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How To Find The Perfect Hunting Land

Having a base from which to hunt begins with locating the right property to lease or purchase. While many states provide access to public lands for hunting, nothing beats having your own place to hunt. However, it is essential to understand what to look for when seeking land access for hunting. When seeking a hunting …


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Which Eye Do You Aim with in Archery

Maybe you’re interested in archery, or you just started, and you’re not sure which eye to use? And why does this matter? It’s pretty simple: you want to line up your dominant eye with the bowstring and arrow shaft for better aiming. So to answer your question, “Which eye do you aim with in archery” …


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What Size Freezer Should You Use For Elk?

You did it. You successfully harvested an elk! Now, after field dressing, skinning, quartering, and finally transporting your prized game to your home, it’s time to store all that elk. Let’s hope your freezer is big enough! Now, admittedly this is something you should consider before your next elk hunt. That’s what this article is …


How to Whiten a Deer Skull

If you’re like most deer hunters, you want to make sure that your trophy looks as good as possible. For many hunters, this means that you will want to whiten your deer skull. You can pay someone to whiten the trophy skull for you, but it’s actually relatively easy to do yourself – and you …


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What are Arrows Shot from Untuned Bows likely to do?

Accuracy. You need consistent accuracy if you want to have any success bowhunting. You want your arrows to fly true. You have to make sure that your bow is tuned correctly and that your arrows perfectly match your setup. What you don’t want is an untuned bow messing up your arrow flight!  Most likely, arrows …


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Archery Safety Rules

Archery has been around for centuries and is one of the most popular sports in the United States. With all the fun and excitement of shooting arrows, it’s not impossible for someone to get injured. Here are some basic safety rules to follow. A short reminder: The same rules and regulations that apply to firearms also …


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Is It Illegal To Shoot A Bow And Arrow In Your Backyard

It is only natural for any archer to enjoy shooting their bow as much as possible. After all, archery is an endeavor that gets in your blood and becomes a way of life, warranting endless hours of practice and fine-tuning of equipment. This often leads to a desire to practice whenever and wherever possible, including …


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How To Identify Trees That Deer Love

When you’re crouched down as you hunt, it’s easy for all trees to look alike. But deers love a variety of different trees, and there are ways of telling them apart. Part of being a good bowhunter is learning to read your environment and know where deer are more likely to be found. 18 Trees …


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First Aid Repair Kit for your Bow

When you encounter problems with your bow in the field, an “emergency repair kit” will be your best friend. A first-aid repair kit should ideally include all of the necessary tools to replace a broken string or to fix other issues with your bow.    There’s nothing worse than going out on a great backcountry …


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What Is IBO Speed?

For those that are new to archery, many of the numbers and specifications that pertain to a bow can be quite confusing. This is understandable, as it is not always made clear as to just what these numbers represent, and many questions often arise. One such question that is often asked is what is IBO …


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How To Read Buck Rubs

A buck rub is basically a bucks declaration! It’s the first step in getting your deer. But how do you read a buck rub and what else does it tell us? Bucks are letting other deer know that this is his territory. He also wants to attract does by leaving his scent and pheromones behind. …


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What Should be in Your Hunting Pack?

How you go about hunting can make or break your success. One of the most important factors is what you pack with you when you enter the wild. Make sure that your gear is sufficient for a successful hunt and that it’s easy to carry. Hunters need to withstand the wilderness, have the supplies necessary …


Shooting the PSE Uprising Compound Bow

How To Choose The Ideal Bow Pull Weight

Flipping through the pages of your compound bow’s instruction manual, you notice a number of different draw weights listed. But which one is the best for you? First off, let me say that I’m not going to answer that definitively. There is no one-solution-fits-all. The draw weight is specific to the person using it, so …


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How to Properly Store Hunting Gear

The role a scent plays in hunting big game is well known. Large animals can smell an odd scent from a distance, so scent control is an essential part of hunting. Your gear should be stored to keep it from absorbing odors and organized by season to be readily available when it comes time to …


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The Benefits Of Archery Clickers

Clickers cause the most trouble for recurve archers due to incorrect information about their use. We won’t be exploring how to set up or use a clicker, but rather why the correct use of a clicker can be beneficial. Clickers solve two of the most challenging problems in shot development – how to hold the …


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What Is Hand Shock And Does It Matter?

