10 Ways Hunting Benefits Your Health

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So many things have been said about hunting, but one aspect that not too many people realize is that it brings plenty of health benefits.

The most apparent health benefit that hunting provides is the physical exercise involved.

Even if you hire hunting guides and outfitters to make the activity a bit more manageable for you, one hunting trip still requires you and your party to walk through the woods for hours. That’s plenty of cardio that will get your heart pumping, making it stronger.

Aside from cardio, hunting also puts your muscles to work.

Your hunting backpack alone, which contains most of your essentials, already weighs about 20 percent of your body weight. So if you weigh 150 pounds, you’d be lugging around 30 pounds on your back for most of your hunting trip.

Then there’s the rifle you will have to carry the entire time you’re stalking game.

A typical hunting rifle rig weighs around nine pounds, which can feel like 50 if you’ve had it in your arms for hours.

With all the weight you’d be carrying for an extended period, you’d also be building up your stamina in the process.

Hunting also helps relieve stress, as it forces hunters to concentrate on the moment with a singular purpose and leave all their worries behind.

And if you’re hunting for the meat, then you stand to benefit from the excellent nutrition it provides.

Keep in mind that the wild animals you’re hunting eat vegetation, which is so much healthier than what farm animals usually eat. Venison is packed with protein, and so is wild boar meat. And they taste great, too.

Hunting may have its critics, but no one can deny that they do a lot of good, too, and its health benefits are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Check out the infographic below and discover more facts about hunting in the United States.

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