How To Properly Draw a Compound Bow

a bow drawn in an indoor range

Making a successful shot with your bow is a multi-step process. Failure to execute any one of these steps in their entirety can lead to poor form and shot execution. Of these steps, one of the most vital is that of efficiently drawing your bow. If you are unable to successfully draw your bow in … Read more

Hunting Regulations For Every State Clickable Map

Map with Hunting Regulations per State

How to Use? Easy! Just click on your state and you will be redirected to the state hunting regulations. And here is a plain list too. Just click on any state – you will be redirected… Hunting and Wildlife Regulations for each State Alabama Hunting Regulations Alaska Hunting Regulations Arizona Hunting Regulations Arkansas Hunting Regulations … Read more

Planting Turnips For Deer

Large white-tailed deer buck

It comes as no secret that deer follow their stomachs to wherever the highest quality food source in a given area can be found. What this food source is, often differs heavily from one portion of the year to the next. When the cold chill of winter arrives, there are few forages that attract deer … Read more

2020 National Wildlife Turkey Federation Convention

National Wildlife Turkey Federation Convention Entrance

If you are a die-hard turkey hunter, the annual NWTF Convention in Nashville, Tennessee is a sight to behold. Hosted at the spacious Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center, this yearly gathering was a full-on celebration of hunting, both for turkey and other forms of game. Every February, an abundance of call makers, apparel companies, … Read more

Guide To Tree Saddle Hunting

Does in the Woods

Have you ever been forced to forgo hunting out of a tree, in the perfect location along an active deer trail, because the tree in question was not suitable for use with a traditional treestand? If so, then you are certainly not alone. Though this can be a frustrating proposition to be faced with, the … Read more

Bow Length For Height

How to determine the bow length

Choosing which bow to purchase is undoubtedly a momentous decision for any archer to make. A misstep in the selection process can lead to less than satisfactory accuracy and unnecessary monetary expenditure. When deciding which bow is right for you, it is valuable to consider the best bow length for height, as it relates to … Read more

Longbow vs Recurve Bow Which is Best?

an image of a bowhunter

Throughout time, numerous varieties of bows have existed, each one offering its own distinct set of advantages and disadvantages. Some of these bow designs have faded into obscurity as centuries have passed by. Others have stood the test of time and are still prominent within the world of archery today. What follows is a comprehensive … Read more

Our Guide: Bow Hunting Small Game

a man aiming with a compound bow

Although many archers hunt big game species such as deer, elk, and bear every year, far fewer individuals capitalize upon the numerous small game bowhunting opportunities that exist. Small game bowhunting features several benefits and can be extremely enjoyable for all involved. Small game bow hunting greatly extends your opportunity to go afield. This is … Read more

How To Nock An Arrow

a compound bow in side view

Few items in archery are of as much importance, in proportion to their size, as an arrow nock. A nock is an arrow’s lifeline to the bowstring that propels it. The attachment between the two, by proxy, is just as important as the nock itself. Through this attachment, tremendous amounts of kinetic energy are transferred, … Read more

How To Properly Tune A Recurve Bow

Recurvebow Reviews

In archery, accuracy stems from proper tuning every bit as much, if not more than quality marksmanship. Even the best archer in the world cannot shoot to his or her full potential if their bow is not properly tuned. Knowing this, if you are a fan of traditional archery, you have probably often wondered how … Read more

How To Carry A Bow

three bowhunters looking into a valley

Before your hunt can ever begin, you must first safely reach your destination, carefully packing your bow along the way. But have you ever wondered how to carry a bow? If you have, you are certainly not alone. Numerous hunters every year question how they should go about carrying their bow in the woods, and … Read more

Sighting in a Compound Bow

a man sighting in a bow

Non-hunters often believe one can simply pick up a compound bow and fire accurately at a target without any practice or sighting in of the new bow first. One can blame TV or movies about hunting for this misconception. By sighting in a compound bow ahead of using it for a hunt, this greatly increases … Read more

What to look after when buying a compound bow

What to look after when buying compound bow

When first becoming interested in hunting and using a compound bow instead of a longbow, there are several factors to consider. It is not all that complicated, but one does still need to understand specific aspects of hunting and compound bow features to appreciate their pros and cons, and which type of bow will be … Read more