an archer showing how to hold the bow

How To: Archery Bow Grip

Archery is a sport that has been around for centuries. It requires skill, practice, and accuracy to shoot an arrow and hit the target. The bow grip is one of the most important aspects of shooting an arrow. It is the point where you connect with the bow and it is crucial that you have …


An Arrow with Vane

How To Determine The Perfect Arrow Length

Outside of your bow itself, there are few items as valuable to an archer’s overall level of success than their arrows. When arrows are properly selected and prepared, an archer has presented the opportunity to make the most of their shooting. One particular task associated with preparing your arrows for the range is ensuring that …


a deer about to jump a fence

Will Deer Jump An Electric Fence?

Deer and farm country go hand-in-hand, as much as the whitetail has become a staple of America’s heartland. Due to their inhabitants of such rich agricultural areas, deer often encounter a number of interesting farm-related obstacles. This tends to pose a certain amount of curiosity among hunters, who often question how deer will react to …


a deer travelling in the rain

Will Deer Travel In The Rain?

Many hunters plan for their impending hunt by studying the upcoming weather forecast. This, of course, is for good reason, as deer movement is highly affected by a number of weather-related factors. However, we do not always understand the exact correlation between certain forms of weather and the effects these particular conditions will have on …


a bow drawn in an indoor range

How To Properly Draw a Compound Bow

Making a successful shot with your bow is a multi-step process. Failure to execute any one of these steps in their entirety can lead to poor form and shot execution. Of these steps, one of the most vital is that of efficiently drawing your bow. If you are unable to successfully draw your bow in …


How Far Can A 70 Pound Compound Bow Shoot (1)

How Far Can A 70 Pound Compound Bow Shoot?

The distance a compound bow can shoot an arrow depends on several variables. These variables include weather conditions, the archer’s ability, and the bow’s design. Bearing this in mind, it can be challenging to calculate how far a compound bow can shoot. For example, when weather conditions are perfect, it’s much easier to shoot an arrow …


Breaking Down The Whitetail´s Diet

In many ways, the whitetail is a slave to its stomach. Virtually every aspect of a deer’s daily routine is impacted by its need for sufficient nourishment. Whitetail deer have been observed traveling great distances to locate quality feed in the dead of winter when typical forage is in short supply. Both bucks and does …


Is Archery Difficult To Learn (1)

Is Archery Difficult To Learn?

Most people will admit that at one point in their lives, they have had a brief fascination with archery. The sport seems so cool and interesting. Plus, with so many cultural archers, it is understandable that people occasionally dream of being an archer. From Marvel’s Hawkeye to Katniss Everdeen, there are tons of famous archers …


a lot of bows at an outside archery range people in the background

What Is the Difference Between Archery and Bowhunting?

To most people, bowhunting and archery are exactly the same. After all, they involve someone firing an arrow. How different could they possibly be? Well, this guide will help you to understand the many intricate differences between archery and bowhunting. Though they look the same, they are, in fact, two completely different sports. Here’s everything …


Does Archery Make You Lopsided (1)

Does Archery Make You Lopsided?

Archery is a sport that has been around for centuries. It requires strength, precision, and balance. But does archery make you lopsided? well, it actually could. Some people claim that the form and strength required for archery make people who participate in the sport unevenly balanced. On one hand, this makes sense. After all, you …


corn n weevils

Will Deer Eat Corn With Weevils?

As most hunters are well aware, deer seize upon any opportunity to feed heavily upon corn. This proves true for both standing corn, and corn used as bait by hunters. During virtually any time of the year, deer will readily feed upon corn wherever it is available, often bypassing other food sources to do so. …


How Much Can You Shorten A Bow String

How Much Can You Shorten A Bowstring?

The bowstring is the most important part of any bow. When the bowstring is drawn back and released, it will catapult the arrow with great force. It is important to choose the right bowstring for your bow, as different strings will produce different results. Sometimes the string is too long for the archer – and …


Is A Compound Bow More Powerful Than A Recurve Bow (3)

Are Compound Bows More Powerful Than Recurve?

Power is essential in archery. It gives arrows speed and distance, projecting them at their target with lots of force. Most archers use either compound or recurve bows, both of which are powerful in their own ways. But which one is more powerful? Which Bow Is More Powerful? Compound and recurve bows are two of …


Are Longer Bows More Forgiving (1)

Are Longer Bows More Forgiving?

In the sport of archery, you’ll often hear people talk about bows being forgiving or kind to beginners. It’s still up for debate exactly what the term ‘forgiving’ means when it comes to archery and some people are convinced that there’s no such thing. Regardless of these debates, the common belief is that longer bows …


How Important Is Paper Tuning?

How Important Is Paper Tuning?