There is a great deal of interest in hand shock at the moment, so here is a guide on what this is, what they can do about it, and most importantly, how hand shock can affect your shooting. How much force you will feel can vary depending on a number of factors. Let’s dive right …


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Archery Stacking – What is it?

If you’re an Archery fan, then you probably heard the term stacking. This term describes what happens when you pull a bow beyond its maximum draw length. As a result, you will struggle to hold the bow to your anchor point while aiming, which will result in a loss of accuracy. When you draw a …


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10 Ways Hunting Benefits Your Health

So many things have been said about hunting, but one aspect that not too many people realize is that it brings plenty of health benefits. The most apparent health benefit that hunting provides is the physical exercise involved. Even if you hire hunting guides and outfitters to make the activity a bit more manageable for …


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Ways To Make Your Bow Quieter

If you’re not tired of the noise your bow makes, then feel free to move on. But if you are looking for a quick and inexpensive way to make your bow quieter, read on. This article will help you get to the bottom of your bow noise problem, and if necessary, give you tips on …


Does in the Woods

State By State Hunting Data in the USA: Hunting Statistics 2020

When it comes to hunting, it’s always worthwhile to know the different statistics for each of the U.S. Indeed, hunting is a massive industry and brings in substantial amounts of income for the country; therefore, the statistics behind the industry are absolutely worth knowing.  What’s more, being aware of the total stats can also provide …


A Guide To Outdoor Hobbies

A Guide To Outdoor Hobbies

A list of outdoor hobbies to try and the benefits of them. The great outdoors is one of the most beautiful and underappreciated parts of our world. So many of us spend our lives indoors and forget how beautiful just being in nature can be. Fresh air is incredibly good for you and being outdoors …


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Why Archery Is A Great Sport For Kids

Archery is perfect for kids. It boosts balance and helps to refine eye-hand coordination. It also is a mindfulness exercise for just focusing on the shooting skill and breathing techniques. Overall it is a great way to get kids away from modern tech and screens. It can be a life-long sport that teaches discipline and …


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Recruiting New Hunters: The Best Way To Preserve Our Hunting Heritage

As spring turns to summer, many hunters find themselves in the midst of a lull of sorts. Turkey season has now concluded, yet deer season is still months away. While the avid bowhunter can certainly pass the time by shooting their bow or preparing stands for the fall ahead, some still find themselves attempting to …


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As spring begins gradually transitioning into summer, the archery world is abuzz with the latest industry news, sanction competition results, and a wealth of unceasing technical development. This, of course, is a staple of the archery world as a whole, which seems to move at Mach speed. The archery landscape is a constant work in …


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Should You Consider A Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest?

This article will provide some information about whisker biscuits and why you may want to consider using one for your compound bow. A whisker biscuit is a containment arrow rest that holds an arrow securely in place. It can be used by both right- and left-handed archers, which makes it very practical for the hunter …


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Spring Turkey Season 2021: A Year Of Lessons Learned

Hunting of any type comes with several inherent challenges. Your ability to overcome these challenges often serves as the difference between success and an unfilled tag. However, try as we might, the game that we pursue occasionally gets the better of us. Though trying, such circumstances serve as teachable moments, through which the studious hunter …


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6 Tips For Taking A Late Season Tom

Turkey hunting definitely comes with its fair share of challenges, the bulk of which must be successfully navigated to fill one’s tag. In truth, spring turkey hunting is anything but predictable.  As such, adaptability is key to making the most out of any such outing. However, even then, one still faces their share of tough …


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10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Archery: Beginner Tips For Newbies

This blog post is all about the basics of archery. Archery is a sport that requires patience and discipline but can be very rewarding for those who are passionate about it. I will share with you 10 steps to help you get going with archery and give newbies tips on what they should look for …


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What Is Happening In The World Of Archery (April 2021)

The sport of archery is quite vast in scope, featuring an untold number of participants from around the world. Furthermore, the immense popularity of archery as a whole has led to the emergence of a flourishing industry, aimed at meeting the needs of all who participate in any of the sport’s many disciplines. This industry, …