How Important Is Paper Tuning?

How Important Is Paper Tuning?

So, you’ve been practicing with your bow for some time now, and everything seems to be working and running just fine. And yet, something still feels off. Everything is in tip-top condition, and yet there’s still something that is stopping you from getting your aim right. Maybe your arrows wiggle a little too much, or …


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The Fishing & Hunting Connection

We are excited to announce that we acquired the “fishing and hunting connection” blog. A great resource about, you guessed it, fishing and hunting. The Fishing and Hunting Connection blog was a fantastic resource for anyone looking for a fishing or hunting guide and advice on how to get the most out of their time …


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Do Deer Eat Grapefruit?

Some people outside the hunting and agricultural industries are often surprised to learn that deer will eat just about anything. Deer will eat crops, grasses, vegetation, acorns, and nuts. This means that deer can digest a wide range of plant material. So if you have a grapefruit tree in your backyard, chances are that the …


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How To Find Out Where Deer Are Bedding

Have you ever wondered how to find out where deer are bedding? We are going to answer that question for you! Understanding their preferred bedding areas can set up a game plan to hunt them more effectively. How far do Deer Travel from their Bedding Area According to Whitetail Habitat Solutions, “Bucks that show up …


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Is Archery Expensive And What Are The Costs Involved

If you are considering taking the plunge into bowhunting, or the world of archery in general, you probably have many questions. One such question probably revolves around the quandary of whether or not archery is expensive. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. We have all been there at one point in time. The …


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Deer Attraction: How to Rehabilitate Old Apple Trees

Apple trees can provide a great deal of quality food to whitetails. Reclaiming an abandoned orchard can be a great idea. You will improve the habitat and nutrition of deer on your property. If you live in an area with a lot of deer pressure, an orchard can provide superb cover from hunting pressure. In …


How To Get Started Bowhunting

As the sport of archery continues to grow in popularity and school-based archery programs flourish, it is only natural to observe a significant rise in bowhunter recruitment. This is especially true when new archers are coupled with experienced bowhunters in mentorship of sorts. However, not all prospective bowhunters are presented with this luxury, leaving one …


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Will Deer Blood Spook other Deer

When it comes to deer, there is a lot that remains unknown. One question that continues to baffle hunters and researchers is whether or not the blood of a deer will scare away other deer. Some people believe that the scent of blood will scare away other deer, while others think that a deer carcass …


How Far Can A 30 Pound Bow Shoot (2)

How Far Can A 30 Pound Bow Shoot?

If you have a decent knowledge of archery, you probably will have heard the term “draw weight.” In archery, this is a vital concept. A bow’s draw weight can affect many qualities, such as the amount of power and the comfort that the user feels. It can also influence how far a bow can fire …


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Big-Game Species: North America´s Most (Bow)Hunted

In North America, there are 29 big-game species recognized by Pope & Young Club. Each of these animals is prized for its meat, antlers, or fur. In some cases, all three! Pope & Young Club keep bowhunting’s official records, and it shares data with wildlife agencies so they can analyze big-game populations. To qualify for …


Shooting Off the Shelf Vs. Using A Rest

Shooting Off The Shelf Vs. Using A Rest

It’s one of the age-old questions in archery- do you shoot ‘off the shelf’, or use an arrow rest? A quick glance at any of the many archery forums on the internet will reveal this to be a controversial topic. Is one method of shooting really superior to the other? You’ll find proponents of both …


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Spring Turkey Season: A Year Of Lessons Learned

Hunting of any type comes with several inherent challenges. Your ability to overcome these challenges often serves as the difference between success and an unfilled tag. However, try as we might, the game that we pursue occasionally gets the better of us. Though trying, such circumstances serve as teachable moments, through which the studious hunter …


Can Your Arrows Be Too Long

Can Your Arrows Be Too Long?

So many elements can culminate in better accuracy when it comes to archery! We all know that getting the proper technique is crucial for improving accuracy. But did you know that the length of your arrows can also factor in this? If your arrows are too short or too long, this can also influence your …


Why Is One Vane On An Arrow A Different Color (3)

Why Is One Vane On An Arrow A Different Color?

There are so many different elements that make up arrows of all kinds. Whether made from wood, carbon, or aluminum, every arrow comes with three different fletchings. Two of those fletchings are always the same color, but without fail, there is always fletching that has a different color from the others. But why is one …


Best Spring Food Plot Blends For Whitetail

Many hunters place a significant amount of effort into improving the habitat in and around the area they hunt. This is done for multiple reasons, including enhancing hunting conditions in anticipation of the fall ahead. Improvements of this nature are also made to strengthen the health of the local deer herd by improving fawn recruitment …


What Draw Weight Are Olympic Bows

What Draw Weight Are Olympic Bows?