So, you’ve been practicing with your bow for some time now, and everything seems to be working and running just fine. And yet, something still feels off. Everything is in tip-top condition, and yet there’s still something that is stopping you from getting your aim right. Maybe your arrows wiggle a little too much, or …


Darren in the Woods

The Fishing & Hunting Connection

We are excited to announce that we acquired the “fishing and hunting connection” blog. A great resource about, you guessed it, fishing and hunting. The Fishing and Hunting Connection blog was a fantastic resource for anyone looking for a fishing or hunting guide and advice on how to get the most out of their time …


deer food plot 121

Do Deer Eat Grapefruit?

Some people outside the hunting and agricultural industries are often surprised to learn that deer will eat just about anything. Deer will eat crops, grasses, vegetation, acorns, and nuts. This means that deer can digest a wide range of plant material. So if you have a grapefruit tree in your backyard, chances are that the …


White Tail Deer standing and looking

How To Find Out Where Deer Are Bedding

Have you ever wondered how to find out where deer are bedding? We are going to answer that question for you! Understanding their preferred bedding areas can set up a game plan to hunt them more effectively. read.. Identifying Deer Droppings & Scat How far do Deer Travel from their Bedding Area According to Whitetail …


a hand holding a bow

Is Archery Expensive And What Are The Costs Involved

If you are considering taking the plunge into bowhunting, or the world of archery in general, you probably have many questions. One such question probably revolves around the quandary of whether or not archery is expensive. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. We have all been there at one point in time. The …


deer with an apple

Deer Attraction: How to Rehabilitate Old Apple Trees

Apple trees can provide a great deal of quality food to whitetails. Reclaiming an abandoned orchard can be a great idea. You will improve the habitat and nutrition of deer on your property. If you live in an area with a lot of deer pressure, an orchard can provide superb cover from hunting pressure. In …


How To Get Started Bowhunting

As the sport of archery continues to grow in popularity and school-based archery programs flourish, it is only natural to observe a significant rise in bowhunter recruitment. This is especially true when new archers are coupled with experienced bowhunters in mentorship of sorts. However, not all prospective bowhunters are presented with this luxury, leaving one …


deer harvested

Will Deer Blood Spook other Deer

When it comes to deer, there is a lot that remains unknown. One question that continues to baffle hunters and researchers is whether or not the blood of a deer will scare away other deer. Some people believe that the scent of blood will scare away other deer, while others think that a deer carcass …


How Far Can A 30 Pound Bow Shoot (2)

How Far Can A 30 Pound Bow Shoot?

If you have a decent knowledge of archery, you probably will have heard the term “draw weight.” In archery, this is a vital concept. A bow’s draw weight can affect many qualities, such as the amount of power and the comfort that the user feels. It can also influence how far a bow can fire …


a majestic Bull Elk out in the open with trees in the background

Big-Game Species: North America´s Most (Bow)Hunted

In North America, there are 29 big-game species recognized by Pope & Young Club. Each of these animals is prized for its meat, antlers, or fur. In some cases, all three! Pope & Young Club keep bowhunting’s official records, and it shares data with wildlife agencies so they can analyze big-game populations. To qualify for …


a man sighting in a bow

Sighting in a Compound Bow

Non-hunters often believe one can simply pick up a compound bow and fire accurately at a target without any practice or sighting in of the new bow first. One can blame TV or movies about hunting for this misconception. By sighting in a compound bow ahead of using it for a hunt, this greatly increases …


Shooting Off the Shelf Vs. Using A Rest

Shooting Off The Shelf Vs. Using A Rest

It’s one of the age-old questions in archery- do you shoot ‘off the shelf’, or use an arrow rest? A quick glance at any of the many archery forums on the internet will reveal this to be a controversial topic. Is one method of shooting really superior to the other? You’ll find proponents of both …


two turkey on a meadow

Spring Turkey Season: A Year Of Lessons Learned

Hunting of any type comes with several inherent challenges. Your ability to overcome these challenges often serves as the difference between success and an unfilled tag. However, try as we might, the game that we pursue occasionally gets the better of us. Though trying, such circumstances serve as teachable moments, through which the studious hunter …


Can Your Arrows Be Too Long

Can Your Arrows Be Too Long?

So many elements can culminate in better accuracy when it comes to archery! We all know that getting the proper technique is crucial for improving accuracy. But did you know that the length of your arrows can also factor in this? If your arrows are too short or too long, this can also influence your …


a guy drawin a recurve bow outside

Is There A Risk Of The Bow Breaking As I Am Shooting?

If you are new to archery, you might wonder if there is a risk of the bow breaking as you are shooting. The short answer is yes; there is a minimal risk of the bow breaking when you shoot. It´s simple engineering physics: any lever under load has the potential to fail under load. Is …


Why Is One Vane On An Arrow A Different Color (3)

Why Is One Vane On An Arrow A Different Color?

There are so many different elements that make up arrows of all kinds. Whether made from wood, carbon, or aluminum, every arrow comes with three different fletchings. Two of those fletchings are always the same color, but without fail, there is always fletching that has a different color from the others. But why is one …