Keeping kids safe while they learn to shoot correctly ensures their safety and builds confidence in their abilities.

Chest Guard

Kids need to use a chest guard when shooting a bow because it provides extra protection from the bowstring hitting their torso/chest.

This can prevent painful bruising and other injuries. Additionally, it helps keep clothing out of the way, so kids don’t accidentally get tangled in their gear while shooting.

Arm Guard

SAS 7.5' Leather Suede Arm Guard One...

Wearing an arm guard is essential for kids learning to shoot correctly, as it can protect them from string slap.

A string slap is not a pleasant experience, especially when you are just starting your archery journey.

An arm guard also keeps clothing away from the bowstring, allowing children to move freely while they learn proper technique.

Archery Gloves

top 3 archery gloves

All archers, especially children, should wear archery gloves. This is because they provide additional safety against the force of the string during the release and drawing of the arrow.

They also help improve grip on the bowstring and allow for better control over shots, helping kids become more accurate shooters quickly and safely.

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