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What Is The Archers Paradox?! Was I Wrong All The Time?

The Archers Paradox is a fascinating phenomenon in archery. Videos on YouTube show slow-motion footage of arrows flexing, associating this with the paradox. But is that really the Archer’s Paradox? Well, apparently not! My journey of understanding took an unexpected turn as I realized that I had been misconstruing the Archer’s Paradox all along. I …


How To Measure Brace Height

Does Brace Height Impact Arrow Speed?

Are you an avid archer seeking to maximize your arrow speed? Brace height, the distance between the bowstring and the grip, plays a pivotal role. A shorter brace height equals greater arrow speed but at the expense of forgiveness. Bow design, arrow weight, draw length, shooting form, and environmental conditions influence this delicate balance.  Discovering …


a whitetail doe looking at the camera in the woods

What Does Deer Poop Look Like (Identifying Deer Droppings & Scat)

Most hunters are well aware of the value associated with locating and identifying deer sign. Whether actively hunting or simply scouting, uncovering deer sign is a promising discovery. Scrapes, rubs, and even fresh tracks all serve as valuable sign to any individual who is observant and meticulous in their overall mindset toward hunting. However, many …


wild hog red light

Do Wild Hogs See Red Lights?

Embarking on a moonlit adventure, you step into the realm of wild hog hunting, armed with determination and your hog light. The question lingers: Can this specialized tool truly outsmart the wild hog’s senses? Do wild hogs actually see Red light? Yes. They can detect the presence of red light, but it doesn’t trigger a …


deer at night but not nocturnal

Nocturnal Bucks Do They Exist??

The nocturnal behavior of bucks has long posed a challenge for hunters and conservationists. Do they even exist, and how can we effectively hunt and manage these elusive creatures? Is there such a thing as a 100% nocturnal buck? The answer is no! Some deer are changing activity patterns for several reasons (ex., hunting pressure) …


a white tail buck in the evening sun

How Do Bucks Skillfully Evade the Pressures of Hunting?

Through a sophisticated array of sensory abilities, bucks employ various strategies to evade hunting pressure and ensure their survival. Comparable to skilled detectives, bucks possess acute hearing, a strong sense of smell, and excellent peripheral vision, allowing them to detect and sense danger from a distance. Crepuscular by nature, they browse mainly at dawn and …


hunters pulling a dead deer

Where To Shoot A Deer With A Bow

Bowhunting for deer, whether from a treestand or a ground blind, is undeniably exciting. There is little in life as thrilling as attempting to remain undetected while drawing your bow when a woods-wise buck stands only yards away. However, the flip side is that disheartening misses and instances of less than desirable shot placement occasionally …


White Tail Deer standing and looking

How to Find Deer Bedding Areas

Have you ever wondered how to find out where deer are bedding? We are going to answer that question for you! Understanding their preferred bedding areas can set up a game plan to hunt them more effectively. read.. Identifying Deer Droppings & Scat How far do Deer Travel from their Bedding Area According to Whitetail …


whitetail buck standing in autum woods

How Big Is A Deer’s Kill Zone

In the world of bowhunting, the difference between success and agonizing defeat often comes down to a matter of mere inches. While a well-placed arrow often equates to a quick, efficient kill, a less-than-stellar shot can prove quite troublesome and has a tendency to leave behind a lengthy blood trail. Deer hunting is no exception …


two people practicing on archery form finden the right posture and anchor point

The Importance of Anchor Points

TL;DR: An anchor point is a consistent point on the archer’s face or body that is used to aim and release the arrow accurately. It is an essential part of the shooting process because it facilitates consistent shooting by ensuring that the arrow is released from the same position every time, resulting in consistent accuracy. …


a mule deer to the left and a withe tailed deer to the right

Mule Or Whitetail? Know Your Target For Ethical Bowhunting

Bowhunting is a popular activity that requires a great deal of skill and knowledge. To hunt ethically and lawfully, bowhunters must identify their target species correctly. Mule deer and white-tailed deer are two common species in North America that bowhunters seek after. Understanding the differences in appearance, behavior, and habitat between these two species can …


picture of deer taken by a drone

Is Drone Hunting Ethical Or Cheating?

Using drones in hunting has sparked a heated debate among hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, and conservationists. While drones have become increasingly popular for deer recovery and surveys, using them to locate and kill an animal has raised significant ethical concerns and is rightfully illegal. This article explores the ethical implications of using drones in hunting and …


a compound bow hunter in a tree aiming at full draw

Missed Your Shot? Recover And Grow As A Bowhunter!

Bowhunting is a challenging and rewarding sport that requires skill, patience, and precision. However, even the most skilled bowhunters can miss a shot due to various factors. Missing a shot can be discouraging, but it’s important to recognize that it’s a natural part of the learning process. In fact, missed shots can provide valuable opportunities …


white tail buck

What Compound Bow Draw Weight Is Right?

