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2 thoughts on “Our Equipment Section”

  1. Alexander
    My 14 yr old grandson is involved in bare bow archery through the local 4H program in Mississippi. I used to shoot in college and have thought of taking it up again with the recurve bare bow. I am 67 yrs old and in good physical shape. Am I too old to get into this? I have enjoyed reading all of your information.
    Thanks – Gerry S.

    • Gerry
      Thanks for your question! I’m glad you’re interested in picking up archery again, and I can understand your concerns about being too old. However, archery is an excellent sport for people of all ages, and you shouldn’t have any problems getting back into it. Listen to your body, of course, and take things slowly at first (if in doubt, check with your doctor). But as long as you’re reasonably fit and have no underlying health conditions, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy archery for many years to come.


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