Archery has always been one of those Olympic sports that can captivate audiences around the world, even if the people watching have never shot an arrow in their life! However, as you might expect, there’s a pretty significant difference between archery hobbyists and those competing at the highest level at the Olympic games. Primarily, the …


What Do The 3 Whistles Mean In Archery

What Do The 3 Whistles Mean In Archery?

When participating in archery, there are lots of important safety rules that you should be aware of. These safety rules are important because they ensure that everyone is safe and healthy. While these rules may seem tedious, they are nonetheless essential. By keeping everyone safe, these rules mean that everyone can have fun. In archery, …


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Prep Your Bow For The Next Hunting Season

The next bow hunting season is right around the corner. Now is the time to get your bow in top shape. This starts with inspecting every component of your bow. Check for loose screws, frayed cables, your bowstring, and cracks in the limbs. Also, spend some time with maps, check regulations for changes, and buy …


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Shed Antlers: What Information Do They Provide Hunters?

During the spring of the year, droves of passionate whitetail hunters take to the woods in search of shed antlers. This, of course, is for a good reason, as something is fascinating about locating a shed antler that has been cast to the side. For many hunters, a pile of shed antlers is every bit …



What Is The Easiest Bow To Hunt With?

Do you like the idea of hunting with a bow? If so, you might be wondering what the best type of bow to use is. After all, hunting requires different qualities in a bow than traditional archery does. The easiest bow to use for hunting is a compound bow. Why is this? What are these …


What Type Of Bow Is Best For Hunting

What Type Of Bow Is Best For Hunting?

Bowhunting is a sport that tons of people enjoy participating in. People find this hobby to be genuinely thrilling. It has a long history, with many cultures participating in bowhunting. Plus, it is a brilliant method of testing your archery skills. If you are eager to get involved with bowhunting, you must obtain the right …


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Can Deer See Color?

Deer are known for their keen senses, which they employ to avert danger whenever possible. For the average hunter, success hinges upon the ability to beat these senses, thereby preventing detection. However, this feat is seldom accomplished without a keen understanding of a deer’s abilities, whether that be in regards to hearing, sight, or smell. …


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Where Do Deer Go During the Day?

When hunting, nothing renders success quite as consistently as thoroughly understanding the habits of the game we hunt. This is especially true when hunting extremely pattern-oriented game, such as whitetail deer. New hunters, especially, are often left with many questions regarding the habits of the deer they hunt. One such question relates to where deer …


The Ultimate Guide To Outdoor Survival

The Ultimate Guide To Outdoor Survival

Everything You Need To Know About Hunting And Surviving In The Wild Hunting is something mankind has done since it learned to walk on two legs and use tools. While we don’t need to hunt to feed our families anymore, it can still be a great way to spend the weekend. Anyone who knows anything …


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What is the Best Archery Distance for Beginners?

Have you ever wondered how many yards should archery beginners practice? Archers should start out at a close distance when shooting. You need to be comfortable with the target before you move farther away. A qualified instructor will help you determine the proper distance to shoot. For most younger people, starting at 5 yards is a …



Which Is Faster: Recurve or Longbow?

When becoming an archer, speed is not always the most important factor. Instead, accuracy and power are needed to hit a target. The speed of the arrow will not really affect its ability to hit a target. However, speed is nonetheless desirable in a bow, particularly if you are hunting. This is because the arrow …


Large white-tailed deer buck

Planting Turnips For Deer

It comes as no secret that deer follow their stomachs to wherever the highest quality food source in a given area can be found. What this food source is, often differs heavily from one portion of the year to the next. When the cold chill of winter arrives, there are few forages that attract deer …



What is a Female Deer Called?

There are many different names for female deer, depending on the region in which they live. The size of the species plays an important role too. Some of the more common names include doe and cow. In North America, female white-tail deer are called does. Deer Species in North America There are different deer species …



Can You Hunt With A 50lb Bow?

Bowhunting is a sport with ever-growing popularity. Many people love the thrill of the chase. Plus, hunters get to celebrate their victory with food and hunting trophies. But bowhunting is a hobby that requires tons of skill, dedication, and experience – Additionally another important factor in bowhunting is having the right bow and equipment. This …


What Animals Are Hunted With A Bow

What Animals Are Hunted With A Bow?

Are you considering getting involved with bowhunting? It is a popular sport that involves hunting animals with bows. It also requires lots of skill, so you might want to spend some time honing your archery skills. When you participate in bowhunting, make sure to check your local laws and regulations to ensure that you are following …