Many factors come into play when determining the speed at which an arrow leaves your bow, and how much kinetic energy it retains when it reaches its target downrange. One of the most crucial of these factors is a bow’s draw weight. This naturally inspires many archers to question what compound bow draw weight is …


a guy sitting on a hill looking at a lake

A Guide To Outdoor Hobbies

A list of outdoor hobbies to try and the benefits of them. The great outdoors is one of our world’s most beautiful and underappreciated parts. So many of us spend our lives indoors and forget how beautiful being in nature can be. Fresh air is incredibly good for you, and being outdoors is fantastic for …


a fawn in the wild hiding

Responding To Injured Wildlife: Leave It To The Professionals

Encountering injured wildlife can be a challenging and emotional experience. However, it is crucial to approach the situation with caution and care. Handling wildlife can be dangerous for the animal and the person attempting to intervene. Professionals with the necessary expertise and training are best equipped to provide the appropriate care for injured wildlife. This …


What Does Tiller Mean In Archery?

What Does Tiller Mean In Archery?

The term “tiller” refers to the horizontal distance between the bow’s string and the limb of the bow. Usually, both the upper and lower limbs are measured when referring to the tiller. Beginner archers won’t be that bothered by the tiller, but experienced archers need to work out the tiller. As an archery enthusiast, I’ve …


an english longbow and a archery target with three arrows in it on an archery range in the wood

How Far Can A Medieval Longbow Shoot

Have you ever wondered about the remarkable abilities of medieval archers to launch arrows over long distances using a longbow? Longbows were crucial weapons in many epic battles of yesteryear, and the tales of skilled bowmen have been passed down through generations. The short answer is that a medieval longbow could achieve an effective range …



Archery As A Hobby?

Picture this: It’s a beautiful, sunny day and you’re strolling through the park. As you walk past the open field, something catches your eye – a group of people with bows in hand, gracefully drawing back their arrows before releasing them towards targets downrange. You stop to watch for a moment, intrigued by the elegance …


a compound bow with an arrow

Bowhunting: Should I Use A Release Aid And Why?

Those that are new to the sport of archery often become overwhelmed at the onslaught of information that presents itself when one is attempting to decipher which gear they should purchase. Questions such as, “Should I use a release aid, and if so, why?” are common among those that are new to shooting a bow. …


bow hunters in hunting bibs

How Deadly Is A Bow And Arrow

The bow and arrow have played a significant role in human history as a powerful weapon for hunting, combat, and sport. But what is the actual lethality of a bow and arrow? How Deadly are Bows and Arrows? Bows and arrows have been used as deadly weapons for thousands of years. In skilled hands, a …


mathews p4 33 (1)

Are Longer Bows More Accurate?

Every archer wishes to own the most accurate bow possible, as this, in theory, would likely make one more efficient in their endeavors, whether hunting or practicing target archery. However, when asked to describe what makes a particular bow “accurate,” many archers find themselves at a loss to provide a rational answer. One of the …


Archery Bow Names

Archery dates back thousands of years to ancient civilizations like the Egyptians and the Chinese. It has been used for hunting, warfare, and sport and is a popular pastime today. When it comes to archery, choosing the right bow is one of the most critical decisions. A bow’s type, physical characteristics, and shooting style will …


a whitetail deer jumping over a fence

How High Can Whitetail Deer Jump?

Whitetail deer are known for their agility and overall athleticism, which allows them to avoid predators and dodge danger under a wide variety of conditions. When stressed or scared, deer can run at remarkable speeds, covering ground at much faster speeds than most predators. Deer also tend to leap relatively tall obstacles, such as fences, …


Buck FOrage Oats Bag and

When To Plant Buck Forage Oats

With each year, an ever-growing number of hunters are coming to recognize the value of planting food plots. Generally speaking, thoughtfully planted and well-maintained food plots prove highly attractive to the deer in a given area. Additionally, food plots supplement the nutrition of natural browse within the area where they are planted. However, one must …


How To Measure Bow Draw Length

When attempting to set up a compound bow, for best possible fitment, there are several steps, measurements, and calculations that must be accounted for. Of these various factors, few are as important as that of your bow’s draw length. In order to set this crucial adjustment, one must first know how to measure draw length. …


a hunter using his rangefinder

Will Deer Come Back To The Same Spot?

Many hunters find themselves elated whenever they receive a long-awaited picture of a mature buck on their trail camera. This, of course, is only natural, as a hunter’s mind spins at light speed, contemplating the opportunity of crossing paths with a true monarch whitetail. However, many of these same hunters also wonder if a particular …


a buck walking through a frosty meadow

Will Deer Move With Frost On The Ground

As most are well aware, the weather heavily affects deer movement. However, some hunters are still uncertain as to when the best deer movement tends to take place. There are also many folk tales regarding how the weather affects deer movement, complicating matters further and making it hard to discern fact from fiction. Many of …


a bow hunter checking on wind direction

Will Deer Walk With The Wind

As a hunter, I know all too-well how keen a whitetail’s sense of smell is. They use this strength to their advantage to detect any danger that may lurk within proximity. Deer use this strength to their advantage when attempting to detect the presence of danger at a distance. The average whitetail deer can detect …


a compound bow hunter in a tree aiming at full draw

How Do I Keep My Bow Arm Steady?

Almost every archer has experienced days in which it feels as if they cannot hold their bow on target, no matter what. Try as we might, our bow arm seems to shake and wader, causing endless frustration and eventual exhaustion. For many, this condition can prove downright maddening. So how is it that one can …