Bear Archery Species RTH [Review]

Bear Archery Species_1

The challenges of bowhunting can feel intimidating for a beginner. Luckily, many bows are designed with entry-level shooters in mind. Bear Archery offers a range of American-manufactured options that combine quality design with excellent prices. We reviewed one of their highest-rated compound models, the Species RTH, to help you decide if this is the perfect … Read more

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Hands-On Review

BearArcheryCruzerG2 hands on review

When Fred Bear launched Bear Archery in 1940, he could have hardly imagined what his company would become. As the years passed Bear Archery soldiered on, first crafting traditional bows, and later joining into the quickly growing compound bow market. Though Fred Bear passed away in 1988, his company, Bear Archery, continues today, offering a … Read more

Diamond Archery Provider Hands-On Review

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In recent years, Diamond Archery has blazed a path all its own, offering highly adjustable, user-friendly compound bows to the masses. The company’s Edge line of bows spawned a revolution in the industry, proving that the saying “one size fits all” can indeed apply when speaking of compound bows. Several exciting offerings by Diamond have … Read more

The Best Left Handed Compound Bows 2020

Left Handed Compound Bows

The Bowtech range is pleasing for compound bows. Their collection is so extensive that they have sufficient product depth to offer hunters several choices purely for left-handed users. It is difficult to be let down when it comes to the Bowtech compound bows. The quality components and dependable accuracy are well known. So if you … Read more

Diamond Edge 320 vs Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro – Hands-On Review

At first glance, one is quick to notice the Diamond Edge 320’s superiority in regards to speed and effective let-off. However, many can also argue that the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro offers greater value due to its more compact design and a broader range of adjustability. But what else beyond the glaringly obvious should consumers … Read more

Fastest Compound Bows in 2020

The fastest compound boow

Compound bows get rated with the IBO FPS (feet per second) standard. Bow manufacturers previously used the AMO scoring system, but over the last decade, all the fastest compound bows have come to be speed rated using the IBO system for consistency. In our opinion, the fastest compound bow with the best bang for your … Read more

Best Compound Bow Packages in 2020

camouflage compound hunting bow with arrow

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife statistics suggest that over 20% of deer hunters are using archery equipment instead of rifles or muzzleloaders. Archery has always been a part of hunting, but with more modern hunters taking up the sport, new archery technology is being rolled out every day.  Traditional longbows gave way to shorter recurve … Read more

Best Compound Bows For Women in 2020

Best Compound Bow for Women

With every passing year, an increasing number of women pick up a bow, seeking to take in all that is enjoyable about archery. This trend has benefitted the hunting and shooting sports community in general, turning outdoor adventures into a family affair. In a quest to find the gear that best suits their needs, many … Read more

Best Target Shooting Bows in 2020

Archer hands close up, preparing the arrow for the shot.

The best target shooting bows tend to be compound bows. These were first invented in the 1960s by Wilbur Allen. Rather than using the standard bendable bow design of the recurve bows, these inventively adopt various pulleys and cables combined with stiffer composites to deliver high power from a compact design. The result is an … Read more

The Best Bowfishing Bow Kits in 2020

AMS Bowfishing Tidal Wave Arrow Rest 1 Fish Arrow Included check latest price When you say fishing, most people will think of rods and reels, worms and crickets, and maybe a fly rod or ice fishing hole. For the most part, bow fishing is still a relatively undiscovered sport.  It requires specialized equipment such as … Read more

Obsession Bows Review

obsession bows calm shooting

Obsession Bows started life a few years ago, with the goal of producing bows that fired at high IPO speeds (FPS). The ability to shoot arrows at targets (paper or live ones) at a high rate of speed is highly sought after by the archery community who mainly look at compound bows to satisfy this requirement. The … Read more